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  1. Explorer


    Next to a road and driving in a circle two feet from the water around the dam and tank are two different scenarios. And you all know this.
  2. Explorer


    The only restriction I would like to see is driving any vehicle within a hundred yards of water unless retrieving game. Nothing worse than a side by side or quad looping a water hole during a hunt.
  3. Explorer


    Where does it say all water catchments built by ranchers on all public land are private? Ranchers are probably in the top three for thorns in hunters side!
  4. Explorer


    Ranchers do not own every water source they build on public land. They have a lease that is renewed yearly. Nothing on my onx shows any tanks on public land marked as owned by any John Wayne unless it is actually a private parcel. Which do exist in a few places. They can claim ownership on a state land tank. But not every tank on public land as you claim . And if im wrong show proof.
  5. Explorer


    Ranchers are allowed to build structures and improvements on public land to accomodate livestock. But they are not private property. They can own non permanent items such as troughs and windmills and fencing but a dirt tank or even the dirt one inch away from a metal or concrete trough is public land. They cant say shoot unless you molest the actual structure.
  6. Explorer


    If thats how the ranchers feel I'm gonna stop coyote hunting during calving season.
  7. Explorer

    Where's Nobull?

    Hopefully it ends up in the mobile poaching museum game and fish brings to large gatherings. Describing the crime and naming names with the true story of the whole opperation in writing.
  8. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

    Ya bud we are gonna have a conservative president from now until the end of time. And soon everyone will all get elk tags and shoot wallhangers. Thanks for pointing out my political ignorance. What was i thinking that every other president is statistically from the opposite party. The world is becoming such a better place full of pro American values! Gotta go style my manbun and smoke unicorn sperm out of my douche flute. Talk at you later.
  9. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

    The burros and horses are just stockpiled food for when the economy gets to rough in my book.
  10. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

  11. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

    Im assuming that you look down on anyone who made a mistake and payed for it. There are good people in prison and bad people that are not in prison.
  12. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

    Prisoners would love to have horse meat. The food they already eat is labeled not for human consumption!
  13. Explorer

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Was he headed uphill or downhill after being hit?
  14. Explorer

    God Bless Our Troops

    If my own family members got blown up I would be sad. But at the same time I would say wtf is your dumbass going to Iran for? Like a white guy expecting sympathy for getting beat up during a midnight stroll through Compton California!!
  15. Explorer

    horses in elk unit

    I figure if people can eat javalina that any other form of meat would be tasty!