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    I heard the hits are coming.

    are all the tags left over this year?
  2. roninflag

    FC HE headstamp?

    I have a couple boxes each of the bonded bear law and nosler partitions. 180 grain 30-06. The partitions shot .6 and clocked 2888 out of a Remington 700 mtn rifle with a 22” barrel . Worked real good on a 6 point bull elk. I would love to know their recipe.
  3. roninflag

    10mm Loads?

    The article in handloader magazine is long includes some aa-7. worth the 15$
  4. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Kidso told me he calls the lions in when trying to call bears. Kidso?
  5. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    i have not called one but others have. some with a cow call in archery elk season, some during turkey season in april ; some with regular predator calls . i have been targeting lion not having as much success as recurve .
  6. roninflag

    2021 buck opening morning

    that is awesome! i think the buck dove in? is that ice around the edges?
  7. roninflag

    10mm Loads?

    AA9 - 165 ( 15.5).... 180 (15.0) save yourself a lot ... get handloader magazine june 2008
  8. roninflag

    Bird gun

    your eye is the rear sight so fit is important. also with the loads they make for turkey now a 20 can be very effective. i have killed both merriam and goulds with my 20 ( savage model 24). i am still shooting the 12 and 20 guage beretta autos i got in 1972 and 1982, plus a citiori o/u 20 i got more recently. they last a long time get a good one.
  9. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Catfish kev- in the washington videos i was impressed by their tracking the wounded lions. especially the one with no snow. interesting they use rifles which is what i use, but many here use 3' 4 buck and it in many cases woud be better. for sure i would use it for following up a wounded one. ron
  10. really nice whitetail with the glock! what load do you like and where do you aim ? neck? lungs? thanks. ron

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    nice ones
  12. roninflag

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

  13. roninflag

    Unit 27 Late Bull Hunt - Year 2

    that is a great story! great job! what rifle and caliber do you like for bulls? thanks ron
  14. roninflag

    Muzzleloader Madness

    nice one
  15. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    i am of the lighter faster group of .357 shooters. i like 125's best.
  16. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    i read buffaloe bore 124 get 1300 out of a 4". even more from a 5". the mule deer i shot 2 in the heart/lungs, 12 -25 yards. the other under the ear closer.
  17. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    Elk- what ammo/load? 5" beretta?
  18. roninflag

    Muley deadhead

    nice buck!
  19. roninflag

    Unit 36A help

    what rifle and binos are you taking?
  20. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    i have harvested three mule deer ( also 8 javs, and 3 coyotes and several fox) with my .357 revolver. i have not shot a coues. even with a super accurate 9 like a sig P210, capable of say a 50 yard shot the power is not real high. get close. all the mule deer i shot were under 25 yards.
  21. roninflag

    12aw late

    the more snow the better it gets for the unit you have... load your bullet, and sharpen a knife.
  22. roninflag

    12aw late

    i believe there a lot less late tags this year so you should an even better chance.
  23. roninflag

    7mm effective range

  24. roninflag

    Quail loads

    i can remember tonto 72. i wish i knew how to post my current quail gun a citori grade 5 20 gauge
  25. roninflag

    1894 Winchester 38-55

    that is a cool rifle ! cactus. if i get drawn for buffalo i may just have to get a 45-90