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  1. Explorer

    K4 ranch thieves

    More like pretending to care about antelope populations . I would like to see a audit of the money spent on juniper clearing. Who remembers the tag numbers in 19b back in the 80s and 90s? Would love to see some old hunting regulation numbers. It is almost sickening.
  2. Explorer


    How do you feel about the topic then? Noticing how drama can be a topic yet nobody is willing to publicize topics and get results..
  3. Explorer


    Yeah. Monsoons and grass and fire and old boomers not reading all the posts related to topic. You would think someone who has nothing else to do anymore but sit on a forum would piece together posts that are not necessarily in order.
  4. Explorer

    K4 ranch thieves

    So the K4 ranch in Williamson valley az gets 250k from the super raffle to cut juniper trees down. Yet they don't allow hunter access. Right or wrong?
  5. Explorer


    4 foot tall grass and limited grazing leases. Plus the Yavapai ranch has 250k of our money and 19b tags are limited because of access ...beef prices are sky high and the guy who is a millionaire from inventing the milk carton wants our money and we still can't hunt. Like Steve Peirce the senator who supports sportsman's rights but won't let a single person hunt his ranch unless they pay the $$$$$$. Las Vegas ranch requires 1kto hunt and momma likes the antelope so you can't hunt there and game and fish gets on their knees for them and so on...
  6. Explorer

    What is Colorado Mule deer like?

    The future of hunting. "What happened to hunting? I moved here ten years ago to get away and drive my side by side 70 mph down dirt roads and I can't shoot anything off the side of the road anymore.. and the local native born guys are rude and my vagina hurts because of it.
  7. Explorer

    Camping etiquette ( what's wrong with people ? )

    You are ignorant and foolish. Be a man or go find yourself one...
  8. Explorer

    Bulk 9mm

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A prdatr when they have 25 cents a round ammo but boomers shoot 380 anyways not 9mm.
  9. Explorer

    Bulk 9mm

    J&G sales in Prescott
  10. Explorer

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Happy fathers day ! Yep working on 30 year old vacume lines on my bronco today also.
  11. Aromas I'm Chino Valley. I always get the monster pie.
  12. Explorer

    Bear Attack

    They just killed 4 lions a few weeks ago up here. Wondering if predators are smelling all the vegetarians that have moved here. I'm just glad it was not someone's kids since that area is close to lakes and summer camps.
  13. Explorer

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    Better yet just get whatever does the job 100 percent when a boomer steps in front of you. Zombies are real.
  14. Explorer

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    The biggest thing as gas mileage. Been driving a bronco for 20 years, it's like a jeep but for men. Bulletproof but gets crap gas mileage. Anything new would be Toyota all the way.