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  1. Explorer

    Where was this?

    Is the book worth the 50-60 dollar price tag? Would love to read it.
  2. Explorer

    Where was this?

    Im guessing by the pun in the post its near surprise or even wickenburg area?
  3. Explorer

    Second day success

    Congratulations on a gorgeous buck! Always glad to help the next generation of hunters. Happy birthday also!!
  4. Explorer


    They still issue peaks only tags. They are just not in the limited opp. Section and they reduced the size of the hunt area and tag numbers etc.
  5. Explorer

    Pennsylvania Bull

    It was West Virginia
  6. Explorer

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    Patience! Gotta give him time to bondo a couple racks together and find a red stag cape to put it all together.
  7. Explorer

    Pennsylvania Bull

    Didn't arizona give them a bunch of elk few years ago or was that Kentucky?
  8. Explorer

    Got tickted by azgf

    Check the info on the ticket thoroughly. Anything filled out wrong on a ticket will result in it being dismissed.
  9. Explorer

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Awesome, congratulations! You are gonna need a bigger trophy room soon.
  10. Explorer

    Sons 2019 muley

    Congratulations!! Nice buck!
  11. Explorer

    Second day success

    Thanks Brandon. Can't wait to see pictures of you and your son when its his turn!! Luckily my future father in law gave me a chest freezer a few weeks ago. We have been very blessed. One thing that gets me though is all the non hunting meat eaters you know always want some deer or elk when you tag out. I share with my hunting buddies when they have had a dry year. But I cant bring myself to share with the ones who never hunt.
  12. Explorer

    Second day success

    If anybody with the same youth tag is having a hard time finding deer I am willing to point them in a general direction without giving away a honey hole.
  13. Explorer

    Second day success

    That is his full name. Named after a freind I have known since we could crawl. I actually met my sons mother at one of his birthday parties.
  14. Explorer

    Second day success

    Had an amazing two day hunt with my son Strad on the youth multi unit deer hunt. We spent the whole opening day working some pinion juniper country in 19a and saw some does but also found an incredible amount of trash and dead animals laying just about everywhere we stopped. Sat water that evening and decided on the way home we would hit the pines in another area and check out some areas the forest service had done some clearing in. About an hour after sunrise we saw a group of 5 bucks and tried to put the stalk on but had a real hard time due to all the shreaded bushes from the clearing had made it almost impossible to stalk without making to much noise. The deer moved through the clear area and back into the thick oaks on the hillsides. Frustrated we headed towards a tank I knew of on a closed road hoping to find water. About 200 yards before we came into sight of the tank I saw a doe browsing along below us. I told Strad we should loop around the hill so the doe won't spot us and give us away if there are other deer below. No sooner had we turned around when we heard the clatter of hooves running in the trees behind us. I pull up my binoculars and spot three deer behind a large gator bark 60 yards away. I can see the bodies but not the heads. They were milling around behind the tree and I was able to see that all three were bucks but all I could see was the base of the horns on each buck. Strad had no shot because they were standing one behind the other. We got down as low as we could and watched them for about 3 minutes. They were watching us back. For some reason that I'm greatful for, the lead buck decided to step out from behind the tree instead of sneaking off behind it. As soon as he hit the open and vitals were showing I was able to get the first part of the word shoot out when I heard the gun go off and the buck hit the dirt. He tried to get back up but fell back and never moved again. We gave each other hugs and high fives. Strad had just harvested his first big game animal. We gutted and dragged him the 1/2 mile back to the truck and were back in chino by 1030.
  15. Explorer

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Gotcha. Didnt realize it was a once and done tag like bighorn. Good luck.