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  1. I just ordered a Shooters Lube kit. I am going to give a review on weather this works as claimed or not. Any of you have any experience with it?
  2. Elkhunter1

    Windham Weaponry AR-15 20” A4

    Nice, I have the 18" A4. Of course I did a few mods to it.
  3. Elkhunter1

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    Guys, please read through the story again. His first fine was for $900 and fined again for $4600. I know it is not what we think it should be, I for one think it should be $2500 for Javelina $5000 per deer, bear lion and lope, $10,000 for elk and Bighorn.
  4. Elkhunter1

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

  5. I posted the video on the Mule deer thread.
  6. My family has been blessed this year as we have filled all of our Javelina tags and one of our deer tags. My brother Robert started us off with an opening day kill. He then drove down and helped me on my Javelina tag the next day. He followed that up by helping Sean my nephew during the week on his Javi. The next weekend he came down and took his Mule Deer buck. During the HAM hunt my brother Robert again tagged opening day, then helped his son again fill his tag. Y other brother Rick and two of his friends tagged out that first week. It took me 5 days and over 17 miles in three different areas, two terrain types to fill my 2nd Javi tag on the second Sunday of the hunt. 2021 has been good to us so far, hoping to see some credit card hits for Elk and Antelope.
  7. Elkhunter1

    Wifi question

    You are testing a Linksys router, what model and what is it's baseline speeds? Some routers are only 300mbps. When you test the router through the app. you are testing the speed to the router, and when you run a test on your phone or laptop utilizing wifi you are testing through the router. This type of test has several variables, the freq. used 2.4 or 5. the distance and signal strength. The results will also vary depending on what speed test you use, (each test will use different servers). One test we use when working on the network is... Googlefiber.net and the other is to one of our servers. One clear way to tell is right before you run the test it should tell you the server and its location, try to find one that is close to your location. Running a test to a server in Utah will lower your results. Most internet searches will ping the closest server to find what you are looking for. Another speed test that is popular is speedtest.net. by oukla. This one you can change the server easier.
  8. Elkhunter1

    WTB Blue Widow

    Sorry, I want the Blue Widow.
  9. Elkhunter1

    Ammo/reloading prices

    Not even close to good price!!!!!!
  10. Elkhunter1

    WTB Blue Widow

    I am looking for a slightly used Eberlystock Blue Widow Pack! I am in Tucson, preferably FTF purchase.
  11. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    All the stickers and those two are what you fixated on.....lol
  12. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    It's called auto-correct, and it sucks too.
  13. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    NO, what I want seems to be beyond your comprehension
  14. Elkhunter1

    SOLD. 300 Win Mag brass SOLD.

    FC 10
  15. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    Did the TV thing several years ago....5 in my little red truck.