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  1. roninflag

    Too Hot

    What rifle?
  2. roninflag

    Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's off to market I go

    I would like to see the one that went for 1500 !
  3. roninflag

    Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's off to market I go

    I bet coyotes from around alpine have some great fur.
  4. on 24hour campfire they have quite a few that like those. good place to sell it. if you do not keep it.
  5. roninflag

    Reloading .308

    the .308 is one of the most forgiving rounds to load for in my experience. varget and I 4064 and 155 scnear or 167 or any number of 150 , 165-168 bullets
  6. roninflag

    wild horses

    the wolves in Arizona have different genes than the Yellowstone wolves from Canada; and have difficulty finding protein on their own, these horses released and lost by the apachies may actually help the wolves get over the transition hump.
  7. roninflag

    wild horses

    the wild horses coming of the rez are way out of control . they are serious threat to people traveling the highway . those wishing to save them need to put them in a corral.
  8. roninflag

    Funny Wolf Story

    Non typical- I am going to move my topic to it own thread.
  9. roninflag

    Funny Wolf Story

    what we do not need are cattle on public land or wild horses. the wolves belong there .
  10. roninflag

    Reloading for Semi auto

    I reloaded and shot nearly 2500 rounds in a year through my garand . no crimp
  11. roninflag

    selling guns and reloading stuff

    Cazador- are you having a hard time selling a python?
  12. besides practicing shooting he needs to go out and spot some with binos. right now is a great time for both
  13. I would head further south. easier draw more deer. get up high in the dark. glass. there is show meateater on netlix with a couple coues hunts. until you get used to spotting them it is hard. I would get the rifle that's shoots the best 400 yard groups.
  14. roninflag

    Here kitty kitty..

    that is awesome!
  15. roninflag

    very familiar-right out of mutual of omaha wild kingdom

    reminds me of one of my marriages. grin