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  1. 4pakk

    Powder for sale... UPDATED

    I’ll take the 3lbs of H4831sc
  2. 4pakk


    I’ll take the N560 pm coming
  3. 4pakk

    Hornady 55gr FMJBT w/ cannelure Bulk packed

    Pm in the morning
  4. 4pakk

    Hornady 55gr FMJBT w/ cannelure Bulk packed

    I’m interested in a 1000
  5. 4pakk

    Random ammo.

    I’ll take the 30-06
  6. 4pakk


    Pm sent
  7. I’m interested in a brick of both my number is (520)248-0979.  I have a brother that lives in chino I’ll get in touch with him and have him meet up with you. Text me if you have both available thanks.    

  8. 4pakk


    Nice gun what break is it
  9. I'm interested in the tumbler my phone number is (520)248-0979 if you could text me or call to figure out a time for me to pick it up

  10. 4pakk


    Pm sent
  11. I'm interested in your 7mm I'm in Tucson. Where is your location

    1. 4pakk


      Forgot to give you a number to contact me with (520) 248-0979 it's easier to text me (520) 248-0979 thanks

    2. Stray Horse
  12. I'm interested in the 7mm stainless barrel text me back at (520)248-0979 thanks