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  1. archeryaz

    Another first for my son!

    So when it came time to put in, my oldest son told me he wanted to put in for archery bull this year. I was not surprised after being successful during his archery antelope hunt last year. Results came out and sure enough his luck continued with his first ever archery bull tag! And to top it off he was issued the last tag in the unit. After a few scouting trips, plans were made. My cousin was able to provide me with sightings of some elk, as well as some sightings by a couple friends. Things started off very slow with no rut activity being seen. As the hunt went on, we had a close call with a great bull, but it just did not seem to be in the cards that day. As the hunt went on I was truly inspired by his dedication and never quit attitude. With every missed opportunity, he just seemed to be that much more driven to get it done. We went several days with not so much as a sighting of an elk. After his last weekend, his mom and I agreed to let him miss two days of school, so he could finish off his hunt, with the understanding that he would make arrangements to get his assignments he would miss ahead of time. His reply, “done”. We headed out for the last two days. The morning of day one, 10 minutes into glassing a bull was spotted with a single cow. We made the move. Swing and a miss! Back to glassing. Found another bull with two cows, off we went! With a little help from the wind, we were able to get to within 62 yards of the bull as he was bedded down with his cows. Then the waiting game. We could not go any further due to the position of the cows. After about 45 minutes, we were busted by one of the cows. The bull stood up, and he let the arrow fly, as the arrow impacted, elk exploded in every direction! The two cows we originally saw turned into twenty in an instant. Gage told me he thought he had shot over the bull. I was able to get a quick look through my 10’s as the bull was leaving. I could make out blood coming from his mouth. I reassured him it was a hit, and what I believed to be a good one. We walked back to where we had dropped our packs, a quick scan showed the bull was down in a flat. After some phone calls to some very close friends for help, we took some quick pictures. We started on field dressing and breaking the bull down to get him out of the sun as fast as we could. Great ending to an even greater hunt!
  2. archeryaz

    My boy's Muzzle loader Antelope

    Congrats to the both of you! Nothing like spending time with your kids hunting!
  3. archeryaz

    .243 Coues load

    My go to load for this kind of hunting is a 95 grain Berger VLD, with H-4350. Shoots great, and is very deadly! Best of luck!
  4. archeryaz

    First antelope on opening day

    Great buck! Congratulations!
  5. archeryaz

    Another first Antelope

    Nothing like spending time in the outdoors with your kids! Congrats great write up!
  6. archeryaz

    Spot & Stalk Archery Antelope 2018

    Congrats! Truly something to be proud of!
  7. archeryaz

    Way to many!

    Well we went back out to try and eleminate some more coyotes. We blanked on the first stand. Had my youngest son on shotgun duty. We drove to another area we had seen a few on the antelope hunt. My oldest son and I began to glass as this is how we had seen most of coyotes in the area. About twenty seconds into glassing I found 5 all together. We grabbed our gear and snuck into the one bush we could find. A little cotton tail in distress and we had three of the five charging in. I told my oldest son to give his younger brother a chance with the shotgun, and let them come as close as they would come. The lead dog came into 150 yards and checked up, caught our wind and left taking his two buddies with him. Upset we had three headed in and not a shot fired, my youngest said "dad you see the one by the rock?" I did a quick scan and found the one dog who was sure he was out of range. He was sitting in the middle of a rock pile and was looking back at the "bad bush". I asked my oldest for a range, to which he stated he had left the range finder back at the truck. I figured I had nothing to loose, I got down behind my my rifle found Mr. Cocky sitting on his rump giving us the stink eye. I started my squeeze, (uncontrolled jerk). That's when I realized the safety was still on. Took the safety off, and really took my time on the trigger, utilizing the hold over hash marks in my scope, and guessing the range. After the shot I was able to see the coyote was down. My sons and I than realized just how far thie shot had been. We all started giving our guesses at the range, Gage 486, Gavin 385, me 400. We went and check the dog. I hit him just behind the left shoulder an the V-Max had done its job very effectively. when we got back to the truck, Gage grabbed the range finder, and was back to the bad bush. As I walked back to him, I asked how far. Gage said 446. This was not my longest shot at a coyote, but it was the longest shot I had ever hit a coyote at. Was just lucky to have my two best hunting partners with me. The year has started off great, can't wait to see how the rest of the year go's!
  8. archeryaz

    Way to many!

    Headed back to this area in the morning. With my sons antelope tag punched, we are turning our attention to coyote population reduction (with extreme prejudice)!!! Hope to post some more pictures soon.
  9. archeryaz

    Way to many!

    While out over the weekend, saw way to many coyotes. caught this one chewing on a dead horse. Just put together a new coyote rifle and figured what better time to test It and the new load. Shooting a 75 grain V-Max at around 3350 out of the .243. Worked like a charm!
  10. archeryaz

    Son's first Antelope

    My son decided he wanted to put in for archery antelope this year. He was able to get a new bow as he had outgrown his old one over the summer. He was able to practice, and put his time in. We were able to scout, although we had not been able to find any shooter bucks. We decided to hunt an area we had not been able to scout. We were able to get on a few different bucks, but he was not able to close the deal. We decided to go back to the area we had scouted in hopes some bucks had moved into the area. We were able to locate 8 bucks by 8:00 am. He was able to seal the deal on this buck! Very proud of him. He put in about 18 miles in three days of hunting, and never gave up.
  11. archeryaz

    Opinions/help with my stepson

    Lots of good information on this topic. Here is my two cents. I have two son's of my own. One of my son's (the oldest) is by definition a "stepson". I have been privileged to have him in my life since he was a year old, he is now 15. He is as hardcore a hunter as anyone can be, and has been hunting with me since the age of 3. My youngest, did not have any interest in hunting, and was dead set against doing it. I backed off. My wife almost fell over and told me she was surprised at my calmness, and thought I would have taken this much harder. I was a little let down that one of my son's did not have the desire, but I respected what he had to say. About a year later, my youngest (non-hunter) asked if we were going to a coyote hunt, my oldest and I attend every year. I reminded him of what he had told me. He told me he was curious, and wanted to give it a try. Plans were made, and the coyote hunt in 40+ mph winds was upon us. 20 stands later and one missed coyote, and I thought for sure this would be the end of his hunting career. Again I was shocked when he told me how much fun he had and how he could not wait to go again. I'm sure the chocolate milk and candy bar's during the day helped, but I could see he was very serious. Now, I cannot get out of the house without him if he knows were are going hunting or fishing. So for once in my career as being a dad, I got one right. My point is this, you are doing all you can do. Provide the opportunity, and see where it go's from there. Best wishes, and best of luck.
  12. archeryaz

    My brother in-law got it done.

    Awesome job, congrats on a great bull!!!
  13. archeryaz

    *updated* Utah archery buck

    Way to get it done, congrat's. I don't think I could have let him walk either.
  14. archeryaz

    Budget vortex riflescopes

    I would definitely look into the used optic. You can pick up a great used Vortex. They have the no hassle warranty so if there is a problem you can send it in for repair with no issues. I think the Ruger is a great choice. Are you going to be looking at the 6.5 creedmoor? I think this is an awesome rifle. My friend just bought one and is getting 5/8 moa out of the box. Good luck.