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  1. POk3s

    Late rifle coues

    Great job! Excellent coues!
  2. POk3s

    Couesnut 3rd Generation

    I love it! Congrats young man!
  3. I’ve been there plenty newlyminted, and it still doesn’t specifically answer the questions. The LACK of answers made me fairly certain I was correct in my thinking, but I wanted to ask the folks who live it and breathe it every year.
  4. Understood. Thank you guys for clearing up what I already thought was the case!
  5. Hey guys, myself and a buddy are coming bowhunting in a little under a month but have a few logistical questions that I’m sure you guys can answer quickly. I’m almost positive that my lack of finding it on the internet answers my questions but need to be sure. Yes I understand I can call but sometimes I hate bothering the game and fish and would rather bother you guys! 😂 1) it says you can buy tags at any vendor which include a bunch of places. Walmart included. That’s our plan after my plane lands in Phoenix. My Colorado buddy is worried that we can’t buy tags after the season begins because that’s how Colorado is. I land on the 4th and he picks me up. There shouldn’t be any problem driving to Walmart and buying our archery tags on January 4th correct?? 2) Is the tag you purchase unit specific, or is it open for all units that it’s currently open for archery OTC coues?? It’s only a 5 day hunt but if we can look through a second unit on our glorified scouting trip that would be cool! thank you!
  6. Great job! Tracking wounded deer / looking for sign of a hit comes with experience as well. It’s tough for a first timer to go find a deer they aren’t sure they hit! Great job!! To add to your skill set, the only thing I would add is to pick out landmarks. It’s obviously a lot easier said than done, but when you lose sight of a deer, elk, duck, anything. Immediately try and pinpoint that location the best you can. It’s so easy to be in a hurry, be excited and want to get over there, but in that, you may miss some important clues! Again, great job!!
  7. POk3s

    1st AZ tag

    Great to see somebody report back! Nice job!!!!
  8. It should be. Like I said, if nothing else it’s good to get out of the winter weather. I think the high has been about 10 degrees today and supposed to dip into the negatives the next two nights. Insane for late October! I will PM you the unit number.
  9. This morning I bought my plane tickets to arrive in Phoenix on January 4th and depart on the 8th. Up until now I was kind of in the planning stages but it’s really set in that I’m going coues hunting!! I tried to take everybody's advice about going on a hunt before burning my points. Well it worked out that way because I struck out on drawing a late December rifle tag that I had great odds to draw. I figured that was a sign that I better go bow hunt, figure out the unit for a few days, and go back next year. Luckily I’ve got a buddy that lives in Colorado who wanted to go down and give it a try too. He’ll drive down and pick me up while I fly from Wyoming. It’s going to be a great adventure and hopefully a nice break from the northern winter!
  10. I understand fully that it’s not a “gimme” hunt” or a late hunt. That’s just one of the many reasons I had for not wanting to wait. But like I mentioned, if I don’t get a tag this year, I’m just fine with going on a scouting trip with my bow in hand. Snakes dont scare me as bad as that garbage going on on the boarder. I’m sure some of you guys love that NR’s are scared of that. Just like I’m glad when NR’s won’t hunt certain areas because of grizzly bears .
  11. Okay. You guys have made up my mind to apply for only the late December hunts since I’m this close. Probably a 10% type odds for first choice and a 40-50% for second choice. If I don’t draw I’ll go down in January, scout around, and try to send an arrow through one.
  12. Some of you might remember last year that I decided I was going to go coues deer hunting this year (2019) and was asking for a broad range of help. Well I’ve now dissected every unit up and down, back and forth, side to side and have basically settled on two very different units and very different hunts. The last piece of the puzzle is the success rates for 2018. When do the success rates get published? Is it before the application deadline or am I wasting my time waiting for that? My other question is do you guys think the late December rifle season has lost its flare in a lot of units? Looking on paper, it appears that the addition of earlier rifle seasons in some units as well as slowly increasing the number of late December rifle tags has hurt the success rates on these hunts. It could just be those hunters drawing them are being real picky and going home empty handed instead of filling their tag on a “lesser buck”??? It’s hard to tell from 1,000+ miles away. PS I have 6 nonresident points with that magic loyalty tag I had no idea I was getting. It puts me in the game on a lot of late December tags, and I believe 100% for every other unit and season. If anyone wants to PM me and tell me what they’d do I’m all ears. If not, that’s fine too!
  13. POk3s

    Regs are out

    Hey guys do the success rates from the previous year come out before the application deadline? I’m waiting to see 2018’s success in certain units but don’t want to be waiting for nothing!
  14. POk3s

    Persistency pays off

    Great work!