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  1. metau

    Moving Sale

    All sold. Thanks.
  2. metau

    Moving Sale

    All of the sporting gear is sold, and it is not letting me edit the text of the original post. Tables, chairs, fridge, bed frame, and household stuff still left.
  3. Long story short, totalled my old pickup this summer and now that I am no longer furloughed, would like to get into a cheap commuter car. Let me know what you got, cash in hand.
  4. metau


    Great spotter, glws. Making your own set of binos?
  5. metau

    ISO swarovski 12x50 el's hd

    Apologies for that. Cleared out a few messages.
  6. metau

    Kowa Prominar TSN-773 NIB

    That Prominar glass is good stuff (as good as Swaro to my eyes). Got the same setup in 88mm. GLWS.
  7. metau

    ISO swarovski 12x50 el's hd

    I have a pair I would part with for $2500. PM me your number and I can text you some pics.
  8. metau

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    Except for an elk shoulder I hit once, I've had complete penetration on every animal I've hit with my 125gr Montecs (SS, not the CS).
  9. metau

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    Have yet to draw a ML elk tag, so no comment on bullet performance in that regards. Have heard good things about the aforementioned Parkers, and have used Hornady SST's with Harvester H5054LB sabots with excellent accuracy. Just got in some Fury Star Tip MZ 2's to try out, as I have heard good things about them as well (and they are bullet to bore, so no sabot to ruin accuracy). With shooting BH209, weighing your charges is a must for consistency. Whatever volumetric load date you find, multiply by 0.7 to find the load by weight. The 110gr by weight load that Rossislider mentioned is for guys shooting UML's or similar rifles built on actual rifle actions. Your CVA has a max load of 150 black powder, which would be 105gr by weight max for the BH209 load. You should be able to easily find an accuracy node without hitting max pressures.
  10. Depends on your price range and what you want to be able to do. High End: Mak Grills>Pitts & Spitts>Cookshack. Memphis depending on your needs. Mid Tier: Yoder>Blaz'n>Rec Tec>Traeger(New controller). The new weber one has had some issues since its release and I have yet to see an updated fix for it. Entry Level: GMG Prime>Camp Chef WW>Traeger(Old Controller) Make sure to review the controller on whatever you decide to get. Wifi is nice for those that work, several brands have issues with them resetting or requiring a Wifi extender to be placed near the smoker.
  11. metau

    Wyoming draw results

    Unsuccessful for both buck and doe tags.
  12. Mine was cancelled as well. Time to head into the store and have them honor it.
  13. metau

    Telluride Fishing

    My two favorite rivers in that vicinity are the tail water section of the Uncompahgre River out of Ridgeway Reservoir (especially during the dead of winter) and the Lake Fork River, specifically that portion above Lake San Cristobal. The Lake Fork forms at the base of Handies Peak (which is an easy 14'er if you want to bag a peak) and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever fished. With that said, since you will be in SW Colorado this month, there is a hatch that must be fished to be believed, and that is the salmon fly hatch in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River. While some sections are accessible on foot (not for the faint of heart), I highly recommend hiring a guide with a boat for your trip. You'll want a 9' 6wt and a reel with good drag. This hatch is one of the best opportunities for a legit 30" trout, but you'll have to fight through a ton of fish in the 20"-24" range to find one.
  14. metau

    Looking to buy a Propane Fire Pit

    Bought one at Sportsmans last month right after the fire restrictions went into effect. Has worked great on two camping trips so far. Looks like all the local places are out, but several are available shipped.
  15. metau

    Leftover Tag List

    Here you go. AZ leftovers-fall-2019.pdf
  16. metau

    Hey Kodi and VPN nerds

    I use express VPN for everything except logging into my work servers. One account and I can use it on all my devices. Was a necessity when I was working in China a few years ago and have had it ever since.
  17. metau

    22 cft Whirlpool fridge

    Where are you located at?
  18. metau

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    Have wanted to do this trip for a few years now, and hunt my way down over the course of a week or two in January.
  19. metau

    Sell or keep

    Looks like an old M1952 Army Field Desk. Had 5 or 6 of these when I was a kid that we used as chuckboxes for each patrol when I was in boy scouts. makes for a great way to keep most of your camp kitchen gear together in one spot, with a table to work off of to boot. Not the lightest options out there, especially once filled with kitchen gear, but incredibility durable. And being square, makes packing in a truck bed or trailer pretty easy.
  20. All my elk hunts in AZ have been archery, but when I first got into elk hunting back in CO, Accubonds were my preferred bullet out of my 308 and 300WM and my gf's 25-06.
  21. metau

    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    There is no need to make any change to the current muzzleloader regs. Smokeless powders are already not allowed. R12-4-301 (Definitions) "'Muzzleloading rifle' means a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder, incapable of firing fixed ammunition, having a single barrel, and loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile." Taken from page 125 of the 2019-20 AZ Hunting Regs
  22. metau

    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    Hard to beat those prices, especially with empty room in my freezer. Where is this fishing out of?
  23. Look for "low gas block height" front sights, or a "gas block riser" and that should help with the rails not being in the same plane.
  24. metau

    Arizona Conservation area(s)

    Used to walk through Spur Cross ranch with my bow each winter to reach the NF lands on the other side. Had many occasions where I was afforded the opportunity to educate many small minded ex-Californians... Get through the area and enjoy your hunt on the other side.