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  1. Explorer

    Anyone else get their Stimulus Check?

    Yep same as the 900 dollar package in 2008 ish. They took it back on the next tax return.
  2. Explorer

    Shed buyer

    I try to sell to Josh when he comes through town. The decline in sponsors could have something to do with the price.
  3. Explorer

    Lets see pics of cool finds

    Old log cabin maple syrup can.
  4. Explorer

    Classic knives.

    Those are really nice. Antler is my favorite handle material.
  5. Explorer

    Classic knives.

    I still look in pawn shops and swapmeets for my grandpas uncle henry folder he left me. I am somewhat content knowing the kid who stole it is not having the best of luck in life.
  6. Explorer

    Shed buyer

    Or is the market going to spike due to the new china scare and we should save it like gold?
  7. Explorer

    Shed buyer

    Whats chalk going for ? Got at least 100 lbs of it saved up.
  8. Explorer

    Classic knives.

    Thanks for the link also Prdatr. Mine is 4th quarter 1966. When they first reintroduced the white hunter the price was alot lower. And i like the quality of stag the older ones have compared to the new ones.
  9. Explorer

    Classic knives.

    Handle is raindeer . Classic skinner profile. Good German steel. Puma is making reproductions of this knife now. I imagine the quality is junk judging by the price.
  10. Explorer

    Classic knives.

    Thought I would start a topic about classic knife collections. Here is my puma white hunter i inherited from my father. Its at least 50 years old. What do you guys have?
  11. Explorer

    Time for America to take ACTION

    Sounds like doctors should have spent their money on things different than sports cars and private parking. And they will be the first people the government bails out on taxes and such. I got mine and I make way way less than them.
  12. Explorer

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    Just got back from exploring the sheridan fire area. Found some cool old bottles and such. It looks like a nuclear weapon went off out there. If the forest gets closed they will post roads with signs like they do during fires.
  13. Explorer

    Help for a Youth Hunt

    Onx maps and a realistic idea of what he will shoot should make for a good hunt in that unit. Lots of huntable land both public and private.
  14. Explorer

    Best AZ Mule Deer Hunt

    Buck elk!!
  15. Explorer

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Just remember to have your brother help you drag it under the power lines and help you take pictures !!