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    Any Cameras Out There?

    I actually stopped by a water catch last week that has had 3-4 cameras for years and they are gone. There’s finally space for me to put one up I guess.
  2. GJMauro12

    PointGuard Plus - Priority positioning?

    I don’t like it.
  3. GJMauro12

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    I would take it just because I’m tired of waiting on a Turkey tag. How many points did you have?
  4. GJMauro12


    Just when the ammo shelves were starting to look like ammo shelves again. Probably another rush coming.
  5. GJMauro12

    Spring vs Fall Bears

    I’ve missed two in the fall and those pack outs wouldn’t of been any easier than the spring hunts.
  6. GJMauro12

    Lake pleasant

    Catfish bait
  7. GJMauro12

    Spring vs Fall Bears

    I’ve killed two spring bears and can say that it’s hard. Haven’t killed a fall bear yet.
  8. GJMauro12

    AZGFD April 1st Meeting

  9. GJMauro12

    Swarovski 15X56 HD $1700

    Nice talking with you!
  10. GJMauro12

    Coconino road closures

    Usually by jr Turkey
  11. GJMauro12

    Leftover tags

    Yes. Left over bull tag was loaded onto the portal yesterday for my grandpas account. Seen it myself
  12. GJMauro12

    Leftover tags

    It’s probably over. I know one person with a left over bull tag that was uploaded to their portal already.
  13. GJMauro12

    Cape traps

    Home made? Any pictures of the trigger mechanism?
  14. GJMauro12

    Feral Horses Black River

    Anyone else’s email bouncing back? I just sent it a third time from a different email account.
  15. GJMauro12

    ASNF Removal of Feral Horses

    My email kicked back undeliverable. Twice now.
  16. GJMauro12


    Didn’t you know you’ve been cancelled Blake? Get outta here and stay out!
  17. GJMauro12

    Switching from applying for rifle to archery tags?

    I waited to draw the rifle hunt the first time around and I drew with 17 points in 2015. Now I am waiting to draw an archery tag. No luck yet
  18. GJMauro12

    Unit Breakdown

    4.6% chance of 6A early archery bull for 7 points but 8 points would of given you 100%. I would imagine by next year, 8 points won’t be 100% either.
  19. GJMauro12

    WTB Teryx 4 LE

    Any particular year you’re looking for?
  20. GJMauro12

    Elk draw screw up

    Sorry I’ll have to edit that. I meant *hunt license number
  21. GJMauro12

    Elk draw screw up

    You may be alright. I just tried applying for someone that sent me the wrong hunt number and the system recognized it and I received an error message saying i entered an invalid license number.
  22. GJMauro12

    ISO Coues cape

    Coues or muley
  23. GJMauro12

    Trail Cam Conundrum

    Definitely not after posting it online.
  24. GJMauro12

    Lion guides

    I Hear he’ll do whatever it takes to get ya a lion. Lol