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  1. BBud

    Multicam Boonie Hat

    Price added. Location is on my profile. No. Not shipping it.
  2. BBud

    Tourniquet Holder

    You can PM me to set up the meet
  3. BBud

    AccuBow bow trainer

    $75 OBO
  4. BBud

    Tourniquet Holder

    Tourniquet holder made by Eleven 10 $20
  5. Glock 36 .45 ACP 6-Round Factory Magazine $20
  6. TacPro Gear dual magazine holder. Molle system w/snaps. $7
  7. BBud

    Blackhawk Holster

    Blackhawk Holster for Glock 43 $20
  8. BBud

    Multicam Boonie Hat

    Size 7 1/4 $10 Never Used
  9. SR-25/AR-10 VLTOR BCM Charging Handle. Never used. $30
  10. BBud

    AR15 buttstock

    AR15 buttstock. River and Spikes. Milspec. $20 each i haven’t been getting notifications so PM might work better
  11. BBud

    Grip Pod System

    Grip Pod System forward grip. Push a button and bipod legs pop out. $100
  12. BBud

    Misc. AR15 parts.

    Tails covers, magazines, pistol grip, under barrel picatinny rail. Give me an offer
  13. BBud

    Pay it forward - I will start

  14. BBud


    That’s not how that works either
  15. BBud


    $5 for Garmin. Located in Gold Canyon.