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  2. DSO123

    Any Tequila Drinkers here?

    Don Julio 1942
  3. DSO123

    Vortex binos?

    Can’t speak to the fury’s, but l was pretty disappointed in the clarity from the UHDs. A good set of used 15x56 SLCs is about the same price as a new set of UHDs, but you will be much happier looking through the SLCs and you won’t take as much of a hit if you choose to sell in the future
  4. DSO123

    Self serve Car wash

    North of Guadalupe, on the East side of McQueen. I’ve cleaned a muddy sxs there with no issues. I think they actually advertise a mud bay
  5. DSO123

    WTB - 10x42EL

    Thanks for the link. I was hoping for a face to face transaction if possible. I gotta believe someone is looking to offload a pair around here.
  6. DSO123

    WTB - 10x42EL

    Looking for a good condition set of Swarovski 10x42ELs, preferably latest version field pros with Swarovision. Always a plus to have the outdoorsman’s adapter already installed.
  7. DSO123

    Mormon Lake lookout

    I was out there the last 2 weekends. The elk are in Mormon lake, but just cows and spikes as of last weekend. It seems like there are way less elk in the lake compared to previous years at the end of August. There is also a lot more water in the bottom than I’ve seen in recent years, maybe that has something to do with it.
  8. DSO123

    New Mexico draw

    It was 4/20 last year
  9. DSO123


    Agreed, great seller. Buy with confidence
  10. DSO123

    WTB Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Seeing if anyone has a good set of 12x50ELs that they are looking to sell. Looking for the field pro version if possible. PM if you have something. Thanks
  11. DSO123

    Termite Questions

    I live in chandler and used bulwark pest control. Also sent a pm
  12. DSO123


    PM sent
  13. DSO123

    Savage 110 Ultralight - SOLD

    PM sent