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    Mountain lion

    Set up with a fawn distress call and kill that cst!
  2. elkaholic

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Over the yrs. I've watched "game trails" turn into cattle trails, hunter trails , cycle trails, quad trails ,sxs rds and finally truck rds. What use to be a 2 mile hike to a secluded ridgeline , is now a road. heck, some good ole spots are now subdivisions. Not much one can do about it. Finding secluded spots to hunt are getting harder to find and are dissappearing. Sure, one can backpack or ride into remote wilderness areas. Even those spots are getting crowded. Think you finally found a spot nobody else has been, to find an ole beer can or casings laying around. Its unfortunate and usally ticks me off too, to have others intrude and not follow rd closures. Trying to explain the rules to a violators, is a waste of time. Blocking rds might delay or deter some but won't stop most. Do what you think you got to do. Good luck. I usually take a break and let things settle down. Go back to my hunting.
  3. elkaholic

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

  4. elkaholic

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Latest, turned in tags. Newest raffle tag idea. Forget the next guy in line who didn't draw . More money in selling it, specially archery elk tags.
  5. elkaholic

    AK polar Bear pics

    Same pic seen as a mix/ hybrid brown bear and polar
  6. elkaholic

    Anybody know these thieves

    The purpose of the camera was to watch the treestand. Not my fault a 380 stud bull blocked the view !
  7. elkaholic

    Interesting coues behavior

    We have been using licking branch for a couple yrs.. Every deer in the area seem to stop by. Even a dangling hemp rope will work. Usually make a mock scrape by branch with scent. Even pee in it. Works great
  8. elkaholic

    Anybody know these thieves

    More than likely weekend treehuggers. Thinking they are making a difference in saving wildlife.
  9. elkaholic

    West Side Roofer

    Contreras. 602 441 4387 Great guy, family owned. Super service and work.
  10. elkaholic

    Doctor 15x60B Nobilem binos

    3rd lol before I read all posts.
  11. elkaholic

    Great ethics to teach the kids, NOT

    Most of us have had similar encounters. A few yrs back opening deer season in 21. I can remember getting to my spot to park early , leaving truck and seeing headlights coming up the rd. Yep they stopped and are getting out too. dang. Ok I know an easy route to my glassing spot. I guess they knew a different route to same general area. I can see they got to the high ground hillside first. dang . Plan B. Backtrack and hunt an area i usually pass up . Long story short. I tag a nice 3x3 and have it packed out, when they come by on their way out. I thanked they kindly and left.! Had they not intruded. I probably wouldn't of gotten my nice buck !
  12. elkaholic

    freeze dried food

    You can get the Mountain House in 10 serving gallon size. I bought a chicken/rice and a lasagna like 10 yrs ago. Had at property trailer for over 10 yrs.. in rv for 2. We finally opened it , just to get rid of it. Lasagna was actually quite good. Chicken/rice a little chewy but ok. I'd buy again if needed, lots of different meals to choose from. Easy to buy a couple 10 serving size and zip lock what you need to take along
  13. elkaholic

    New way to use tailgate on trailer

    Hope they burned the paint off first.
  14. elkaholic

    WTB 12 or 20 gauge O/U

    If your looking for something with a lot more pizazz. Cz new ultralight comes to mind. Truly awesome setup built to take any and all upland and Waterfowl conditions . Right around $800
  15. elkaholic

    WTB 12 or 20 gauge O/U

    Walmart tri star. $360. Nice shoulder gun. Great option for the value. Especially if you use it 3- times a yr. check the video reviews.
  16. elkaholic

    2022 Spring Regs

    Lookslike they reworded it. Can't use to locate wildlife?
  17. elkaholic

    the 2nd hardest thing I'll ever do

    Looks like gf reselling turned in tags to highest bidder. So some rich guy gets to h u nt. Or the put it in special draw to get major bucks that way. Unless you had point protection . Consider a donation for a veteran or a disabled person.
  18. elkaholic

    Unit 10 Antilope help (Please)

    Foothills n.east of the crockton exit usually hold antelope.
  19. elkaholic

    Anybody have a box of 16 gauge shells

    With older shotguns be sure you don't buy or use over 1oz . Barrels get weakened over the yrs.
  20. elkaholic

    Interesting coues behavior

    Territorial licking branch, kinda like the local bar. Everyone stops by to see who's hanging around. You can even start your own licking branch. Not to sure about the squating thing.
  21. elkaholic


    Need to rephrase ? So is that 90 for all 3? or 90 each
  22. elkaholic

    Unit 9 Late Season Help for Son

    Sounding like a broken record here but Anyone new to state wanting info on species or where to hunt. Just go to AZ GF website. Under hunting All the info a newbie needs for each unit whatever species and where to h u nt. As easy as that !
  23. elkaholic

    Scheels coming to Chandler!!

    I missed most of that , thanks
  24. Scheels, an employee-owned retailer, is bringing its first location to Arizona, opening in fall 2023 in Chandler. The new 220,000-square-feet shopping destination is planned for the Chandler Fashion Center after a full renovation and expansion of a vacant building.May 24, 2021 Visited my first Scheels store. Though I limited my visit to the ammo section. I was quite impressed. Similar layout to Cabelas but not trying to be flashy. I plan a return trip , other than a Sunday afternoon., The prices were a tad high but not crazy. Actually nice selection with most calibers available. Picked up a few boxs of Pheasant 12 ga. Only place I've found any . High hopes that they do great in the Chandler Location! Give bs pro boys a run for the money.
  25. elkaholic

    Mount Ord orchard

    Look for persimmon trees 🌳