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  1. JMoffat

    7W Late Rifle Bull

    Yeah I don't have my hopes up for anything intact and not broken 🤣 I'd be happy with anything that will fill the freezer haha obviously the bigger the better though
  2. JMoffat

    7W Late Rifle Bull

    Hey guys! I was fortunate enough to draw a late rifle bull tag this year in 7W. This will be my first ever bull hunt, woohoo! I have taken several cow elk out of 7W over the last 4 or 5 years and have never had an issue locating cows or small raghorn bulls. I am fairly familiar with the unit. I also know how weather tends to be the first few days of this Bull hunt if history repeats itself haha I do plan to start scouting first week of november and making a trip up at least once a week to try and figure out where the bigger bulls will be hanging out, I know to look in the nasty country and to glass glass and glass some more. Ive heard good things about kendrick that time of year. I do have 3 riding/pack mules so i do have that advantage. I guess im just here looking for any advice that can be given, success stories from this unit in the past. Freezer is dang near empty and this was the only tag i was able to draw this year. Really hoping to bring home a decent bull to hang on the wall and to feed the family for a while, especially in these crazy times we are living in! Any help or input is greatly appreciated Thanks all and God Bless!
  3. JMoffat

    Remington 700 LR 300 win mag

    Prescott. But work in phx. Can meet anywhere in between
  4. Basically new. Shot maybe 10 rounds through this rifle and switched to 6.5 PRC Purchasing another pack mule so this one has to go. Comes with 20 moa pictanny rail, pictanny bipod receiver and magpul oversized bolt. I'll also throw in 15 rounds of hand loaded Hornady eldx rounds Bipod not included $675 absolute steal
  5. JMoffat

    Remington 700 LR 300 win mag

    Bump. Price drop. $700
  6. JMoffat

    6.5 Creedmoore 143 ELDX

    See any in 6.5 prc?
  7. JMoffat

    Remington 700 LR 300 win mag

    Did not receive
  8. JMoffat

    Remington 700 LR 300 win mag

    Still available
  9. Remington 700 long range chambered in 300win Only 20 rounds down the pipe. Was my elk rifle but went another route. Bell and Carlson stock Magpul oversized bolt cover 20 moa rail Maybe 20 rounds down the pipe. Scope and bipod aren't included Will come with 15-20 rounds hand loaded ELDX Looking for $750 or may consider trade for optics, 22-250, AR platform or 17hmr
  10. Looking for 143g or 147g Thanks!
  11. I've got 4 boxes. All the same lot $55 a box or $210 for all 4 Located in Prescott or can meet in north Phoenix or Mesa area
  12. JMoffat

    WTB 6.5 PRC AMMO

    Hey guys looking to buy some 6.5 prc ammo for the new rifle I prefer Hornady match or hunter precision rounds I've got 2 boxes of hunter precision in 6.5 creedmor 143g eldx I'd be willing to trade Thanks!