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  1. Price Drop Sightron SIII 6-24x50 $600 Barrels still available.. The 257 weatherby will screw on any stock Remington 700 long action {headspace is set with the barrel nut. Just like Savage barrels} Tesoro Still Available DFX and MXT Detectors SOLD
  2. Retumbo $30 a pound or trade for H1000, 257 Weatherby Mag Barrel Its a Criterion Remage 26" Heavy Sporter contour 1 in 10 Twist. This barrel has 10 round thru it. I was having a custom made and got impatient and bought this one and a week later the custom was done. No need for 2 257's I have Go/Nogo Gauges also if needed. $35 $220 You can check these barrels out on Northland Shooters Supply website. Remington factory 7mm mag barrel and recoil lug. This barrel has about 160 rounds thru it and shot about 1moa. $45 45 auto 500 rounds I cant remember the bullet weight. $140 Whites DFX metal detector $175 Whites MXT metal detector $150 Tesoro DeLeon metal detector $220 New Sightron 6-24x50 .25 moa turrets Mill dot recital $650
  3. New in box Sightron 8-32x56 SIII MOA Mill dot reticle $725 Includes sunshade and i think i have a 30mm SWFA bubble level also. Sorry about the pic I couldn't get it to rotate.
  4. Okuma Cavalla 12-ii $250 Brand New Okuma 2 Speed reel Great all around saltwater lever drag reel. Perfect for the upcoming tuna season. check out the specs on Charkbait website. https://charkbait.com/product/okuma-cavalla-lever-drag-reels/
  5. AUminer

    G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Sorry for the slow reply. I was out chasing pigs. I believe it is gen 2 it has both MOA and Mils.
  6. AUminer

    G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Like New used on 1 elk hunt. $1000