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  1. Aaron Huerta


    Where you located? and what’s the size of shaft
  2. Aaron Huerta

    STS 80 Swarovski HD

    Spotter is sold
  3. Aaron Huerta

    STS 80 Swarovski HD

    Silver city NM
  4. Aaron Huerta

    STS 80 Swarovski HD

    Selling STS 80 Swarovski spotter. perfect condition asking 2000$ OBO
  5. Aaron Huerta

    Minn Kota Edge 45 Trolling motor

  6. Aaron Huerta

    Day six arrows

  7. Aaron Huerta

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80

    What’s the size?
  8. Aaron Huerta

    WTB 7mm ammo 168s

    The bullets
  9. Aaron Huerta

    WTB 7mm ammo 168s

    looking to buy 168 hunter classics Berger’s for 7mm if anyone has them for sale or knows of a shop that might have them.
  10. Aaron Huerta

    6.5mm and 7mm bullets for sale

    would you ship?
  11. Aaron Huerta

    2005 Polaris Sportsman

    Is the 4 wheeler still for sale?
  12. Aaron Huerta

    WTB Swaro Spotter

    I have a 80 StS 3 years old asking 3000 lmk 👊🏽
  13. Aaron Huerta

    162 gr ELDx

    I’ll take em
  14. Aaron Huerta

    Wtb STX or ATX eyepiece

    Selling STS 80 for 2250 if interested 2 years old
  15. Aaron Huerta


    I’ll take it if available still