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  1. Very nice and should sell promptly.
  2. LMK if that deal does not work. THX
  3. I know how you are about trades so I won't even ask. Been watching these for a while. Need any home decorations? LOL Just remodeled and have a pile of nice decorations.
  4. ewilly

    Sold, 2017 Ranger XP1000 Crew

    Quick sale - good job.
  5. ewilly

    VIntage Leatherworking Tools

    TTT Trade for folding knives
  6. TTT Trades for 6x14 single axle plus cash
  7. ewilly

    300 mag ammo

    LMK if you come up with any 180 grain 300 win mag. THX
  8. ewilly

    Charter Arms UC Lite 38spl-SOLD

    PM sent
  9. ewilly

    Polymer 80 Glock and g17 slide

    Would you separate lower and the slide? Price if so THX
  10. Hi the floor is 1/4" steel plate! YES
  11. ewilly


    LMK if you have any leftover!
  12. ewilly


    Hi John I will call or text and make arrangement but I will take it!