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  1. luvdemcoues

    Wife's first hunt ever! Wyoming Antelope

    So stinkin' cool! Congrats to you both! Loved the write up.
  2. luvdemcoues

    My sons 1st Coues

    Great job Old Friend! Loved the pics and quick write up. Congrats to you and your son!
  3. luvdemcoues

    My brother's 600 yard kill shot

    I saw this video on YouTube earlier this year. Loved the video and the footage. Great job guys and thanks for sharing.
  4. luvdemcoues

    Winchester Model 70 .243 WSSM

    Selling a Winchester Model 70 .243 WSSM. I bought this for my son a few years ago and never really had the time to develop a load for it. I am including just under 4 pounds of Hodgdon Superformance powder I bought primarily for this rifle, just over 2 boxes of 87 grain Berger VLD Hunting bullets, 186 pieces of brass, ten 95 grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertips, and RCBS reloading dies. The rifle has a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 BDC scope on it. Selling all items as a package deal for $550.
  5. luvdemcoues

    270 WSM opinions

    Bummer about the deal falling through. I had a Tikka T3 stainless lite in the 270 WSM with a muzzle break on it. Crazy fast, accurate, flat shooting rifle. My dad shot a couse with it at 700 yards with one shot and never gave it back.
  6. luvdemcoues

    Zeiss conquest HD

    I have a pair of the SLC 10x42's that I absolutely love. I carry them around my neck and have been using them on a tripod as well. That being said, I always knew I was giving up something by not having a good pair of 15's. I just purchased the Conquest 15x56 hd's for this season and am so glad I did. I personally could not really tell a difference between them and the new Swaro's. For the money, the conquest hd's are really impressive!
  7. luvdemcoues

    Mady's Bull

    Stan the Man! I am so proud of Mady! This is such a great story and experience. I'm just sorry I couldn't get out of work to tag along. Looking back now, I should have just quit! I hope I get to experience hunts like this with my own kids regardless of the size of the animal. Again, congrats brother!
  8. luvdemcoues

    Shot My Fox Pro!

    Too funny! The closest I came was when I took a buddy for his first predator hunt a couple years ago. We had a bobcat come in within 30 seconds of calling. It came straight to the call and was nosing around on it for a minute or so. It was all I could do to keep him from shooting until the cat started to walk away. It was pretty neat but I was getting nervous for the caller there for a second.
  9. luvdemcoues

    WTS 6mm Bergers

    Selling two new boxes of 95 grain 6mm Bergers. They are the VLD Hunting bullets. Boxes are from the same lot. I bought them online. After taxes and shipping I paid $87.00. I will let them go for $70.00 for both or $35.00 each. I can return them to Cabela's but figured I'd see if anyone wanted them here first.
  10. luvdemcoues

    Berger bullets for hunting

    It took a bit of work for my old 270 WSM with the 140 grain bergers. But persistence paid off. That gun is an absolute machine now. My Dad ended up buying it from me after he dropped a buck at 650 yards with one shot. I am working on a load for my new 300 WSM with the 168's. I already tried a couple I developed for my brother's 300 WSM and they shot pretty well through mine. I will likely just have to make a few tweaks one way or the other. My experience is that it is worth the time to find out how your gun likes them. Once you do, these bullets don't let animals get away. I have yet to see a deer hit by one go anywhere. Sure, some may take a follow up, but they won't go anywhere. It is very nice having the confidence that you are shooting one of the most (if not the most) accurate bullets made while have the knock down performance you can count on when your looking through your scope getting ready to shoot an animal.
  11. luvdemcoues

    A signed over tag....

    Dude, I am so bummed I miss this hunt with you guys! I'm so glad Braeden was able to get it done. He worked hard on that elk hunt and this one. Plus, it made my boy so much more excited to hopefully get a chance next year with his first year of being able to put in. Don't worry about the truck though, it makes for a great story and good memories!
  12. luvdemcoues

    WTS/T Model 70 Ultimate Shadow 243 WSSM

    PM sent.
  13. luvdemcoues

    WTS/T Model 70 Ultimate Shadow 243 WSSM

    Do you have a pic? Is it stainless, blued, camo, or?
  14. luvdemcoues

    Berger VLD Hunting 30 CAL. 168 GR.

    If these are still available, I will take them. PM sent.
  15. luvdemcoues

    Opening morning buck

    Kyle, beautiful buck man. Looks like the swaro binos and spotter came in handy.