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    Christensen Ridgeline 300win mag with AMMO SOLD

    next if this falls through
  2. ctracingraptor

    Please delete

    Pm me, your inbox is full
  3. ctracingraptor

    WTB 223 brass, bullets, and dies

    I have 500 rounds of fully prepped and processed brass from Texas Brass works, it’s lake city brass
  4. ctracingraptor

    WTB iPhone

    Family member of mine is looking for a iPhone replacement, if a member has one they are getting rid of, please let me know. iPhone 6 or higher, Verizon is preferred
  5. ctracingraptor

    WTB iPhone

    A bunch of awesome people on here, she found what she is looking for. Thank you for your help.
  6. ctracingraptor

    WTB Firewood

    I’m looking for some firewood before New Year’s, having a few people over that weren’t planned. It supposed to get a little chilly. Anyway I don’t want you to be too picky, but I’m looking for juniper, oak, cherry, or pecan. In the North Phoenix area, and Peoria. Not looking for a bunch unless I have to. Something under 1/8th cord. Thank you in advance
  7. ctracingraptor

    WTB Firewood

    Thank you Boarman and Azooutdoors, very generous of you, FIREWOOD ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED Thank you to all for your help!
  8. ctracingraptor

    WTB Firewood

    Thats where i thought it was in 16st and Greenway but i checked on goole and it says he went out of business?
  9. ctracingraptor

    WTB Firewood

    Thank you for the help, but i would like to stay in the North Phx area, not going to be able to make out to the east valley by this weekend.
  10. ctracingraptor

    AR500 steel targets, lead sled

    All gone
  11. ctracingraptor

    Bass Pro Shop / Sportsmans Warehouse

    Geez, that really really sucks. I truly hate everything about both of those places.
  12. If it falls through, I have a bunch
  13. ctracingraptor

    AR500 steel targets, lead sled

    Rarely ever in that area of town.
  14. ctracingraptor

    AR500 steel targets, lead sled

    Pm sent
  15. ctracingraptor

    Rem 700 Sendero SF in 7mm RM w/ Vortex Viper $800

    Holy cow, well I’m not selling mine for that price. I was thinking about listing it.
  16. ctracingraptor

    WTT - Glock 19x BRAND NEW

    I might be interested in trading you for some Benjamin’s
  17. ctracingraptor

    5B november rifle

    I drew the black friday tag for 5b, i've hunted many animals in az, but this will be my first elk tag, and i am so excited. I am familiar with the unit, but need some help. I plan to do alot of scouting up to my hunt date. I was checking out my unit this past weekend, and noticed obviously it was extremely dry. Found some elk in the unit, but found a large herd in 5A they were rather close to the highway. Only thing i can think of is there are staying south for water, i am sure they will move alot from now till thanksgiving. Any help from anyone one whether or not i should stay in the northern or southern unit? Even if anyone could provide me with advice or get me started in the right direction.. Thanks in advance
  18. ctracingraptor

    Wtb- electric case trimmer

    I use the Wilson case trimmer
  19. ctracingraptor

    556 ammo for sale

    How much is available?
  20. ctracingraptor

    ISO - Cat trap

    A cat in my neighborhood needs to go for a long ride, I’m tired of pissing on my stuff and crapping in my garden. Anyone have a trap I can buy or borrow.
  21. ctracingraptor

    ISO - Cat trap

    Got it taken care off, thanks Matt
  22. ctracingraptor

    ISO - Cat trap

    This particular animal likes to show its face at 3am on my camera, unfortunately I’m not going to stay up that late. I posted a No Trespassing sign, but it keeps ignoring it.
  23. ctracingraptor

    WTB Reloading Press

    I have a ribs with some other stuff I’m interested in letting go.