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  1. WHALE

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    I have killed around 8 bulls all with 100 grain 3 blade fixed usually wac em or wasp boss
  2. I hunt archery a fair amount and can tell you with my set up I have to shoot each broadhead to verify what's going on down range. Like stated above don't think a fixed will ever fly exact as field point over 80 but you can get em close. As season gets close I shoot only broadheads I like wac em and boss by wasp
  3. WHALE

    CVA Accura v2 set up

    Where did you buy the muzzleloader I need to buy one soon
  4. WHALE

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    I went through a few times today doing a roof job in round valley with no issues just tell them where you are going
  5. WHALE

    Ranger Bass Boat

    Looking to sell my Ranger. Only reason I am selling is I am buying a new one. 392V 94' 19'4" 200 Mercury 10' Talon New lower unit New powerhead New bilge pump New live well valves and pumps Has a jack plate and tempest prop boat will go 60+ Lowrance 7Ti Elite at console Lowrance Hook 9 at bow $11,000.00 928-978-eight zero two four
  6. WHALE

    Ranger Bass Boat

    62 MPH on Saturday with all my gear in it
  7. WHALE

    Ranger Bass Boat

    24V First time having spot lock it is great
  8. WHALE

    Ranger Bass Boat

    Put a new Ultrex trolling motor on the boat. Which I would let go for another $500 with purchase of boat other wise will put old motor guide back on. Took first place last weekend out of this boat she can catch fish.
  9. WHALE


    Thinking of shooting hevi-shot Magnum blend with same turkey choke we have used with standard lead loads. Will choke survive safely? Not sure of tungsten or what ever metal they use
  10. WHALE

    Turkey experts get in here please.

    Not sure if it will help but last year we glassed some up on a windy day in a cut out of the wind strutting away
  11. Did you get 3B?

    I got the north again and pretty excited. Seen a couple good ones in the south on the northern border.

    1. BOHNTR


      No 4B....been our a couple times....seen one decent goat.  Hopefully I can locate more closer to the hunt 

  12. WHALE

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    May still hear a bull or two But we usually glass them on that hunt and have killed for than a few between landfill and east verde Should not have a problem locating a few herds of cows
  13. WHALE


    I just want a pair that wont leak after hunting in snow for a day or two
  14. WHALE

    I'm Still Alive -- barely

    Glad to hear you're ok
  15. WHALE

    Kaibab 15's

    Anybody know if Vortex stopped making their kiabab 15's
  16. WHALE

    Montana lion

    Congrats Gary
  17. WHALE

    Quarterhorse mare for sale

    Free bump with a question How much weight can a horse like this comfortably pack up or down a mountain on trails? Not including the harnesses/saddle From someone who knows nothing about pack horses.
  18. WHALE


    What's next Where do they stop
  19. WHALE

    unit 24b in arizona

    I have shot over a dozen animals with my boots off archery hunting. It helps a lot. Cactus in the feet is sometimes part of the game😉
  20. WHALE

    41W Sheep 2019

    Congrats and Happy B-Day
  21. I wish they would just build the bridge across. I cant believe it hasn't been built yet it effects a large number of peoples lives.
  22. WHALE

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    that's awesome congrats
  23. WHALE

    Look at this AZ freak buck

    Thanks for sharing Awesome buck
  24. WHALE

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    I have hiked in the dark plenty of miles with no problems thank goodness. It took me 10+ years to see my first lion and now my family and I have glassed 7 in the last 4 years. Awesome animal to see from a distance not in the dark.
  25. WHALE

    2019 coues

    Great job on an awesome buck