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  1. ctracingraptor

    Any electricians near Glendale?

    A good friend of mine is a licensed electrician. Not sure what he charges
  2. ctracingraptor

    Trophy Bull Poached

    That’s makes more sense. The game and fish article reads like it was poached for the antlers, and the meat was left behind and that’s all that was found.
  3. ctracingraptor

    Trophy Bull Poached

    How were they able to connect that bull with the leftover carcass? What a shame to see that happen to that animal though.
  4. ctracingraptor

    fur friendly cartridge

    204 Ruger
  5. ctracingraptor

    2013 F150 Ecoboost Secondary A/C Fan

    So basically when you had the recall done, it inevitably grab the latest and greatest pcm file off the ol interwebs. Nothing anyone can do about it. I won’t spoil your fun, but just be happy that’s the only thing you’ve noticed change since your recall...
  6. ctracingraptor

    2013 F150 Ecoboost Secondary A/C Fan

    I would be willing to bet you’ve had your recall done recently, and now you’ve notice that issue? 2013 - 2016 F150, and 2015 - 2016 Expedition/Navigator Engine Cooling Fan strate gy has been changed to improve low vehicle speed A/C performance. The Engine Coo ling Fan is more noticeable at higher ambient temperatures than previous model y ears. This is a normal condition to improve low vehicle speed A/C performance, a nd no repair should be attempted.
  7. ctracingraptor

    2013 F150 Ecoboost Secondary A/C Fan

    It’s not a relay, but it’s normal
  8. ctracingraptor

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    I’ve never had any front end or tire wear issues, as long as you rotate your tires, balance them and have a proper alignment done. Just my .02 cents though...
  9. ctracingraptor

    Stoeger 3500 12GA

    Nice gun, great price
  10. ctracingraptor

    How much is a Head Stone?

    Headstone was like a grand or so. Recently did a headstone with a sitting bench and it was almost $5k
  11. ctracingraptor

    Which Tires?

  12. ctracingraptor

    Which Tires?

    Nitto ridge grapplers...
  13. ctracingraptor

    Stainless welding

    I'm looking for someone that can weld some stainless exhaust for me, located in north Peoria area. Thanks
  14. ctracingraptor

    Window Replacement

    I did Milgard Tuscany line from Lowe’s, I did 6 windows all roughly 5x5, did them myself. I think it was like $2k