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  1. Explorer

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    Better yet just get whatever does the job 100 percent when a boomer steps in front of you. Zombies are real.
  2. Explorer

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    The biggest thing as gas mileage. Been driving a bronco for 20 years, it's like a jeep but for men. Bulletproof but gets crap gas mileage. Anything new would be Toyota all the way.
  3. Explorer


    Brings back memories of NoBalls350's post about this subject..
  4. Explorer

    Worst Waste of Money

    Ammo during the election. Bushnell anything and yes antelope points.
  5. Explorer

    Cool find

    Found a Prescott az bottle foundry coca cola circa 1920s in 17a and what I believe is a early champagne or beer bottle on a foundation project on Montezuma street in historic whiskey row.
  6. Explorer

    Arizona Trail - Any Fanatics???

    I am planning on doing a trip in the next year. My son turns 18 and is fairly independent at this point so was planning on rewarding my financial freedom with a hike through the wild west.
  7. Explorer

    2023-24 Regulations?

    How come archery deer draw hunts don't let you hunt all seasons? At least allow residents to have the same amount of hunt time as the OTC units. But then again we are giving hundreds of thousands to ranchers that don't allow hunters so everything makes perfect sense 🐪
  8. Explorer

    Boom!! Brown Gold

    I like it a lot!
  9. Explorer

    Head on a Swivel

    Isn't the suicide rate super high with the gender confused? Talk about automatic rejection for firearm purchases Joe.....
  10. Explorer

    What elk bugle/call to buy?

    Watch Steve Chappell videos on YouTube. Arizona guide who is the master caller. Alot of info on frequency and technique. You can't be an eagle if you sound like a pigeon.
  11. Explorer

    Arizona Special Big Game Tags

    They are almost Dr. Geillers neighbors so who knows. The K4 is also not posted properly so it is "huntable". Also who is in charge of making sure they didn't just buy some equipment and do the minimum to pocket the rest. Because that has already been happening for years in yavapai county ranch country. Hopefully it is a access agreement that is improving antelope hunting and future higher tag numbers in those units.
  12. Explorer

    Arizona Special Big Game Tags

    I hope the K4 juniper thinning is not the K4 ranch in yavapai county. They do not allow hunter access.
  13. Explorer

    Card Hits!

    Pretty sure they gave out to many tags to the YouTube guys and realized their mistake to late. Oh well get to watch guys in matching camo sell huntrosexual products in videos while waiting till next year.
  14. Explorer

    Double standard?

    They are badged officers. I know kicking a k9s butt is assault on an officer. Also throwing up in the back of a cop car can be vandalizing a cop car.. don't ask.
  15. Explorer

    Double standard?

    What if the guy killed the police officer (police dog killing is a murder of police officer) before they reported it missing.