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  1. Elkhunter1

    WTB Blue Widow

    I am looking for a slightly used Eberlystock Blue Widow Pack! I am in Tucson, preferably FTF purchase.
  2. Elkhunter1

    WTB Blue Widow

    Sorry, I want the Blue Widow.
  3. Elkhunter1

    Ammo/reloading prices

    Not even close to good price!!!!!!
  4. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    Those of you who go out shooting and leave you $&!= out there, I would love to talk to you!!!!! I am getting real tired of cleaning up your crap. If you have no respect for the outdoors, anybody else or yourself, do everybody a favor and go spend money at a freaking range where they will make you pick up your $&!=!!!! You are the reason we are loosing access to our public lands.
  5. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    All the stickers and those two are what you fixated on.....lol
  6. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    It's called auto-correct, and it sucks too.
  7. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    NO, what I want seems to be beyond your comprehension
  8. Elkhunter1

    SOLD. 300 Win Mag brass SOLD.

    I am in Tucson. I have 257 once fired 300 Win. Mag cases. Looking to get $250 for all.
  9. Elkhunter1

    SOLD. 300 Win Mag brass SOLD.

    FC 10
  10. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    Did the TV thing several years ago....5 in my little red truck.
  11. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    I didn't have a rake to do a better job. This spot is only big enough for two maybe three vehicles.
  12. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    Rosemont rd in 34A
  13. Elkhunter1

    You guys SUCK!

    You'd be surprised.
  14. Elkhunter1

    Trail camera rule changes!

    I found this news report in the potential rules changes with regard to the use of trail cameras. Pay close attention to Kurt Davis's interview. With all the research they themselves do using trail cameras they should have the answer to his statement. They are not being truthful with the public!!!! The main take a way here is, they think is harms the routines wildlife have with us always checking the cameras. We need to tell them we would be checking those same spots for other sign, if tracks, or scat without the cameras being placed there. https://kvoa.com/news/2021/01/13/have-a-trail-camera-arizona-game-fish-might-be-changing-a-rule-but-they-want-your-input-first/
  15. Elkhunter1

    Proper skinning of a Javelina.

    Here is a video of how my family skins a Javelina. This is the best way to do it without cross-contaminating the meat with the musk oil.
  16. Elkhunter1

    Once fired brass

    Where are you located? Interested in the bag of 5.56 440.cases.
  17. Elkhunter1

    Trail camera rule changes!

    I don't believe there is "real" science behind their points that they violate "fair chase" or the new reason " the use of cameras interups the animal's routines any more than our scouting and checking the spots. I am out most every weekend either checking cameras or scouting other areas.
  18. Elkhunter1

    Trail camera rule changes!

    The G&F Already can't enforce the limited rule on trail cameras, how are they going to with the users being multiplied by 10?
  19. Elkhunter1

    Personal best?

    Here is my best taken this past Aug. He scored 97 4/8 gross. 2020Coues_short_film.mov
  20. Let me know quantities and poundage. Thank you!!!
  21. Elkhunter1

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    My brother Robert came back down to look for the Mulie buck we glassed up last weekend when I filled my Javelina tag. We decided to sit a water source we found. We got to our spot well before daylight and sat in the Ranger talking of hunts past. After getting my Barronett Ground Pounder blind set up he moved the Ranger back a couple hundred yards. We continued our talk of yesteryear for a little while as we both thought we would not see much in the early morning hours, we'll that didn't happen. I just started to film a woodpecker when he whispered, "deer....buck" and the heart started pounding. I filmed as he slowly walked in and started to get a drink. Roberts shot was off a little but with the Swhacker broadheads that few inches didn't matter the buck didn't make it 40 yards leaving a highway of blood. After taking care of his buck we decided to sit a while longer and see if another would grace us with his presence. A few hours later we spotted a Javelina on the ridge above coming in to get a drink. Suddenly he turns about face and Trott off. At that point we could hear two guys talking as if they were 20 yards apart walking down the two-track. After a few words with them they continue on. A little after noon we decide to head in and take care of his buck. Driving out we jump up a real nice 4x4, so I bail out and give chase. I got about 90 yards before he dropped into a wash and disappeared. All in all a great day. Robert and have just recently gotten back to hunting together and this day makes #9, we have been successful 7 of those 9 days bringing home Mule Deer, Coues Deer, and Javelina. Here is the video.
  22. Elkhunter1


    Wildlife officer at Javi camp!
  23. Elkhunter1

    Ruger MKl, powder, accubonds

    I buy the primers, for $7.50 a box.
  24. Elkhunter1

    Army bomb box free must pick up

    Thanks for the bomb box and the extras, it was great meeting you!
  25. Elkhunter1

    Army bomb box free must pick up

    Where you at, getting in the truck now