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  1. Explorer


    My post was pro cattle despite the flaws. Looks like you quoted the wrong post.
  2. Explorer


    The first thing i noticed is that you keep saying forest service when actually the department of agriculture is who regulates grazing rights. And that is a dead end battle. Research the regulations on grazing rights and you will find every rancher abuses the rules just based on the amount of horses allowed to graze per allotted sections. I dont agree on everything ranchers do but I see a trend of the old boys dying off and the family selling land/wildlife habitat to developers and making alot more of a mess than a few grazing violations.
  3. Explorer

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    Saw a group of 5 does last week and they all had fawns with them. The most i have seen at once in a long time. If I had time i would be looking for coyotes on the deepwell ranch. They are not shy.
  4. Explorer

    Youth rifle for girl

    My rifle is still available. Includes partial box of federal fusion ammo and bore snake. I even have some youth camo pants the boy outgrew in one season that i will throw in for free
  5. Explorer

    unit 11M archery draw tag

    Should be a easy hunt. Town deer were easy taking until some idiot in Prescott killed one in a neighborhood park and the 1/4mile rule for archery was created. The flagstaff area should hold plenty of human acclimated deer.
  6. Explorer

    Savage axis 7mm/08 youth rifle for sale

    Still available
  7. Explorer

    What am i?

    Part of a water wheel?
  8. Explorer

    6b muleys

    The muzzy hunt is any antlered. So you can get coues or a muley
  9. Explorer

    Leftover Shrinkage

    I wonder how they are gonna process the leftovers next year.. are they gonna have paper apps just for leftovers or have a different system all together. And if they stay with paper how hard are the darn things gonna be to find at stores and so on..
  10. Explorer

    Savage axis 7mm/08 youth rifle for sale

    Still available. Will also consider as partial trade for youth pump shotgun
  11. Explorer

    Savage axis 7mm/08 youth rifle for sale

    Pictures. Also includes boresnake.
  12. Im selling a savage axis 7/08 youth rifle. Standard trigger ( non acutrigger). Scope rail included. stock has been painted od green. Less than 100 rounds through it.$200 or trade for used 10/22. Partial box of federal fusion ammo included. Live in the prescott area.
  13. Explorer

    Results are up.

    My son got the multi unit youth tag. Excited to take the young man hunting!
  14. Explorer

    7E Kachina Peaks October Hunt

    Cant run trail cameras in a wilderness area. The elk are there just gotta hunt hard.
  15. Explorer


    Youth deer tag for the boy. Nothing yet for me. Gonna enjoy otc archery while it is still around.