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  1. metau

    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    There is no need to make any change to the current muzzleloader regs. Smokeless powders are already not allowed. R12-4-301 (Definitions) "'Muzzleloading rifle' means a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder, incapable of firing fixed ammunition, having a single barrel, and loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile." Taken from page 125 of the 2019-20 AZ Hunting Regs
  2. metau

    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    Hard to beat those prices, especially with empty room in my freezer. Where is this fishing out of?
  3. Look for "low gas block height" front sights, or a "gas block riser" and that should help with the rails not being in the same plane.
  4. metau

    Arizona Conservation area(s)

    Used to walk through Spur Cross ranch with my bow each winter to reach the NF lands on the other side. Had many occasions where I was afforded the opportunity to educate many small minded ex-Californians... Get through the area and enjoy your hunt on the other side.
  5. metau

    Remington ultimate Muzzle Loader

    Breach Plug Exactly as hoghntr said. Check out his website, the modules replace the brass, still use LRM primers, and they seat inside the 'nut' end of the plug.
  6. metau

    Remington ultimate Muzzle Loader

    Todd installed my brake, Levi at Arrowhead installed his breech plug.
  7. metau

    Remington ultimate Muzzle Loader

    Looks like a Harrell's brake, which I have on my UML. Not sure on percentage wise, but I shot mine unbraked once, and not at a full load of BH209. It was not enjoyable. With the brake on, I can make it through a full session at the range before my shoulder is done. I've heard the MZ-Rex brake is more effective at taming recoil at full power loads, should you find the Harrell to be insufficient.
  8. metau

    WTB: Inline Muzzleloader Rifle

    The UML is the best you'll get outside of a custom smokepole. Superb accuracy, but there are a few drawbacks. Being that it is built on the 700 action, an FFL is required if buying new (or from out of state). Also, the recoil is substantial at max loads, so I highly recommend a brake for it. And if you plan on shooting BH209, Remington will not warranty the firearm as the breech plug design is insufficient to contain these loads and you will experience gas cutting at the thin part of the plug where it meets the primer. Aftermarket plugs that resolve this issue are available. If you do decide to go the route of the UML, PM me and I can send you a ton of info. Just know it is not a cheap endeavor. And if you don't, I can sell/trade you my old one along with everything that goes with it.
  9. metau

    AR 223 Wylde Upper

    Barrel length? Twist rate? How did it shoot? Which length gas system? Adjustable gas block?
  10. metau

    January Hunt

    I am curious. If you had a week off in January to chase deer in southern AZ, which week in January would you spend down there?
  11. metau

    SOLD - Remington 700 ADL .270

    I have a CVA I do not use anymore that I can trade, with some cash on my end. Will PM you when I get home and can take some pics.
  12. metau

    Divorce forces sale: 2006 Weekend Warrior FB3000

    Proceeds from the sale going to you, or does she get half?
  13. metau

    Daughters Uncle got her a new gun

    Loved my 240. Only a few other guns I'd take over it, but non of them are portable at that point. Hopefully her uncle gets her a Mk19 next year...