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  1. gmcbob

    SOLD -- MEET MR. GRIZZLY by Montague Stevens

    Great book, one of my favorites.
  2. gmcbob

    Tundra oil change.

    I agree with Blackstone. Inexpensive, and they will give you a written opinion off their analysis of the oil.
  3. gmcbob

    Samsung 52” TV

    Free bump for a great TV. I have the exact same TV (12 yrs old) in my living room. I still get compliments from people on the great picture quality. Way better picture quality than the newer tv’s I own. Good luck with sale. Bob
  4. Sold to a good guy. Good luck on the hunt.
  5. gmcbob

    Muzzleloader Rifle Needed

    Here you go. Everything you need except powder. Includes load sheet telling you how much powder to load.
  6. Results are out..... someone needs this.
  7. For sale, just in time for elk / antelope season. I bought this from a CWT member maybe 7-8 years ago. Very nice muzzleloader. 50 caliber with 3-9x40 Bushnell Trophy XLT scope. Includes everything in pictures: manual, sabbots, primers, case, etc. No powder included. No shipping, face to face. I’m in Queen Creek. $400.00
  8. Thanks for the response. Not quite what I’m looking for though.
  9. I’m interested in a single basin sink for a garage bathroom. Can you send me a photo ? Location?
  10. gmcbob

    Used Suzuki FI 20HP Outboard Motor

    NADA - I'll check. I'll let you know on your motors - thanks!
  11. I am looking at buying a used boat with a 20HP fuel injection electric start Suzuki outboard motor. Motor is lightly used, about 5-years old. All the lakes I fish are 10HP or under, so I don't need the motor. My question: Is there a market for used outboard motors? The boat I want is priced accordingly (with the motor), so I would need to sell it to re-coop my cost. There is no similar motors for sale on craigslist. Thanks, Bob
  12. gmcbob

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    Great book, one of my favorites.
  13. gmcbob

    First Aid Kit for dogs

    Great stuff - thanks for the responses.