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  1. More D

    Amanda Heads up

    Mine is still acting up for months now. My tablet - Error code: 2S119/1 "Something went wrong. Please try again" My phone - no issues.
  2. More D

    A Garand Javelina Hunt

    Your son is a bad butt I certainly would not hunt with a rifle that weighed about 10% of my own weight!
  3. More D

    FedEx stolen ammo

    A few years ago I placed an order for some ammo. I was anxiously awaiting the Fedex truck that day. The driver stopped at my house seemed to take a bit longer than normal to find the package from the back of the truck. I was watching him from my office. Once he ran out and left the package I picked it up before he got back to his truck. He dropped off a random too small of a box that weighed next no nothing. It was addressed to a not close by neighbor. I yelled to him saying this is not the correct package. He walked back to me got the box without even looking at it. Then quickly found my package handed it to me. He never said a word and drove away. I asked a FedEx buddy of mine about that situation and he said that it was common to do that when the driver wanted to "lose your package" He also said ammo was easy tell what it was because it was because of the weight.
  4. More D

    Need hunting money

    I'd keep it till you get at least 4x that.
  5. More D

    Prayer my son Enoch

    SBO suck! Prayers sent!
  6. More D

    Looking for an Auto Detailer...ISO

    How about a recommendation down here in Tucson?
  7. More D

    .44 ruger super Blackhawk

    Well that looks fun... Wish I could swing it.
  8. More D

    Bergara B14 HMR

    So sorry about your buddy...hope he is going to be ok.
  9. More D

    500 error messages

    Errors for me too Also I can not send PM's
  10. More D

    Mossberg 590 A1

    Location? Because the system will not allow me to send a freaking PM
  11. More D

    Stingray hoster

    Sent you a PM
  12. More D

    Stingray hoster

    Only posting because I think some may appreciate it. My neighbor makes knives, holsters, etc. as a hobby. I love how nice it turned out!
  13. More D

    Just noticed this on my portal

    Getting old is not that fun...
  14. Found your blood. Photo will not upload.... Beautiful day with a slight breeze. No birds or coyotes so far. Sent you a PM with my cell.