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  1. metau

    Opportunity VS Trophy Hunts

    Put in for the tag you want for yout first choice. Drew an early archery unit 9 bull tag my first ever draw. Honestly, there are several hunts each year that offer both trophy and opportunity, just no one talks about them.
  2. metau

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    Late rifle, obviously. Then I have less competition for the early archery hunts!!! I had 3 early archery tags last decade, and after being on those hunts, I'll never burn points for a non-rut hunt here in AZ.
  3. metau

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Time for a 2023 thread. Who has trips booked already and who is looking for folks to charter with?
  4. metau


    Will be in Phoenix and Tucson for the holiday weekend. Let me know by the morning if you want something and I'll bring it with.
  5. metau


    Sure do.
  6. metau


    Sorry, just saw this. I live in Virginia currently. I'll be back in AZ (Phoenix and Tucson) over thanksgiving weekend though.
  7. metau


    I do
  8. metau


    Move back to AZ complete, all remaining items pulled.
  9. metau

    ISO Sworovski Bino’s

    For now, yes
  10. metau

    ISO Sworovski Bino’s

    If that one doesn't come through, let me know, I am open to selling mine.
  11. metau

    **SOLD** WTS Custom Offset Smoker

    But what would they do with the other half of the space??? Good looking smoker, GLWS
  12. metau

    Moving Sale

    All of the sporting gear is sold, and it is not letting me edit the text of the original post. Tables, chairs, fridge, bed frame, and household stuff still left.
  13. metau

    Moving Sale

    All sold. Thanks.
  14. Long story short, totalled my old pickup this summer and now that I am no longer furloughed, would like to get into a cheap commuter car. Let me know what you got, cash in hand.
  15. metau


    Great spotter, glws. Making your own set of binos?