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  1. roninflag

    Credit Card Hit

    I am feeling lucky.
  2. roninflag


    The wolves are not over populated in Idaho. they sell 40,000 permits and harvest 200-220 wolves . if they were over populated the harvest would be higher. MUCH higher.
  3. roninflag


    how is selling tags and harvesting elk in dwindling population helping? dumb
  4. roninflag

    remington 700 sendero nightmare

    I like shooting against savage rifles, especially axis. with my sendero. bring money.
  5. roninflag


    I doubt any wildlife professional will say the decline is due to wolves. and no matter, if they want more elk , restore and improve habitat. and eliminate tags until the desired population is reached. I bet it is easier to draw in Idaho than Arizona. the reason for the decline is due to the continued sale of tags .
  6. roninflag


    what an utter and complete joke. not even blonde. why are they selling tags and harvesting elk? if they want to have 16,000 elk again they need to Wait until then to sell ANY tags.
  7. roninflag

    Montana lion

    that thing is amazing!
  8. roninflag

    San Carlos apache hunting web page?

    what web address do I use??
  9. roninflag

    New Addiction

    you got a pretty one.
  10. roninflag

    Looking for 20 gauge Shotgun

    I Had an 870. I do not recommend a pump.
  11. roninflag

    Looking for 20 gauge Shotgun

    my savage 24D combo gun has a 22 mag barrel and a 20 gauge barrel. my first gun. it has accounted for a lot of game coyote, fox, several turkey. including a big goulds . it kicks substantially more than my 12 gauge auto. those remingtons mentioned above sound nice,.
  12. roninflag

    Looking for 20 gauge Shotgun

  13. what happened to it??
  14. roninflag

    Savage 111F - 30-06 - Best Scope?

    I leup 3.5x10 or a 4.5-14 would be great on there