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  1. If anyone has this book about Dale Lee I would be interested in buying it. Ralph Harris
  2. I would highly recommend you all pick this book up. If you think you are a hardcore outdoorsman read this book then ask yourself that question again. I have slept out on a lions track with my hounds, and hunted a lot of other game. I would call myself a rookie in his presence. R Harris
  3. Rharris

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    Here is my wife 2021 Goulds from unit 29. Fun hunt plenty of birds. Hopefully I can draw in the next few yrs.
  4. If you are looking for tenacity, loyalty and intelligence without the size of an Airedale look up the Welsh Terrier breed. Welsh Terriers are also hypoallergenic. Born on 4/30 we have six females and one male for sale. The parents are AKC registered. they will be ready in 6-8 weeks. $2500.00 each. Feel free to contact us by PM or 928-965-2933
  5. Rharris

    WTS 7MM Mag Ammo

    55.00 per box or 450.00 takes all. Can deliver to Safford Az.
  6. Rharris

    Gear Dump

    2017 Kuiu Ultra 4000 small/medium waist belt. One worn spot my wife patched it on the inside see pic. This was her pack. 300.00 plus shipping SOLD 2015 Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer Pack, Wifes pack as well, Good shape. 200.00 plus shipping SOLD 4 Wildgame Innovations Trail Cams Model W5i2D, 3 lock boxes and one larger lockbox which I dont remember what it fit. Make offer plus shipping. Easton Blackmax stabilzer make offer plus shipping Hunters advantage gun sling- make offer plus shipping 2 model 700 gun wood gun stocks- make offer plus shipping 1 ruger 10/22 plastic stock- make offer plus shipping
  7. Rharris

    Gear Dump

    ADL's long action
  8. Rharris

    Sheep charges

    I drew 24b wilderness, with one less than max. Anyone willing to talk to me about those superstition sheep send me a PM, much a appreciated!
  9. Rharris

    Dead Heads

    Im blessed to be able to roam gods country on my mule following my hounds. I run into these kills probably more than the average hunter. Here are a few from 2020-2021 for you Coues nuts.
  10. With the deer populations the way they are (declining) specifically mule deer, it has NEVER made sense to have rut hunts. This does nothing but disrupt the critical breeding time and remove genetically dominant bucks from the gene pull. Getting doe's bred in short order is a vital part of fawn survival. This puts fawns dropping nearly all at once basically flooding the market so to speak when it comes to predation. good move G&F!
  11. Rharris

    Raccoon Hunting

    Our Airedale past away last yr and my wife wants another one. We used to breed them yrs ago, fantastic dog. We had a couple I would use with my lion hounds. If any of you know a good breeder please PM so I can look into getting her a pup. R.Harris
  12. Rharris

    Max Point Question

    Im one point under max and didn't draw again this yr. this yrs max point pool for sheep should have dropped to 3-7, I suspect. My question is for next yrs bonus pass do they draw those remaining max point holders and then have a second bonus pass draw with the remaining tags for those in the next point pool down (me). Or do those remaining tags go into the general draw?
  13. Rharris

    WTB 1911 style 45

    My son is looking for a 1911 style 45 with high capacity mag, 14+1. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  14. Rharris

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    We love ours, I will say from experience DO NOT let anything touch the sides inside the tent such as a cot. We were in Wyoming antelope hunting and wouldnt you know the wind blew. one of the corners of my wifes cot was touching and it wore a hole in the tent. Nothing a patch cant fix. Just thought I would pass it on.
  15. Rharris

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Coues get them too
  16. Rharris

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    I called the SC office yesterday and was told they will be refunding our money from the 2020 canceled spring turkey hunt
  17. Rharris

    Max Point Question

    Ended up 11 max point holders didn't draw. So going into next year looks like this. 11- max points (all residents) 32 points 159- One under max (residents) 31 points- I am one of 159 30 - One under max (non resident) 31 points So if I understand the system I should be in second round of the bonus pass draw with about 17 permits, then into the regular draw if not drawn in Bonus pass round 2. about a 1-10 chance if I dont get greedy and apply for a popular unit
  18. Rharris

    Max Point Question

    Yes 20 % of available permits, In years past I have seen as many as 27 max point holders drop out, meaning they drew or didn't apply or something. that said there will be less max point holders in 2021 than tags available in the bonus pass draw. What is the G&F procedure? Good discussion, thanks everyone!
  19. Rharris

    Wyoming draw results

    Wife an I finally drew unit 60
  20. Rharris

    i am in for bighorn

    all in with 30 points. One or maybe two yrs tops and I will finally be on top of the pile. Watch them change the points game on me, hahaha
  21. Rharris


    I was fortunate enough to kill a desert ram in Nevada in 2010 with two good friends and my dad, Im patiently waiting for my Arizona desert ram tag now. I got into multi states yrs ago and should be able to draw my rocky tag someday in Wyoming or possibly Colorado. Although If I drew AZ I would sign my tag over to my dad if they would let me, he got in the Arizona point game way to late.
  22. Rharris


  23. Rharris


    Im one under max, might actually be in the max point pool next year. I have tried for yrs to figure out where I missed that one year., hahaha
  24. Rharris

    Shed buyer

    Anyone have a phone number for the antler buyer parked in Eager?