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  1. Rharris

    Christmas Gift Destinations

    those are good ideas thanks, hope more folks chime in on this
  2. Rharris

    Christmas Gift Destinations

    Let me first say I hate buying gifts for family members, especially my folks. I have resorted to buying tickets or gift cards to destinations such as Canyon De Chelly, Bisbee mine tour, Concert tickets, I got them tickets this past summer to the longest running outdoor musical in Medora South Dakota which they really enjoyed while they were on a traveling vacation. So in short I am reaching out to you all for some more ideas. Thanks
  3. Had him and his buddy on my grass pastures all summer, they have been on rolled corn for 70 days +. I am selling him for 2.00/lb live weight. I estimate he will be close to 1K/lb. He is all natural no drugs or hormones etc... I can deliver to Carters Custom Meats in Thatcher Az for processing.
  4. You seem to have some pretty good knowledge of the 27/28 Rocky tags. Could i pick your brain about some potential spots to look at.  Thanks!

  5. Rharris

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Here are a couple I have had the pleasure to tag along on in 27/28,
  6. Rharris

    15X21 Wall Tent For Sale

    No, thanks for asking.
  7. Rharris

    15X21 Wall Tent For Sale

  8. Rharris

    15X21 Wall Tent For Sale

  9. Rharris

    15X21 Wall Tent For Sale

    SOLD: Bussard Wall tent 15x21 Includes two stove jacks (side wall and roof). Floor for approx. half. No Stakes (need them for my other tent). $800.00 Firm
  10. Rharris

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    Interesting point that I had not really looked at. Cant tell how many of them have killed their desert but it looks like last year 18 of the max point holders applied for Rocky and 7 drew. that's just the bonus pass. I am one point shy of max, killed a desert in Nevada a few yrs ago but really want an Az desert ram. Plus I should draw Wyoming or Colorado some day for Rocky. Stay Positive!
  11. Rharris

    Garmin DC50 Tracking Collars For Sale

    You assumed correct, my bad.
  12. 5 DC50 tracking collars for sale. great condition. 135.00 TYD
  13. Rharris

    Garmin Astro 320 and DC40 Collar For Sale

    Thanks for the offer, Price is firm.