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  1. More D

    Close encounter with an F-22 fighter jet

    36C about ten years ago. A10 really low and slow. I felt like I could have hit him with a rock! He was so low that I saw him turn his head toward me and that is when he gave me the wing waggle. SO COOL!
  2. More D


    I'll take this. I am in Tucson too. PM sent
  3. More D

    Ruger Superblackhawk 44 mag. SOLD

    Right! Straight out of my wish list... Here I am selling something because I am low on cash and this beauty comes up for sale.
  4. More D

    Ruger Superblackhawk 44 mag. SOLD

  5. More D

    Aero Precision AR15 in 5.56

  6. I was just finally able to finish this build but I will not be able to keep it because I need the cash somewhere else. ALL UNFIRED. Aero Precision Enhanced upper Aero Precision Enhanced lower Tool Craft 5.56 MPI Full-Auto BCG Aero Precision Gen 2 15inch M lock hand guard. VG6 Epsilon 5.56 16inch M4 profile barrel Magpul MOE stock and grip Only thing missing: The crush washer I have AZ ID and CCW. No prohibited possessors. I'll need to see your AZ ID, CCW preferred. $1200 or $1100 without BCG
  7. More D

    ISO 5.56 BCG and Barrel

    Looks like they are not open until tomorrow morning. I appreciate the info!
  8. More D

    ISO 5.56 BCG and Barrel

    Ideally 16-20.
  9. More D

    ISO 5.56 BCG and Barrel

    I am down in Tucson. Looking to pick up from a member. Prefer new. I have cash and CCW. Please PM for LOCAL TRANSACTIONS. No emailing your BS buddy out of state nonsense.
  10. More D

    Daughters Elk Hunt

    Love that first picture!