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  1. Explorer

    First fawn

    Saw my first fawn of the year drop today out outer loop rd. Wish game and fish was doing helicopter kills on coyotes here instead of seligman.
  2. Explorer

    ADBSS auction... this is funny as heck.

    Sterilization should be free if wanted. But no, foodstamps and free cell phones matter more.
  3. Hit sportmans warehouse a few times a week. The one in prescott had lots of ammo this week. 25 bucks for 308. $18.99 for 9mm. I wont buy from the crooks aka small dealers. Thank god for corporate set prices.
  4. Explorer

    Savage axis youth 7mm/08

  5. Explorer

    Cable stop alignment

    Bull Basin archery hands down.
  6. Explorer

    Bison reduction project

    Do I get Davis Bacon Wages as it is a federal funded project?
  7. Explorer

    Not a bad couple hours

    Went hiking into a canyon in the unit I drew my tag in. Found a few sheds. No browns. All but one of them I found stuffed into bushes while walking ledge trails.
  8. Explorer

    Savage axis youth 7mm/08

    Savage axis youth model 7/08. Non acu trigger model. Stock painted green. In the prescott area. $200 or trade for 10/22. Only a couple boxes through it. Have a small amount of ammo and brass to go with it.
  9. Explorer

    Bison reduction project

    Shoot a bunch of bison. Let horses and donkeys roam free. Hurts my brain.
  10. Explorer

    Flag fire up by kingman

    No lightning. Was working in kingman in 80 degree weather yesterday. Watched it pop off from a small cloud to major in an hour. Scanner said they were looking for a red and white side by side seen leaving the scene.
  11. Explorer

    6.5 creedmoor raffle 1 box ammo

    I will tell you where the power lines are for that box of ammo.
  12. Explorer

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Does game and fish require wardens to have biology degrees?
  13. Explorer

    ECM Search

    Pre turbo?
  14. Explorer

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    I have been thinking about it. And all I can hope for is they issue more december rifle tags in the no december archery units. Only saying because I'm a few points behind a couple nice mule deer tags.
  15. Explorer

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Just be glad we have a seperate system unlike colorado. Those guys will legally come harass you in the name of being a tree hugging hippy who is jurisdictional in both forest and game management. Arizona is still blessed.