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  1. I have 4 top of the line OEM factory aluminum 20 inch wheels off a 2015 Ram 1500 with Bridgestone Dueler TIres with less than 8000 miles. 5 on 5.5 hole pattern and still have TPMS sensors in them. Fit many years up to about 2019 Price $700 May consider part trades for Glock 19 or shorty 357 revolver. THX
  2. ewilly

    Survival Arms AR-7

    You can put me in line as backup.
  3. ewilly

    Mtn Tough Rocks!

    Nice report and I will look into this!
  4. ewilly

    357 Charter Arms revolver

    PM sent
  5. BUMP Wish they were a 13 Wide
  6. ewilly

    Hornady 44 Mag Ammo 240 Grn XTP $30

    Near chandler airport
  7. ewilly

    Hornady 44 Mag Ammo 240 Grn XTP $30

    Yes I only have the one box.
  8. ewilly

    VIntage Leatherworking Tools

    Near Chandler airport,
  9. Nice collection of vintage leatherworking tools! LMK if you need better pics but some nice pieces to add to your existing tools kit or start working. I bought a while back thinking I would try to do some pieces but it is not going to happen. Price $60 or will consider trades for knives, glock 17, 19 magazines or holsters etc... I may be underpriced or may be over priced on these tools so if someone here is an expert PM and lmk. THX
  10. ewilly

    Garmin Oregon 450 and Garmin Rino 120

    Chandler Mcqueen and Santan fwy