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  1. So my future wifes grandfather owns a ranch in zacatecas mexico and he has deer and possibly bighorn sheep on his land. I know i need a firearm permit and all that but my number one question is how can i hunt future family land without paying a mexican licensed guide and be able to hunt by myself down south on his ranch. The language barrier is hard to get answers from the grandfather so that is why i am asking. Thank you for the responses and experienced info.
  2. Explorer

    15A, 15B, 18A elk hunt (antlerless)

    Get an otc archery deer tag and go have some fun scouting and hunting during the early season. Boots on the ground beat fingers on the keyboard.
  3. Explorer

    Results are posted!!!

    Had that tag two years ago. Fun hunt even though I didn't get close enough to seal the deal and never saw another hunter the while time!
  4. Explorer

    Results are posted!!!

    Archery bull in the multi unit.
  5. Explorer

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Lol my account has shown pending with zero points all week and I went into the draw with 3. Don't look for signs just wait for the results to post. 2-3 years ago we didn't know results till mid april.
  6. Explorer

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    Dang kids killing all the trophies! No wonder all the guides with high paying out of state clients can't consistently find and kill trophies every year.
  7. Explorer

    CC Hit

    Either archery bull or cow. All bottom tier hunts but I hate not going hunting so I will be happy with whatever I get
  8. Explorer

    CC Hit

    I thought I was out of luck until I saw $135 pending charge at 8pm last night. Hope is still out there.
  9. Explorer


    I see some good deals on Craigslist at times.
  10. Explorer

    Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove

    I'll take a peice of hard earned gator bark in the stove over a piece of kitty litter wood pulp any day.
  11. Explorer

    what rifle for me 14 year daughter ?

    I was disappointed with the savage 7mm/08 I got for my son a few years back. Horrible machining, flimsy stock. He shoots a Howa 308 now. It's a bit heavier and therefore reduced recoil and better accuracy. Not knocking the cheap starter guns but after a year or two you're gonna wish you just bought a higher quality gun.
  12. Explorer

    Unit 10 youth cow

    Good luck. Scouted some spots I hunted years ago before 10 became a carnival.didnt see the sign I expected. Lots of archery hunters and the few I talked to where moving alot and not hearing bugles yet. Hope your son tags out.
  13. Explorer

    Unit 8 hunting camp?

    It's all the citiots that move here and want to be outdoorsman. Real country folk are raised to respect the land. Don't know what the phuk mexico has to do with it.
  14. Explorer

    Unit 10 youth cow

    2 weeks out from my son's elk hunt. Wondering if anybody else will be hunting 10. Also the big bo let's youth hunters in for free.
  15. Explorer

    Dot sight vs scope

    I have A red dot on a rifle that is not an AR, my problem with it is a scope gathers more light in low light conditions. Red dot does not.