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  1. metau

    Quick Recap of Overnight Tuna Run

    I'd be in for a CWT trip.
  2. metau

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Truest statement ever made.
  3. metau

    Verde Rim Access

    I appreciate the feedback. There's still plenty of time for me to try to find a decent used SxS (I've been looking for an ATV anyways) or I can rent. As for his tag, it is the mid Oct rifle cow hunt. He is excited to go and looking forward to trying his luck at elk hunting.
  4. metau

    Verde Rim Access

    I am mentoring a kid who drew his first elk tag, and was curious how bad the roads are to get back to the Verde Rim in unit 21? Specifically looking at FR68G to the Tule Mesa area and the drop down into Houston Creek, FR68 up Sycamore Creek, 9709M to Chalk Tank, 68E to Arnold Mesa Tank and FS574 back into Table Mountain and McCraken down below? Can a 2wd truck make it down these roads or is a 4WD/ATV required? I don't mind AZ pinstriping, but I will have limited time to scout for his hunt and don't want to waste a weekend breaking down or being stuck.
  5. metau


    Phenomenal spotter. For half the price of the Swaro 85, you're getting a better spotter (at least to my eyes). The spotters I would put atop this are the Swaro 95 and possibly the Zeiss 95 Harpia, but I have not done a side by side with the Harpia yet (though have read a few concerning reviews on birding forums about). Best of luck on the sale, and someone is going to be really happy with an amazing piece of glass.
  6. metau

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    I was torn between the V2 LR and the UML. And yes, the cost to do a LR smokepole gets expensive very quickly. You will easily spend 4x or more to go the route of the 700 UML vs the CVA.
  7. metau

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

  8. metau

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    BH209 is not an approved powder for the 700 UML, because of the gas cutting issue. When I was looking into getting mine, I found a few reports of cutting happening inside of 50 shots, with accuracy going to shoot immediately afterwards. I do not have the conversion in front of me, but i believe 120gr by weight of BH209 is equal to a 200gr by volume charge of black powder, which is the max load for the 700 UML.
  9. metau

    San Diego, The rest of the story

    Had that exact setup on a 8' spinning rod that I caught the BFT on, specifically for that task. Issue was they were going under 100 yards out, and with anything heavy enough to cast that far, it shut them down the moment it hit the water (with very few exceptions). Definitely learned a ton on this trip, and plan on having a 9' (or longer) casting rod set up for this next year to chuck the lightweight stuff out there far enough. And let's just not discuss the cost of this hobby...(already looking at getting my own CC).
  10. metau

    San Diego, The rest of the story

  11. metau

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    Yes, he is the owner of Arrowhead Rifles. Used to be Arrowhead Sporting Goods. He makes a solid product and is a pleasure to work with. Was able to drive out to him and he got everything switched out, head spaced, and back on my way within about 20 minutes.
  12. metau

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    Cannot go wrong with the RUML. If you plan on shooting BH209, then you need to get Levi's breech plug. I have no issues with the accuracy of my factory barrel, and that is with shooting 300gr SST's. Picked up some Fury Star Tip 2's and will be working up a load for those. If you do replace the barrel, look at going to a 375 caliber smokepole. Levi can line you out on all you need to know in that regards as well.
  13. metau

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    I'll be on the Constitution for that weekend, if you are looking to carpool or want to talk coues hunting back home while moving spots. BFT is tough no matter what, but every report I am hearing points to more fish in the water than anyone has seen in our lifetime. It is just a matter of getting on a school that wants to play and having the gear to play ball with them.