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    What is date of manufacturing? Pics of the glass?
  2. Elkhunter1

    Auto Ordnance M1 carbine- TRADED

    That is a beautiful piece! What is the date of manufacture?
  3. I have taken a couple nice bucks with a rifle and my bow, now I want to take one with my Taurus PT99. I know it has the power to get it done, what is your opinion on the 9mm? I have done ballistic testing with the 147grn Hornady XTP. With the best load I was getting 12.5" of penetration with an expansion of about 2.5.
  4. Arizona's wildlife NEEEDS your donations and in doing so you help me become the Big Game Hero and winner of a Bull Elk hunt of a lifetime in New Mexico. Please vote and donate today and every day! https://biggamehero.com/2021/stephen-forrest 2020Coues_short_film_2.mp4
  5. Elkhunter1

    Big Game Hero

    I am currently in the running to win the Big Game Hero contest and I could use all the help I can get. You all can vote every 24 hours with a "free" vote and if you feel like donating to the cause o get a vote for each dollar donated. Any and all votes are greatly appreciated. Vote by clicking the link. https://biggamehero.com/2021/stephen-forrest
  6. Elkhunter1

    Big Game Hero

    It is one I made out of carbon fiber, it is extendable.
  7. Elkhunter1

    Big Game Hero

    I fixed the link issue. The habitat votes go to the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle a 501(c)(3) Organization. All the funds generated stay in Arizona.
  8. Elkhunter1

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    I sat water for three days with only Mule deer coming in. I got ansie and grabbed the rifle and took the only Coues I saw! All I can say is, life dictates what happens!!!
  9. Elkhunter1

    Who's huntin coues deer

    I will be down south also this Friday, aiming to take one with this!
  10. Elkhunter1

    Happy Birthday Amanda, Big Orange

    Happy birthday you two!!!
  11. Elkhunter1

    Happy Birthday Amanda, Big Orange

    As far as Big Orange goes, you got it backwards.....43! lol
  12. Elkhunter1

    First time rifle tag

    I don't know that unit, or I would be happy to give some advise. Hopefully you get a starting point.
  13. Elkhunter1

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    It really confirmed what I expected with regards to accuracy. I also expect the Coues buck will have the same reaction the Javelina did.
  14. Elkhunter1

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    Here is a short video of the results! https://youtu.be/oAoRYFzpnuo
  15. Elkhunter1

    Small pistol primers in stock

    Where was this at?
  16. Elkhunter1

    A new app coming soon

    My buddy Steve Ward is developing a new app that will bring you the outdoors as it is happening. It is called WILO TV. He hasn't launched it yet, it will allow the viewer to receive alerts to live video streaming of outdoor activities as well as downloaded content. This will be simular to YouTube and others...except you can watch it as it is happening. You can also create your own channel to provide your hunts, fishing, outdoor activities. https://instagram.com/wilotv?utm_medium=copy_link
  17. Elkhunter1

    New Tucson processor?

    Wilcox Meats did have a shop here in Tucson quite some time back, hopefully they come back now that Dickmans is gone, ( thank god)!!!
  18. Elkhunter1

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    I would have to say most thugs who are bent on shooting people don't go ammo shopping for lethality and they certainly don't test ballistics before they gun down little Johnny. JMHO
  19. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    Not when they misrepresented (lied) to the Governor's office the reason to obtain permission to open a special rule making session in the first place!!!!
  20. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    Did you talk in or at least watch the meeting? Comments sent in to the G&F was 2 to 1 in favor of NO CHANGE, so just how is that the minority?
  21. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    It still is! Nowhere does it talk about the passive cameras, only the live action or cell phone camera. So I don't see the issue with cameras you still have to go physically check.
  22. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    Did you read my last sentence?
  23. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    The questions I have for you are, how many big game predators use the ambush method at water.....they all do! How often do most people check their cameras? Can you tell from just the tracks how big are the deer and how which ones are bucks? How often do you check water sources when you scout? I use cameras to limit my time at either water or other spots I place cameras, and yes I do sit hilltops and glass and glass and glass. Getting photos from a trail camera that was taken last week in no way helps me find him today, he'll even a photo a few hours old doesn't help!!! Can you tell from the photo which way he went, did he turn left, right or go straight? You still have to put your leg work in to find him, get into position and execute the perfect shot. I guess what I am saying is there is more than one way to scout/hunt. I don't tell you how to conduct yourself and I dang sure don't want you tell me!
  24. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    I for one don't like waiting when it comes to legal issues! If they can't definitively outline what and how a violation is done, I don't see how they can successfully prosecute one. I mean either you are speeding or your not, way too much room for interpretation.
  25. Elkhunter1

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    That doesn't make any sense! In what way could you LEGALLY use cameras to photograph wildlife and still be able to hunt the very animals you get on camera?