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  1. Willflow

    U7W Mule

    I was told about it and I have passed it on. That is not an easy hunt. If you are willing to work it will pay off.
  2. Willflow

    U7W Mule

  3. Willflow

    U7W Mule

    Well I got my buck. It's dry as a bone up there. We didn't see much green for them to eat and thought they may have moved out the juniper. Didn't see many bucks other than a spindly little guy on private land. Saw a buck two mornings in a row near a tank but couldn't get a shot one morning and it was too dark the next to put horns on him. The third morning I went in early in the dark where I figured he was moving to bed. I waited. I started hearing a clack in the dark. Just one. Then again, one. As light came up I spotted a buck, then another and another. I look around and there are 5 bucks. I watch them all for a few minutes identifying the biggest one. I shoot, I miss or think I miss. They come running right at me. As they come by me less than 7 yards away I pick my target and shoot. Down he goes. I look around as walk toward the truck to meet up with my dad wh was waiting and see blood, ends up I gut shot him. We really thought with it being so dry the animals would be hurting. He had a ton of fat on him as we skinned him. He had good mass in the antlers too. Would have been a nice 4X4 if wasn't broken but I'm pleased. We saw 25 Antelope, 2 bulls a cow and calf, and about 63 does. All the animals looked really good and healthy. I hunted the north side of Sitgreives mnt. This hunt has changed my ideas of how the deer handle the dry and lack of food or our ideas about what they eat. Always learning.
  4. Willflow

    XDs 45 mags

    I'll take the 2 7 round mags shipped to 86314.
  5. Willflow

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Got hit for bull this morning.
  6. Willflow

    This years unit 8 buck

    My dad and mom came over from NM to hunt with me again this year and I brought my younger (9) daughter along for the weekend. We weren't seeing anything at all in the areas that I have seen a good numbers in past years. All the deer we saw taken in camps were small spikes and 1 4 point. On sunday I had to take my girl back so she could go to school and missed the evening hunt. Next day we headed down to Pine Flats. Talked to a young guy that had killed one of the best that we had seen, boy was he happy about it too. It was great to see a guy that happy since we were a getting a little discouraged. We headed a little more south and hiked into some thicker stuff still in the pines. About 100 yards from the truck this buck jumps up and runs in front of us broadside. He was about 40 yards or so and I took my shot. I fired another as he ran and then he disappeared from sight. My dad was to my left where the buck had come from and he went towards where the buck was when I shot. I headed to the right thinking I might be able to see him again. I get about 15 yards and my says " he's here!" . I can't see him and again my dad says he's here, he's down. I never had a lot of confidence in my own fast off hand shooting but this sure helps me feel better about it. I say the first shot got him and dad says he hunched up a little when I fired the second, guess it doesn't matter to the deer. I have loved this unit for years but it sure seems over hunted these days. Side by sides are everywhere and the number of tags seems high. Anyway here is my buck. He will get a full skull euro mount.
  7. Willflow

    Antler growth this year

    With so little moisture what do you think we're going to see this year? Anybody still seeing any velvet up north?
  8. Willflow

    Card Got Hit

    Nice, I put in for everything near Prescott.
  9. Willflow

    Card Got Hit

    Ding for me this morning! Now the wait for which hunt.
  10. Willflow

    Has Anyone Got a Call to Update Cards????

    Anybody ever fudge a card number or get a new card on purpose just to get called?
  11. Willflow

    Monday hits

    Like years past post if your card got hit today let us know. I myself am patiently waiting.
  12. Willflow

    Finally got lucky

    If you get the 8 tag be sure and look down low in the Cedars near Drake road and a little north of there. It's thick but they get down there and hang out since there's plenty of water.
  13. Willflow

    unit 10

    Boquias or red lands for big bulls. Mine last year was 332"fish and the camp next to us filled three of four tags by Sunday morning with none under 310". Never saw any deer at all. Saw deer in 8 just south of 40 a lot so they should be north of 8 too.
  14. Willflow


    That's funny, I have a 300RUM myself. She has shot the 22 and enjoyed it along with her sister. I have to make more time to get her out and start studying for the hunters safety course. I figure I'll work her up to shooting the AR and AK and if she gets comfy with those and still says she wants to hunt I'll get her a 243 or a 270. She really likes the idea of a bow which is something I never got into but have thinking I may so I can hunt deer close to home.
  15. Willflow

    Card hit!

    I was wondering who had paid for my tag! That's might christian of you.