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  1. More D

    bath remodel

    Following.. I have a guest bath I need done later this year too.
  2. More D

    Few Things to Sell

    Jack model/brand?
  3. More D

    Spare tire and wheel

    This is still in my garage. Offers and or trades?
  4. More D

    1999 f250 7.3 crew cab 4x4 $8000

    It was not intended as a negative. It just shows just how well you maintained and took care of it!
  5. More D

    1999 f250 7.3 crew cab 4x4 $8000

    422k miles!
  6. Size of trigger stick? 1, 2 or 3 leg?
  7. More D

    ATV trailer recommendations

    When I do it all over I am getting a single axle with brakes. A dual axle cannot be moved without connecting to a vehicle. Also expanded metal sides so you do not lose stuff while towing. I suggest two feet more than the actual SxS.
  8. More D

    Killer badlands deals

    Just placed an order. Code still working!
  9. More D

    Rifles for sale

    Straight gun porn right there.
  10. More D

    Confidence building in teens, what have you done?

    I second what Casey said. My eight year old is a great kid. Smartest in his entire grade. Funny! Very polite! But he is too nice. Unfortunately in today's world it may be seen as weakness. Jujitsu has really helped him grow in SO MANY WAYS. It has been amazing.
  11. More D

    Ticks and javelina

    No tick ever on any Javie's I have harvested or assisted on. I have had a few Elk and Deer with ticks. Another huge determinant is taste is field care. If you are touching your recently harvested javie and later process it...that is your first problem. YOU are contaminating the meat. Think about all of your hero photos.... I go way over board but I use 6-8 knifes and at least 10 pairs of gloves to process my javie. The gloves and knife is changed out for a fresh one ANY time they touch the outside. The famous gland? Do touch it, do not even look at it. It will come off with the hide.
  12. More D


    Great deal. I'd be all over it but I am down in Tucson.
  13. More D

    Half ton to diesel and Ford vs Chevy

    My 2016 Denali 2500 diesel CC with a 6.5inch BDS lift is not affected while towing. The IFS and Fox shocks make if the best riding truck I have had in a long time. This is my third 3/4 ton CC diesel.
  14. More D

    CZ SP-01 9mm USPSA Ready *UPDATED*

    That is one sexy b...
  15. More D

    Anyone need packing material?

    I have done the same because one time I had to buy bubble wrap....now I have too much crap.