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  1. More D

    Chrony Beta Master: $50 Flagstaff

    PM semt
  2. More D

    VG6 Epsilon $50 shipped

    Trades welcomed.
  3. More D

    VG6 Epsilon $50 shipped

    As new condition. Less than 60rds fired. Works Awesome just going in a different direction.
  4. More D

    Mom's Car----Sold Pending Funds

    PM sent
  5. My experience was nearly the same. My hunt was coming up, I called them and they got my binos "worked on next" and they shipped overnight them to me. I had them in my hands in just over 24hrs but more importantly two hours before leaving for the hunt. No charge.
  6. More D

    Check the color on these 2 bucks

    I would have never noticed their color differences with that head gear.....
  7. One pair of size 4 shoes. My kid used them when he was 8ish. Columbia Water Proof in near new condition. Has just one hunt one them because we forgot them and had to by another set on the way up to a hunt. Prefer not to ship. I am in Tucson.
  8. More D

    A/C tech needed

    I was in your same situation a few months ago. Down here in Tucson they are available at Naughton's. Cost me less than $100.
  9. More D

    Possible scammer alert

    I got the same thing for my post looking for a 590/590A1.
  10. More D

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    You have been a positive for this site and all of us. I personally have learned a lot from your contributions. We are rooting for you Sir.
  11. I'll take the 34A map. PM en route.
  12. More D

    Fs Ford Truck

    23k miles!
  13. TTT NOT interested in contacting anyone out of state.....freaking scammers. Local cash in hand deals.