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  1. ctracingraptor

    Need Help With Trailer Wrap

    big wraps like this, can be a pain to install. but it looks good so far. keep at it.
  2. ctracingraptor

    Aero precision AR-10 upper 6.5 creedmoor for sale or trade

  3. ctracingraptor

    2011 Ford Escape

    One of best vehicles/platforms and engines ever made by Ford....
  4. ctracingraptor

    WTB TC Encore/Pro Hunter barrels

    Pro hunter 204 ruger , low round count includes scope mount, make offer
  5. ctracingraptor

    Anyone a realtor (rental/ property management)

    My wife is a realtor and does property management
  6. ctracingraptor

    Garmin rino 755t brand new never been use

    Dang it..
  7. ctracingraptor

    Black lab litter

    What is the weight of the parents?
  8. ctracingraptor

    Labrador breeder?

    did that one come from his litter? Nothing listed on his website?
  9. ctracingraptor

    Arctic Fox 22H Travel Trailer

    Any idea on the dry weight?
  10. ctracingraptor

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    83rd and Union had a few. My buddy snagged a 700 in 7mm with cheesy scope for $380
  11. ctracingraptor

    Labrador breeder?

    Joe that’s a good looking lab, I’m not against an American, do you have the breeder info?
  12. ctracingraptor

    SHE camo,girls camo

    I’ll take them if your ever in N. Phx lol
  13. ctracingraptor

    Labrador breeder?

    Does anyone have a recommendations for a lab breeder or someone with puppies, looking for a blocky English. Will travel out of state if needed. Thanks d
  14. ctracingraptor

    Mobile mechanic or shop

  15. ctracingraptor

    Mobile mechanic or shop

    I’ll fix it for you but I’m really far away...