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  1. Green Bullet


    Yes I know I can order a new one just haven’t gotten to it. They’re like $10 or something.
  2. Green Bullet

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    Ride now is a rip-off. You can do better at iron city or in rye. You can get a fully loaded sxs at either of these places vs a basic bare bones model at ride bow. they are only good for their showroom. Local and a good selection to figure out what you like.
  3. Green Bullet


    I agree with this. For hunting you need to have a few fixed pins. I run 20-60 with 60 as the slider. My only gripe is the 60 pin should be a smaller diameter. Bow is shooting so well I don’t want to mess with it lol
  4. Green Bullet

    Garmin Rino 650

    SOld pending funds
  5. Green Bullet

    Nikon Rangefinfer

  6. Green Bullet

    Nikon Rangefinfer

    Price drop $120!
  7. Green Bullet

    Garmin Rino 650

    Price drop $240!
  8. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

    I’ll do $100
  9. Green Bullet


    Are the fish deep or shallow at rosey?
  10. Green Bullet

    My Kaibab buck

    Nice tine length! Congrats
  11. Green Bullet

    What’s this from???

    Do you think I’ll need to adjust my bullet depth after I FL resize or should it be good to go?
  12. Green Bullet

    What’s this from???

    Nevermind I looked it up.
  13. Green Bullet

    What’s this from???

    Sorry I’m shooting a 7 mag sorry for the stupid question but when you say bump the shoulders back what are you referring to?
  14. Green Bullet

    What’s this from???

    Neck only. I should mention after the 4th firing I annealed the brass. Also the brass that shot /loaded well (same batch) mostly did not exhibit this ring. Some did though to be clear.