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    Garage, metal building, or a power plant/copper mine. Those lights are class1 div2 explosion proof. Good luck on the sale!
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  3. I am a pretty average hunter and a below average gear guy, I use 150 dollar binoculars that I bought ten years ago. I usually use the two second rule in judging if its a shooter or not. Listening to Jay Scott Podcast, I hear him use the term 'cream' quite a bit. If Jay is the cream, I am more like grounds. To use a fishing analogy he would be in the private boat with a captains chair and my preference would be swigging coors lights on a party boat learning from other guys swigging coors lights. For the most part I do not like waiting for tags with this exception, I wanted to hunt the AZ strip once in my life. I will post daily as cell service allows my views and pics from 13b. People keep telling me I need to get a guide or buy a scouting package. Although I am sure it would help with my success, I consider hunting to be a test of what I know and what my intended quarry knows, (that and two daughters college tuition payments pretty much rules out buying anything) Here are some pics from my scouting. Big shout out to shane koury for helping me decide what a shooter is this year and pointing me in the right direction to check. First Buck seen Too cute not to stop and take a pic First real bucks A big three in the afternoon MY bison hunt sucked the majority of my vacation so my intention is to hunt the first few days then ten days starting just before labor day weekend. either my failure or success will be epic.
  4. Running count four of the bucks seen on this thread had been taken by guides
  5. Actually I took a ton of pics not posted. But this one is funny. This my brother refining his trail camera dance party moves. Apologies to Tony Brock.
  6. Drags it out and shoots a forkhorn in the face. Houstan my friend, this was definitely long form story telling. I don't excercise so I can't do an Instagram story. Lol
  7. I notice on the strip, they start stripping the velvet around sept 1. Monica was hard horned. the pretty buck was hard horned a week after I passed him up.
  8. I was passive aggressively doing the gutless method. It was less than an hour after shooting the little guy in the face and the picture shows the unexpected outcome of the journey
  9. My wife got an elk last month too. I had to scrape space together for the deer. I also have a late archery bull tag
  10. Well at least I looked like I knew what I was doing driving down the road
  11. After ranging twice I settle my 3rd pin (sighted exactly in at 45 yards) on him and I release. I hear the thump of a hit. I notice a smaller buck running along side monica as chaos breaks loose, like I tried to assassinate the president. Bucks are running everywhere. I keep an eye on monica making sure I dont lose site knowing he/she will go down any second. I go to where I shot and look for my arrow. Nothing. no blood. I go to where I last see them and find a piled up deer and say to myself finally. I look at the horns and go where is the rest of it. For a fleeting second I wont lie to you and say I didnt consider going after the big buck. Apparently when I ranged the second time and the seconds it took to reaquire the target the little guy stepped in front of his dad enough to take an arrow to the face. I sat there reminiscing over the past couple of weeks. the bucks I missed, passed and seen and just laughed. Here is my monster strip buck. Hope you guys enjoyed the ride. the ending wasnt what I expecting either.
  12. I get 65 yards, close enough for a shot. then one of the little MFer's that was with him got nervous and bounced. I keep with it and get within 50 yards of the main group (6 bucks) with the big 3 15 yards back. They finally had enough of my shenanigans and busted down the mountain. I watch them and follow I get within 100 yards of the main group again and I do not see the big 3. they go to the west and north. I catch up find all of the bucks but the big 3. I play tag with them for the next hour and he never shows up. I stop and have lunch and think wait a second I never got to the top and none of the other bigger bucks showed there head. I start climbing that hill again. I have about 5 hours left of hunting and Im still committed to that next level buck. these little guys were trying to tempt me on the way up. I get to what I think the bedding area is and nothing. I am on the road to the residence and decide to take the road back down. I get a few hundred down the road and I see this little guy I figure its the three little bucks I seen a few days ago and dont give it to much credit. Than I see this. This got my attention. I start looking harder when heads started popping out of the oak brush like whack-a-mole. Now think back to the first page of this post, when we deciding between monica or rachel - typical or non-typical- (lee if your reading this ginger or maryann) That typical is monica and under the tree 101 yards from me. There is an opening of about twenty yards that doesnt allow me to make a direct stalk. I am sitting there planning my next move when the wind shifts and they get a solid wiff of my unbathed butt. they move to the west and I parallel them on the road. they settle just to left of the field on the picture. I watch them mill around and start to bed. I get off the (closed to vehicles) road and make my move. I see where Monica beds and alter my stock to get into range of him/her. Pretty easy to cut 50 yards off I am now 45 yards away. One of the little MFer's catches my movement and the herd stands. Monica is open and broadside. I range once and I dont want to mistake twice like I did with my first miss. I release. Decided to build the suspense.. conclusion on the next post.
  13. what appendage was he waiving with?
  14. Last Day! My vacation is burnt (and so am I) I havent had a shower in ten days, ran out of wipes four days ago and underwear three days ago. Including my Bison hunt I have spent 43 days north of the canyon this year and honestly am a little tired of hunting. That being said I am still committed to taking a buck that takes my breath away when I see it. I have taken very good animals throughout the state and am committed to that next level. I go to the the Supped up Geo Trackers spot and nothing. I go through the fields with the typicals and I see nothing. the guy that was camped there flagged me down and lets me know he hit one of the typicals in the hind leg and broke it. I help him look a bit, wish him well, I have a game plan I am going to glass some spots on my way back to black rock, hunt the top in the middle of the day, go to the pretty bucks area at sulivan in the evening and head out at dark. driving the 8 hours to my house after legal shooting lite. I drive a bit down the road and see these guys putting on a show a twenty yards away. I start heading towards black rock and try to glass where one of the professionals was set up earlier in the hunt. the wind is rocking and I cant keep my tripod still so I go directly to black rock. I am the only one on the mountain and I head to where I think their bedding area is (between the tower and the house) I get about half way and I spot a dink buck looking at me, then I see the big 3. I figure last day, he will work. I take these pictures at 76 yards and with my past history with him I feel I can get closer. I get to 65 yards... conclusion on the next post. this one is getting cluttered.
  15. Ok per Delw request, I'll holdout till thursday so everybody can keep there mind on elk.
  16. writing the conclusion now. It was a busy day, so a lot of detail.
  17. Saturday crunch time. I decide to go back to dellenbaugh from parashant and go after matrix again. My plans get altered when I see this guy feeding 100 yards off the road. (im having to trim the pics so the can fit, Quality defiantly isnt as good) They bounce left and then right. I trail and get to 70 yards the bounce across the field and I watch them settle down in some pines. I do an epic stock and spend an hour within 65 yards waiting. the two crappy little bucks get to 50 yards and go back. the wind is starting to get unstable. A yellow jacket lands on my glasses and various parts of my body. it eventually bites my left calve. I cry without making a noise. then a honey bee lands on me (i am moderately alergic) it drinks the tears from my eye and I believe her or his friend stings me through my right sock. I am more determined than ever. the stupid little guys are 90 degrees to my right, the big guy is straight ahead. The wind shifts and they bolt. I yell a bad word that would be edited if I wrote it. I go after Matrix again and the bee sting kicks in and I fall asleep for a bit. Saturday evening I go back to california's spot and have a 180 class buck at 61 yards and decide that I still have time to find a big buck.
  18. yep. the major theme of parashant.
  19. Friday I got to where the California guide has been going with his new Mexico client at dawn. Beautiful place. Looked elky to me. I see three bucks , one shooter, and spend the morning catching up to no avail. I spend midday going after matrix, no luck. Early afternoon I go to where I saw the first giant typical no luck, but I do find this. Sorry the field photos didn't take I get lost on parashant and have no idea where I slept.
  20. ok, nearly caught up with my 300 emails for the week I was gone from work. Im keeping it sequential. think of my last post as a Quinten Taratino movie where its not in order. Wednesday I go after the boss buck and sit in his bedding area for the day. I find these guys in my first moments of glassing My view for breakfast I get to the top and get pinned by this guy at 25 yards. Fortunately hes solo and doesnt care about me very much. I stay in the bedding area most of the day and the boss doesnt show up. I was working my way to the edge when another (or the same) sleeping buck is at 30 yards or so. The evening I drive around a bit on black rock and decide I want to go after Matrix. I head out and get about half way and guess what, I get another flat. this one with side wall damage. I spend the night on the side of the road and head back to see my new friend at Southern tire in St george. I learn that when they grade hwy 5 (big piece of dirt road it sharpens the rocks and the reason for the flats) They hook me up with a deal and I get back to dellenbaugh during a torrential downpour. I wait it out. I get to this one little field and I have a giant 4point at 40 yards from my truck. I get out and he saunters off. The evening ends with me taking this pic. note the rainbow. I sleep at the turnoff to parashant and dellenbaugh that night. Trying to figure which way I am going to go.
  21. Well that took a plot twist I wasnt expecting. long butt drive to show low tonight.
  22. Last post for me until the conclusion. Headed down to dellenbaugh. That voice in my head keeps telling me to go after matrix. Today I found every buck in the group except the three biggest ithink they left. Another hunter is hunting them as well which makethe plan going back that way easier.