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  1. Corkys

    Leupold Vx6hd 3-18x44 firedot

    Still available?
  2. Corkys

    Leupold VX5 HD 5-20x52 CDS

    Is this available?
  3. Corkys

    Leupold VX5 3-15x44 Duplex

    Still available?
  4. Corkys

    Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44

    Still available?
  5. Corkys

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I would be interested in box of 6.5 147gr ELD-M
  6. Corkys

    WTB Powder Retumbo or RL33

    The valley. Mesa area
  7. Looking to buy 1lb of powder of either Retumbo or RL33. Appreciate the help.
  8. Corkys


    Interested. PM location
  9. Corkys

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    did they have any H1000?
  10. Random amounts of 30 CAL bullets for sale. Been in the safe for a while and not reloading. Just make and offer as not sure on price for partial boxes. 30 CAL Berger VLD Hunting 168 Grain (16bullets) 30 CAL Berger VLD Hunting 155 Grain (46 bullets) Nosler 30 CAL Accubond Spitzer 180 Grain (12 bullets) Hornady SST 30 CAL 150 Grain (14 bullets) Barnes 30 CAL 150 Grain TTSX (20 bullets)
  11. Corkys

    WTB 28 Nosler Ammo

  12. Corkys

    Ammo-26 nosler, 257 wby, 308

    Did the 28 Nosler ammo get purchased?
  13. Corkys

    WTB 28 Nosler Ammo

    I’m having a gun built and looking to get a few different boxes to see what shoots best. Appreciate the help.
  14. Corkys

    Tick Tock

  15. Corkys

    28 Nosler ammo for sale

    Interested as well I’m in east valley