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  1. More D

    Wife gets it done

  2. PM sent
  3. More D

    Anyone know this truck?

    It was probably an argument over a water hole or ground blind.
  4. More D


  5. More D

    Home Water heater needed

    I am all set up. I wanted to go the tankless route but I quickly learned with the heads up here that that was not going to work out. A really appreciate the responses. It is wonderful to have such a great group of knowledgable member on hand should the need arise.
  6. More D

    Home Water heater needed

    I need a Home Gas 40gal water heater. Ours sprung a leak. It is the original one that came with the house nearly 20yrs old. Can anyone recommend a brand? Any specific brand I should stay away from? I apologize as this is not an ad for something offered up for sale but I do know alot of us get these notifications so I am posting here.
  7. More D

    2010 Polaris Ranger 800

    Any idea on asking price? Ballpark? You beat me. Thanks
  8. More D

    Picture of an elk

    If I was as fit as he is I would pose for pictures like him.
  9. More D

    Archery goat 2019

    Wow! Beautiful!
  10. More D

    Youth 243

    I have a H&R single shot .410 you can borrow. PM me.