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  1. Bought on cw 6.5 cm,stock dont know much was told take offs was going to build it but kids need food.can ship located in flagstaff.any questions pm me 928853469three 200?
  2. azviking

    Vortex viper 6.5x20x44 bdc

    Been on 300wmm 40 rounds asking 300 paid 500 not sure what its worth honestly.or would trade for side arm an cash.Sold gun dont need scope located in Flagstaff.
  3. azviking

    ISO 300win mag or??????

    Ruger M77 Mark II in .300 Win Mag with the factory skeleton stock.Has trigger work,barrell flutting,muzzle break.located in flagstaff.Have a vortex viper could threw back in if interested 928853469three
  4. azviking

    Sold delete please

    Sorry thought I included 6k to the public 5500 for cw members any questions can be texted to my father n law or me 928853469three.im laid off so pretty quick response
  5. Great rifle 300 winmag 200 round count Muzzle break,fluted,trigger job trying to buld a rifle asking 750 or trade for nice revolver.
  6. azviking

    Looking for trailer

  7. Vortex viper 6.5x20x44 bdc sale or trade Sale or trade was mounted on 300 win mag for 40 rounds.looking for a luepold plus cash my end.located in Flagstaff 375.00 venmo,zelle or f2f
  8. azviking

    Riflescope For Sale

    Text or call me please curious about it 9288534693 spencer
  9. azviking

    Savage 6.5 Creedmoor

    Close to Flagstaff?
  10. azviking

    Psa ar15 224 Valkyrie $600

    You meet in holbrook?9288534693?
  11. Rifle available?in Flagstaff curious.thanks sracing85@hotmail.com 9288534693
  12. Interested can you email the pics ?sracing85@hotmail.com Thanks
  13. azviking

    Psa ar15 224 Valkyrie $600

    U ever come towards Flagstaff?
  14. azviking

    Sold, please delete

  15. azviking

    Vortex viper 6.5x20x44 bdc

    Great scope was mounted on 300 win mag.have 30 shots on it. 6.5x20x44 bdc moa.asking 375.00 paid 500 5 years ago.located in Flagstaff. Spencer 92eight853469three
  16. azviking

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    If you get to flag I have some once fired
  17. azviking

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Vortex 10 X 42 Binos

    not to be rude but i paid a 100 for mine on craigslist.but they are worth every penny.next 15x
  18. 300 weatherby vanguard i have never shot it.Nice gun looking in another direction.differnt scope,rifle,nice binos,or cash
  19. sorry out that 550.00 cw members every where else 650.00 think thats far
  20. 6" daylighters in black asking 100.00 a pair or barter.have silver,ammo,guns thanks
  21. azviking

    Toshiba Tablet

    a pair of kc daylighters.