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  1. ewilly

    WTB-Travel Trailer

    I am in the same market so if something pops up that Ryan is not interested in I will keep an eye on this post.
  2. ewilly

    WTB Colt M4 Carbine CR 6920

    Thanks we will consider if we want to be 223 only.
  3. I am seeking a Colt 6920 M4 carbine if you have one for sale LMK via PM please. THX
  4. ewilly

    Payson/Strawberry offroad recovery companies

    AZ Offroad Recovery is reputable but going to be spendy for a simple kinetic strap recovery! Ph 602.697.8306
  5. I cut a tire yesterday on set for my Jeep Cherokee and was close to replacement time so I would prefer some all terrains that have good tread and less than 2-3 years old. A set of wheels and tires from newer jeep with 5x5 hole pattern would work also. LMK if you have something collecting dust.
  6. ewilly

    Glock 41 $375

    Back up I will take it!
  7. ewilly

    Looking for a few 300 prc brass

    I'm in SanTan and have some if convenient for you.
  8. ewilly


    Any trade interests. Maybe Seekins 300 PRC?
  9. ewilly


    San Tan Valley now but can meet more central if needed