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    Removed due to so many scammers

    Good luck with the search, I bought a 32 rimfire from a guy at a yard sale awhile back and then went on the search for ammo too. I found some on gunbroker but it was like 250 bucks a box so I still have not shot it.
  2. Vinnie B

    Swarovski BTX/ATX package

    Swarovski BTX/ATX 95mm and 65mm, all cases are from Marsupial gear and will be included. Rather not split up at this time, would like to sell as a package deal. All in like new condition. $7500 9two8-978-588two text is best because of work.
  3. Look at the versatube website. They have lots of different styles and sizes
  4. Vinnie B

    300 Win Mag 180gr Ballistic Silvertip

    Well if not I'll do a 2 for 1 deal so you can buy the right ones.
  5. Vinnie B

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    How much and what kind of ammo does it come with
  6. Vinnie B

    Leica Televid APO 77 spotter

    These are good old spotters, I still use mine
  7. Vinnie B

    Ruger Mini 14 stainless 580 series $500

    Do any magazines come with it?
  8. Vinnie B


    I was just told about this last night. If they can't get them on the federal level they are coming this way. Not good at all for Arizona. If you are not a member of AZCDL you should look into it. They help fight on the state level
  9. Vinnie B

    Remington 03-A3 *SOLD*

    PM sent
  10. Vinnie B

    FS Winchester 94AE 357 Mag

    Dang, this is tempting
  11. Vinnie B

    22S Last Night

    Unfortunately, It happens way more than we all think. We all have heard people talk about shooting multiple animals I'm sure, just watching it go down was an entire different thing. With more people out and better optics it's safe to say someone is always watching.
  12. Vinnie B

    22S Last Night

    I don't recall saying he is? Just sharing what I saw
  13. Vinnie B

    22S Last Night

    I am not sure what happened yesterday evening while out glassing, I am hoping it was mistaken identity and not giving up too soon and shooting another bull this soon. Anyway, while glassing last night I am watching a bull (decent 6x6) and see him jump and take off running, then I notice an arrow sticking out of him, not a perfect shot but not too bad either just a little far back. Then I see a guy following him right away, pushing him and the bull keeps going. The bull loses the arrow or breaks it off and has a pretty good blood spot on his side but then I lose track of them over the side of the hill. Not 30 minutes later I see a 6x7, definitely not the same bull or frame even really close to this action. This bull was bugling and must have been coming into a call by his actions, then I watch him get hit by an arrow and run a few feet and fall over. I t was the same shooter just a different bull. So anyway, whoever shot the 6x7 in 22s yesterday evening I think you have another bull laying out there somewhere .
  14. Dang I wish I was going to be in the valley this weekend. Great deal!!!
  15. 2017 Polaris ranger XP 1000 hunter edition. Half windshield, roof, rear window, winch, gun cases, rock sliders. I'll have to look at the paper work but I think the extended warranty is still valid and transferable