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    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Furry critter lives matter!
  2. Green Bullet

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Audit the draw! Recount dammit! this draw is fixed!!!! I demand justice!
  3. I sent a short note. My basic argument was don't make new laws if you don't have objective data to articulate a problem you're trying to solve. it's plain and simple.
  4. Green Bullet

    Primers and powder to trade

    I have 300 Remington #9 1/2 large magnum rifle primers, 200 Winchester Large Rifle magnum, and 1 pound of IMR 4831 that I'd like to trade for CFE223. I'd prefer a large (5lb or 8lb) and can supplement with a little cash if need be. Located in Queen Creek
  5. Green Bullet

    WTS Tikka T3x SuperLite 300 Win Mag Stainless/Camo

    how's the recoil with that brake?
  6. Green Bullet

    Roosevelt report

    thinking about heading to rosey tomorrow. did you get a lot of numbers? Did you fish the salt or Tonto end?
  7. Green Bullet

    Elk archery setup

    just use full metal jackets and schwackers or rage and you're golden. the key from my experience is using a broached that'll open the animal up for a good blood trail. I went with the fixed broad heads for elk because they are so tough idea but I quickly learned even with a great shot sometimes you get shitty blood and it makes it very hard tracking.
  8. Green Bullet

    wireless security camera info

    you can set up a CBRS access point which will connect the camera via your own pLTE network. the distance and coverage will be significantly greater than wi fi. you still need power for the camera. probably cost you $2k all in for the network plus whatever you were going to pay for the camera. One time fee...no mobile operator involved. you can use publicly available spectrum I setup a private LTE network in my house using CBRS spectrum and am running my iPad Pro on it (just for testing...I'm in the business)....but I can get a signal way down the street on my iPad whereas with wi fi it starts cutting our on the front sidewalk
  9. Green Bullet

    Mexico Coues

    nice buck. congrats
  10. Green Bullet

    Patio table with sunbrella chairs

    Overall solid condition. Heavy metal frame table has a tile top and smooth finish. Comes with 6 chairs made out of sunbrella material. No tears or Rips on chairs. Wont have a back yard for a while so need to get rid of it. $800 new. Asking $300 obo Located in chandler
  11. Green Bullet

    Wifi question

    likely the wifi chips in your devices
  12. Green Bullet

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    I love me some husband and wife DP! congrats!
  13. Green Bullet

    Another dummy looking for AR lowers...

    80% lowers are still available for $100. have to buy the tooling though..
  14. Green Bullet

    Sold-please delete

    awesome bow. I love mine...
  15. Green Bullet

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    I agree with this assessment. you had your chance and blew it. they were hunting that buck too. I'm sure if the buck would have died and they knew where it was they'd put you on it...but if it's alive it's fair game. I also think you're co mingling different issues around guides, helpers etc. That has absolutely nothing to do with the point of this post. It kind of reminds me of CNN....they touch on an issue and then bring up a bunch of other shoot to amplify, redirect, deflect, etc. If the hunter had a guide, 3 guides, 3 buddies helping, etc...what difference does it make for this situation? Quit judging how others enjoy hunting. you can do it your way, they can do it theirs. If they don't have a problem paying $5k to drive around or whatever what business is it of yours? Focus on positive things and more importantly worry about yours and yourself. Tough situation for you guys but you got to be a man about it.
  16. Not heavily used at all. Hoyt Charger, new Hogwire strings, QAD drop away rest, Black Gold adjustable sight, Hoyt Quiver, includes 5 Easton A/C/C arrows with Thunderhead Broadheads. Currently set at 70lbs with around a 26" draw length. Will also include old strings for backup purposes. Solid bow, ready to hunt. The accessories on this bow are top notch. Located in Queen Creek (Power and Ocotillo). $600
  17. Green Bullet

    Hoyt Charger Bow, Lefty Ready to Hunt

  18. Green Bullet

    Hoyt Charger Bow, Lefty Ready to Hunt

  19. Green Bullet

    Paul Westphal

    Colangelo was the best.
  20. Green Bullet

    Paul Westphal

    Sarver is still new to me LOL
  21. Green Bullet

    Paul Westphal

    I think the league culture has gone down hill. That’s why I lost my passion for the suns not because they had a crappy run as of late (new owner sucks btw). But anyway this thread is about Paul. May he RIP. I’ll always remember when the suns were down 2-0 to the Lakers and he called it they’d win 3 in a row and they did.
  22. Green Bullet

    Paul Westphal

    great coach, the good old days. when everyone can get behind the SUNS
  23. Works as it should. Lefty. This device is string driven not limb driven. located on power and ocotillo area queen creek. $60