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  1. Green Bullet

    Bazooka Pro Rod carrier

    Used once. Just collecting dust since. These are. $100 new. Asking $50. Located in queen creek
  2. Green Bullet

    Appliance or electricians, quick question...

    that was plan b. I'll just do that vs hunting for some obscure connector. thx for the weigh in.
  3. I have an old GE Fridge pushing 17 yrs of age. It's in our laundry room for extra food, meat, etc. Stopped working, smelled something burning...I troubleshooted it and found the circuit board was toast. One of the connectors pictured below isn't reusable. Does anyone know what style or naming convention is for this connector? Those metal prongs should technically be on the board itself...so the connector would mate into those. I suppose I can "rebuild" it using basic connectors from Lowes or HD but I'd rather buy the same if it's easy to find. I already found a used board on eBay so I want to see if I can push the fridge a little longer before cutting a check for a new one. thx BB58B393-932F-4609-A49E-533DFB7955BF.heic
  4. Green Bullet

    Sonoran Desert Find Tool?

    Looks like a rock to hold a piece of meat on a stick and rotate over a sunken fire pit
  5. Green Bullet

    MISSING since 1/8/2023

    Do you know what he was doing in the area? Context is always helpful. Good luck.
  6. Green Bullet

    Father & Son opening day success

    Very awesome. Congrats.
  7. Green Bullet

    Monte Cristo Granite Slab For Sale

    Price reduced. This is really nice granite. There is plenty for a large bathroom or multiple small ones. make an offer. Open to trades.
  8. Green Bullet

    Hunters Ed field day

    What specifically are the new requirements for instructors? Is it training or something more onerous? maybe I would volunteer to teach a handful a year.
  9. Green Bullet

    Lefty Trophy Taker Arrow Rest

  10. Green Bullet

    Monte Cristo Granite Slab For Sale

    Open to trades.
  11. Green Bullet

    Burton Custom Snowboard for sale

    Open to trades. Would make a great gift!
  12. Green Bullet

    World Cup

    Woohoo! Next round baby. Go USA!!!
  13. Green Bullet

    Burton Custom Snowboard for sale

    See my ad below https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/spo/d/queen-creek-burton-custom-156-camber/7560778769.html
  14. Green Bullet

    Monte Cristo Granite Slab For Sale

    See my ad below https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mat/d/phoenix-monte-cristo-granite-slab/7560720156.html
  15. Green Bullet

    World Cup

    Have some pride. They are long shots no doubt but we need to support our troops and athletes. They should exit the first round.