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  1. roninflag

    Mountain lion at 30 yards

    I am so envious!
  2. roninflag

    Rocky Shooter?

    174 3/8
  3. roninflag

    Gas money

    you have a lot of nice pale ones. did you sell them?
  4. roninflag

    Groupings are off. Need help.

    I do not shoot off of a lead sled.
  5. roninflag

    Gas money

    What is your favorite rifle to hunt them? Thanks. Ron
  6. roninflag

    A Garand Javelina Hunt

    That is so awesome! I would be so proud!
  7. roninflag

    7W Late Bull hunts

    a .270 you are confident in. my first late bull hunt I was living in phoenix. I felt like I bought out cabelas and eddie bauer. either 1979 or 80; both stores were quite different back then . luckily my boots were awesome. and them some. the snow on my first two late hunts were equal to this past year.
  8. roninflag

    First year coues hunt

    where are you ?
  9. roninflag

    7W Late Bull hunts

    I bet there a lot on here envious of your tag.
  10. roninflag

    7W Late Bull hunts

    what did you shoot your first elk with? I have shot mine (8) with both 30-06 and 7mmag.
  11. roninflag

    7mm mag

    my experience with sporter weight barrels is - they are more finicky to load for to achieve the accuracy, easier and cheaper to buy a sendero or 700 long range ( less expensive and heavier) ; by the time , you factor in the time and money to get a good load for a sporter. even great if yo are shooting factory ammo. when you consider a Krieger barrel installed is 500-550; a factory sporter barrel 50-55 installed. kind of like the difference bertween a 2500$ engine for your impala and a 25,000$ engine. one decimal place. different performance.
  12. roninflag

    7mm mag

    Remington is a good place to start. adjust the trigger, or have it adjusted. depending on what vintage 700 you have. I have a jewell, a timney and 3 shilen triggers ; and several factory triggers. you need a good scope that has repeatable adjustments. the 168 berger is a good bullet to start with, . most long range shooters reload . that gives you control over the components and seating depth.
  13. you have a great tag. 30-06, knife, and 10x42s.
  14. roninflag

    7mm mag

    when I occasionally shoot in F-class matches (500-1000), nothing better than shooting against factory barrels.
  15. roninflag

    7mm mag

    what is your 200 yard group size? most factory barrels are finicky . Among best factory rifles I have shot are Remington senderos. I hunt with my senderos, including bighorn sheep. my Remington 700s with Krieger barrels achieve it easily.