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  1. gmcbob

    Moving Company

    I highly recommend Pearson Moving in Mesa.
  2. gmcbob


    PM sent
  3. gmcbob

    ISO older Cherokee / 4Runner / Similar

    I purchased a 4Runner. Thanks to everyone who provided leads.
  4. gmcbob

    ISO older Cherokee / 4Runner / Similar

    Bump. Looking for an inexpensive, older, mid sized 4x4 SUV, stock, no lift.
  5. gmcbob

    ISO older Cherokee / 4Runner / Similar

    Thanks for the heads up on this.
  6. gmcbob

    ISO older Cherokee / 4Runner / Similar

    I just deleted some messages from my inbox….maybe that will help. I’ll also try to PM you. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I’m looking for a reliable, stock / mostly-stock, 4x4, jeep cherokee or similar. Something budget friendly. Maybe year range of 1985-1995 ish. Let me know if you have something for sale. PM is good. Thank you!
  8. gmcbob


    Pm sent.
  9. Where are you located?
  10. gmcbob

    AC supply house near Tempe/Mesa

    Yes…. I have had good luck with this company….. The Discount A/C Outlet 3643 E. Main St, Mesa 480-898-0810
  11. gmcbob

    SOLD -- MEET MR. GRIZZLY by Montague Stevens

    Great book, one of my favorites.
  12. gmcbob

    Tundra oil change.

    I agree with Blackstone. Inexpensive, and they will give you a written opinion off their analysis of the oil.
  13. gmcbob

    Samsung 52” TV

    Free bump for a great TV. I have the exact same TV (12 yrs old) in my living room. I still get compliments from people on the great picture quality. Way better picture quality than the newer tv’s I own. Good luck with sale. Bob
  14. Sold to a good guy. Good luck on the hunt.