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  1. Explorer

    Who is raising beef

    Wondering who is raising beef and what the cost is compared to buying a full grown beef and cleaning it out per say with choice food and then butchering. I have a ice freezer converted to a fridge and a backhoe and enough land for 2 or 3 cattle. Thanks for any input.
  2. Explorer

    Anyone know what this is

    Cool stuff. The old days
  3. Explorer

    Day Dreaming for Antelope

    Good friend of mine drew first year as resident rifle antelope and rifle bull elk. 22 points later he just drew a goat again. Guy I know drew unit 9 early muzzy bull first year as resident. The draw is very interesting.
  4. Explorer

    White on the Red Rocks

    About 15 years ago I got caught in a snowstorm while backpacking sycamore canyon. The scene was the most beautiful thing as I trudged through the snow and mud one step forward and a half a pound heavier and half a step back.
  5. Explorer

    White on the Red Rocks

    Beautiful! Always enjoy your photography.
  6. Explorer

    Feral Hogs

    Was a bunch out Dugas road back in the day. Was stories of a bunch in the white mountains back in my youth but never have seen one. Found a bunch of feral goats up by Ashfork about 20 years ago.
  7. Explorer

    What’s your 401K doing?

    Research vanguard. They are big sponsors of the left.
  8. Explorer

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Gets sheep tag. Can't climb mountain.. $hit!!!
  9. Explorer

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Is he living out of state and claiming residency on his hunt apps?
  10. Explorer

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Got home from work today and the card was hit on the 3rd.. today, so either muzzy bull or rifle cow for my son and I.
  11. Explorer

    Tag increase

    I would think that since spikes usually are easier to find due to proximity of does, a spike only hunt would do alot of damage to future growth. Never had a problem hunting in Arizona until that one problem moved hear in masses..
  12. Explorer

    Tag increase

    I will hunt with sticks and stones!
  13. Explorer

    Elk Muzzle Hunt Suggestions

    Just speaking from my own experience. Even with a rifle deer and elk are two different animals when hit with a projectile.when it's an elk you keep pumping lead until it is down. Or in my case aluminum and steel.
  14. Explorer

    Elk Muzzle Hunt Suggestions

    Deer and elk are two different animals. Elk clot blood so fast and can take so much more than deer. I was shooting 4 inch groups with my bow at 80 yardds and jazzed about it until I hit a bull with a arrow designed for a deer and luckily I tagged said elk but it was not the performance I expected at 20yards! Took 2 follow up shots to seal the deal even though it bedded and was hit hard and never moved.
  15. Explorer

    Tag increase

    Are these guys with 10 plus points putting in for the same unit every year? Back in the day 10 was king, then another unit and so on. So put in for the same 2 hunts that you really want and stay off toprut...?