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  1. Explorer

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    Just got back from exploring the sheridan fire area. Found some cool old bottles and such. It looks like a nuclear weapon went off out there. If the forest gets closed they will post roads with signs like they do during fires.
  2. Explorer

    Help for a Youth Hunt

    Onx maps and a realistic idea of what he will shoot should make for a good hunt in that unit. Lots of huntable land both public and private.
  3. Explorer

    Best AZ Mule Deer Hunt

    Buck elk!!
  4. Explorer

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Just remember to have your brother help you drag it under the power lines and help you take pictures !!
  5. Explorer

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    You ever blown your 4x4 hubs while driving sideways through 2 foot of clay and snow? With a solid axle and the snow breaks your windsheild whipers? You better have some survival gear in your truck bud!! Unit 10 roads when wet are the devil of them all!!
  6. Explorer

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Start your hunt a few days before the actual hunt starts so you have a few days of scouting before the actual opener.
  7. Explorer

    What a day

    Pm me if you need some info. I will be hunting cow on the late hunt and have hunted alot in those areas.
  8. Explorer

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Wants certain tags to be once in a lifetime tags... complains that it is taking a lifetime to draw....
  9. Explorer

    AZ Antelope luck!

    Either gonna be hunting public access on the yavapai or paying the K4 to hunt. Only two places in 17a with goats.
  10. Explorer

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    I am at least hoping for a poverty tag.
  11. Explorer

    MeatEater podcast - Jim Heffelfinger

    That bad?
  12. Explorer

    Favorite Elk Bullet? Average shot distance in AZ?

    Goegeous bull. Glad you were able to recover and tag it!
  13. Explorer

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    Should make a good lure for big stinky fish..
  14. Explorer

    USDA Heber horse territory draft plan 2/14/2020

    When the economy crashed alot of people turned horses loose also. I find alot of horses in unit 8 along the sycamore rim. According to cattle lease rules only a few horses are permited per section leased. So they are not ranch owned horses for sure.
  15. Explorer

    When did arrows get so crazy expensive??

    Building your own arrows is the best thing to do imo. Just like custom handloads for rifles. Check out some articles on arrow and nock tuning. I also number my arrows to keep track of which ones shoot better/worse. Helical fletchings also help stabilize large blade broadheads that don't shoot well in high speed bows with no helical twist.