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  1. Green Bullet

    The Amazing Wolf 🙄

    Data to support those claims would be welcome. Without data, regardless what position you have it’s all bs
  2. Green Bullet

    Have you seen the price of gloves

    Good pair of gloves in winter as valuable as a good pair of boots. shoot is getting expensive by the day. #FJB
  3. Green Bullet

    Find the spike!

    Good one. He has some mass it looks like
  4. Green Bullet

    36A Muzzleloader Help

    If you don’t see what you want keep covering ground. And when you find it ……when the hunt comes it’ll be gone. But at least you’ll have confidence in your system and abilities and keep covering ground
  5. Green Bullet

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    Who’s this guy and why would anyone give a shoot what he says or thinks? LOL
  6. Green Bullet

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    My plans for the weekend got rained out.
  7. Green Bullet

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    Thinking about a morning trip Sunday. Any top water?
  8. Green Bullet

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    I wasn’t joking. Road hunting has a right and wrong technique to it.
  9. Green Bullet

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    Drinking beer in a $75000 lifted diesel truck with a $8000 custom rifle and $5000 BTX, mastering the stealthy “dude deer…..slow down I’ll jump out but keep going down the road” technique. heritage baby. Heritage. All in the name of conservation.
  10. Green Bullet

    Polaris belt new p/n 3211196

  11. Green Bullet

    Large Rifle Magnum Primers x 500

  12. I didn’t mean to sound too crass. Save more. Borrow from family. Go hunt. Good luck.
  13. Only a loser will drop their only grand on a bino upgrade. When you save up ten grand let’s talk. For now what you have is perfectly fine. Take 500 and invest it. Save 500 for emergency your biggest asset is your youth not your glass. Cover ground. Don’t try and keep up with the Jones. You can’t as a student.
  14. Green Bullet

    Reloading for longrange neck size or full size?

    Eventually you need to full size. Gets tough to feed the round. I full size always now.
  15. Green Bullet

    Non Covid bug going around

    I’m against mandates. But the data is crystal clear the vaccines are beneficial but not a guarantee you don’t get COVID. But if you do get it the vaccine has shown to minimize fatal outcomes. what’s open for debate are the long term effects. Tough call and debatable. My view only, Is if your pushing 60 or older you should get it. If your 40 to 45 no. 45 to 59 case by case. Kind of a tossup. I’m 47 and got poked. I’m in reallY good shape and no illness. under 40 and healthy I can’t rightfully argue for it. Absolutely against giving to anyone younger aged (sub 30) what blows me away is folks I know are over 80 and not in great shape and they don’t want the vaccine. I’m like what long term side effect are you worried about getting? Kind of odd decision but yet again to each their own. The mandates are going nowhere fast. It’s all rhetoric and a distraction from the cluster xxxx in Afghanistan