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  1. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

    I had this built custom locally but don’t really have a use anymore. It’s solidly built and has a tensioning mechanism so it’s not rattling like crazy. 27”x 48” $175 obo. Located in Queen Creek
  2. Green Bullet

    Flying solo unit 33 2nd hunt

    Awesome suggestion. Thank you both.
  3. Anyone flying solo for the second WT hunt? I am. I’m a little nervous without a spotter lol but my hunting colleagues had conflicts come up. Maybe we can team out or assist if something major comes up.
  4. Green Bullet

    Elk bugling in 6a?

    I’ll let you guys know....
  5. Green Bullet

    Elk bugling in 6a?

    Since the rut got off to a slow start this year are the elk gonna be bugling in 6a his weekend? Heading up there for the fall turkey hunt with my son.
  6. Green Bullet

    unit 33 trailer spots

    thx I'll take a look tomorrow
  7. Green Bullet

    unit 33 trailer spots

    Any suggestions on where I can park a medium sized travel trailer in unit 33? I was in the south side of the unit and it was slim pickings from what I saw. Thanks Miles
  8. sweet. dream bull right there!
  9. Great bull. congrats. What unit were you hunting in?
  10. Green Bullet

    Son got it done again.

    Nice mass. Congrats!
  11. Green Bullet

    fake turf installer

    Bob I didn’t know you were the posting police enforcing what can and can not be posted here. Good to know. Everyone on the forum FYI I can be an a hole sometimes...true... but I can tell you with certainty I’m not a cheap bastard. I can also tell you I’m a fair person with character and I’d never make a statement like you did towards me. All I asked for was if someone wanted work to install. Reflect on that.
  12. Green Bullet

    fake turf installer

    Dude, what!!!! Be careful. Your going to crater the artificial turf trade and get banned on this site LOl. All jokes aside i found a good quality local source. Thank you for the follow up and I hope this quagmire of a post yields some business benefit to you.
  13. Green Bullet

    fake turf installer

    I accept your half hearted attempt at an apology. And Trust me, you can’t buy and sell me a few times over. I’ll leave it at that. The fact that you feel the need to show off says two things: 1). You dont really have it (I mean really have it) and 2) you’re a man of low character if you believe you need to try and swing your cock around to put other people down. I almost took the bait but I’m above that and not going there.
  14. Green Bullet

    fake turf installer

    What difference would it have made? Side job or job or hobby? The request was really simple. I beg to differ about some folks being bad hearted. The assertions made against me are out of line and uncalled for Appreciate the input but I don’t get your point at all. If the offer/ask wasn’t compelling mind your own business and move on.
  15. Green Bullet

    fake turf installer

    Yeah they were. You’re an idiot and clueless. Stfu and mind your own business.