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  1. metau

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Just a BP across the board for myself this year. Got two youth elk hunts lined up, and helped a junior (20C Youth, 24B Oct or late Nov hunts) and a lady (36's) put in for their first deer hunts.
  2. Join the Brian Enos forums and post on their classifieds section. Tons of 3-gun shooters over there that would jump on that. Great scope, btw.
  3. Or get a packable rod and never worry about the stock.
  4. If you plan on shooting BH209 out of it, I recommend having the breach plug swapped out. Awesome ML's otherwise.
  5. Not sure which youth Turkey camp you are going to be at next month, but if it is by chance at the one in 6A, is there any way I could persuade you to bring one of the braked 7-08's you have so my son and daughter could try shooting them? They both drew cow rifle tags, and while he has shot some of my varmint rifles, she has only shot 22's and my braked AR. I have a varmint 243 they could shoot, but the twist sucks and it does not shoot the heavies well. Which then leaves me with a 260/6.5 or a 7-08. Been looking through old posts about rifles in the youth forum, and noticed you've offered several times to let folks try those out, so hopefully the offer still stands. Hope all is well.




    1. IA Born

      IA Born

      Hey Jerry!  I will be there at the Happy Jack camp with both of my kids.  I will run it by both of them since they are their rifles, but I don't see it being a problem at all.  They are both usually very willing to help like that when it comes to getting other kids into hunting.  I can get back to you tomorrow after talking to them tonight.

      In all of the years we've been going to that camp together, I don't remember actually meeting you in person.  Looking forward to that.



  6. metau

    Reloading for Semi auto

    Never had an issue with not crimping my AR loads. I suggest using small base dies.
  7. metau

    Cali Fishing Early Feb - Recommendations?

    Best bet would be to call some of the landings and see if they have any boats going out. Do not think the Rockfish or Lincod season opens until the end of February.
  8. Curious to know which breech plug you switched to from the originals?
  9. metau

    Glassing Chair

    I've gone through several chairs, including the walkstool, and have been using a legless chair similar to the REI Trail Chair for about 6 years now. I like it because the side straps help provide back support, which is an issue for me with backless tripod style chairs. The fact it is a half pound lighter, or more, than all the tripod chairs is an added bonus.
  10. metau

    San Juan With My Son

    The Juan is a magical place. Glad to hear he had a blast.
  11. Heading down in the morning to scout out a new area, and was curious if anyone knew of any access issues, and current road conditions, getting back into Brush Corral trail head and Davis Spring trail head? Thanks.
  12. metau

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    How is the glass quality on these, Lance? (And yes, I realize the price range they are at)
  13. metau

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    Why not go with an RDS?
  14. metau

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Coues areas are in the dark green.
  15. metau

    Opinions on Husqvarna Rancher 450

    Used my 455 Rancher w/20" bar to cut over a dozen cords of wood each of the 3 years I lived in Gunnison, CO. Never had any issues, just adjusted for elevation changes and normal maintenance. Never owned a Stihl so I cannot compare, so cannot compare the two, but I know a ton of folks who run them. Solid bet either way.