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  1. ctracingraptor

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    I’ve never had any front end or tire wear issues, as long as you rotate your tires, balance them and have a proper alignment done. Just my .02 cents though...
  2. ctracingraptor

    Stoeger 3500 12GA

    Nice gun, great price
  3. ctracingraptor

    How much is a Head Stone?

    Headstone was like a grand or so. Recently did a headstone with a sitting bench and it was almost $5k
  4. ctracingraptor

    Which Tires?

  5. ctracingraptor

    Which Tires?

    Nitto ridge grapplers...
  6. ctracingraptor

    Stainless welding

    I'm looking for someone that can weld some stainless exhaust for me, located in north Peoria area. Thanks
  7. ctracingraptor

    Window Replacement

    I did Milgard Tuscany line from Lowe’s, I did 6 windows all roughly 5x5, did them myself. I think it was like $2k
  8. ctracingraptor

    Tastes Like Victory seasoning.

    Where do you go about purchasing something?
  9. ctracingraptor

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Pueblo bonito is a time share property , if I’m not mistaken. How much additional is it for a all inclusive package?
  10. ctracingraptor

    2001 Ford F150 4x4

    I work on a couple that have well over 500k on them
  11. ctracingraptor

    Hornady ELD-X

    If I was hunting moose I’d be looking at a Partition or Accubond.
  12. ctracingraptor

    12v fridge / freezer in trucks, thoughts

    I looked at them a year ago, big name like ARB, i was reading the specs and it cooled internally to 25 degrees less than ambient temps. My though was I know my truck is over 180 in the summer, but I have no proof that if that was a true statement.
  13. ctracingraptor

    PSA 6.5

    I have a grendel and a creed, both in AR platforms, and both are excellent. AR10s can get very heavy, very fast. Regardless, both mine shoot lights out on factory ammo. I’m actually building two more Grendel’s next week.
  14. ctracingraptor

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    Get a pioneer...
  15. I have the same light bar but a pro series, it’s plenty bright for its size.