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  1. Green Bullet

    Fastest Land Animal North America

    There is a bird that flies like 150 mph. Forget the name.
  2. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    Good luck all!
  3. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…..!
  4. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    We switched up mtn ranges a bit same $hit. Any day now.
  5. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    In 34a now. Glassed up over 20 doe across several groups not a single buck with them (WT).
  6. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    Figured. Seems early still. Thanks for the info.
  7. Green Bullet

    Rut report.

    Taking my daughter down to 34a next week for rifle Coues. Ran those hills quite a bit for archery but it’s hard to get those bucks on those hills with a bow. Looking forward to improving our odds with the 7 mag lol hows the pre rut looking in the southern units? If I had to guess I’d say big boys are still hiding given the heat and dryness but my guesses usually suck…
  8. Green Bullet

    Good camo for sale, all size medium men’s

    Bumpski! make an offer. Late elk hunts coming up quick!
  9. Green Bullet

    Black Jag in Phx?

    Looks like a darker cotamundi.
  10. Green Bullet

    Found an enormous deadhead (coues)

    if you get that lion killed big bucks may come back in there. Clearly a big buck area right there.
  11. Green Bullet

    12B West Early Hunt Success

    Looks like he was in the transition area.
  12. Green Bullet

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5500 Pack with an extra 2200 bag

    Just in time for Xmas!
  13. Green Bullet

    Good camo for sale, all size medium men’s

    $300 obo