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  1. 1denogean

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    heck just go do it sean and let me know how it is hahaha i have the late multi December muzzleloader hunt and cant wait to get out there
  2. 1denogean

    Holiday Gift Ideas???

    here you go msr pocket rocket 2 GSI Pot Nalgene Bottles black diamond head lamps solo hunter rifle cover game bags (like lance said) small blackstone grill ( i love mine)
  3. 1denogean

    My 13A Muley

    Major congrats beautiful buck beautiful story
  4. epic is all i can say freaking hilarious brother
  5. 1denogean

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    im terrified of the sensors not working i would never run it all night. what we do if i got cold i would get up and turn it on till it breaks the chill turn it off then go back to bed
  6. 1denogean

    Kodiak Sitka Trip

    Congrats Houston great job!!! This is definitely on my bucket list especially with the fishing too!
  7. 1denogean

    Look at this AZ freak buck

    Oh my goodness what a giant
  8. 1denogean

    Lost 15 ‘s swaros 6A

    hopefully you find them! there are still a few good people out there left
  9. 1denogean

    Cow Tags, Kids, and Time Well Spent

    awesome job to all!
  10. 1denogean

    Kembria's Turn (Our Epic Fall Part 3)

    congrats sean nothing better than that!
  11. good job Kevin i remember you from deer camp last year. the guy with all the steelers stuff hahaha
  12. 1denogean

    Would like some help

    just give me a starting point bro not a honey hole but a good spot hahaha
  13. 1denogean


    I'll go third if they dont
  14. great story followed the whole time. sounds like the story of my life hahaha
  15. 1denogean

    Dream Buck

    congrats beautiful buck, takes a lot to make it happen on them big boys
  16. 1denogean

    My unsuccessful Utah hunt

    Great pics houston. I love hunting utah one of my favorite places but agree the pressure is much like az
  17. 1denogean

    Getting home early

    Great story bad axx woman right there
  18. 1denogean

    Archery goat 2019

    dang dude beauty! Great story as well
  19. 1denogean

    Never thought i would turn this tag back in

    hopefully i get the call
  20. 1denogean

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    good luck man! i have points there and about ready to cash in cant wait to go myself
  21. 1denogean

    Bear Opener

  22. 1denogean

    Gov tag buck

    giants they are everywhere!
  23. 1denogean

    Remington 700 ADL Parts & Triggers

    is the trigger guard metal? if so how much for one Thanks
  24. 1denogean


    Curious as well
  25. 1denogean

    Whatcha Lissnin to?

    Adele for sure