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    WTS: BCM BCG - New

    Selling a new never used BCM BCG, FA style, was test fired by BCM, was in upper with charging handle. A little dusty. $175.00 shipped / F2F $170.00 Located in Queen Creek / Chandler Mall area
  2. Selling a new never shot Timberwolf Glock 19 like. This is the new Gen 2 Timberwolf frame from Lone Wolf. Built this as a backup to my other two Timberwolf frames, thought I needed 3 of these setups. Never fired, never left the house, has some normal holster and safe handling. - Timberwolf frame is size of a Glock 19 Gen 4, seems to me a tad smaller than Gen 4 - Comes with small and large backstrap - Beavertail (factory as part of frame) - Undercut trigger (factory) - Extended takedown lever - Removable magwell (pictured on and off gun) - Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger (NP3 coated) - Overwatch Precision NP3 coated minus connector - Vickers Gen 4 extended magazine release - Vickers tactical slide stop - IDP Tactical Gen 3 Glock slide, lowered ejection port - Jagerwerks front and rear enhanced slide serrations - Jagerwerks cerakote graphite black - Overwatch Precision NP3 coated Safety Plunger - Weaton Arms barrel - Glock stainless steel guide rod and factory spring weight - Ameriglo Tritium I-Dot sights (orange front) - Apex Tactical failure resistant extractor - Streamlight TLR2 HL G - Light/Green Laser - Red River Tactical IWB made for light and gun - 1 Glock 15 round magazine - 2 ETS 17 round magazines $1,400.00 obo Located in Queen Creek / Chandler Mall area. Must not be a prohibited buyer. Must see CCW or AZDL, prefer CCW.
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    WTS: Timberwolf Glock like 19 - New

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    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    Yep stick with the 5 to 6k in lights, otherwise they start going into the blue spectrum and really are worse as you loose visible light and makes it harder to see.
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    Can I really not shoot right now? Fire ban

    dang near smoked a yote at 1200 while i was out hunting yotes and rabbits, seems most of them ranged from about 850 to 1100 yards. did that for a while maybe go out later to hunts some more, hope the rabbits and yotes are closer to 1000 to 1200 yards this time. Should be perfect. BTW its too hot to wear your sniper guile suit, so i hunted casual style, runners, shorts, shooting mat for prone hunting position and a CW brown shirt.
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    HID lights in ATV/UTV

    Go with Rigid lights, get a light bar 20 inch and then run some 4x4 dullys for ditch lights and 1 for back up lights. Spendy but well worth the money and abuse they takes. I run a ton of these on my trucks, im afraid of the dard.
  7. Selling a used take off Daniel Defense partial lower parts kit. These have been used and taken off and kept as spares. - Ambi Safety Complete - Castle Nut - QD End Plate - Pivot Pin - Takedown Pin - Complete Mag Catch - Bolt Catch Complete, found spring and detent rolled off table. - Buffer Detent $40.00 Located in Queen Creek, can meet locally, shipping $8.00
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    WTS: Daniel Defense used partial LPK

    Partial LPK is still available
  9. Posting for a friend, his trailer was stolen from a secured storage in San Tan Valley.
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    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    last update, my buddy finally got insurance to do total out the trailer and even pushed them to do so and asked for a complete drug screening test, mold test and feline allergen testing. Insurance said the will total the camper and got him a check real quick. He said insurance would not do anything with the meth testing etc.... as those are too expensive and to ensure no toxins, they would have to take it to the skin and rebuild everything new from wiring to plumbing and all furniture.
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    Selling an almost new 16” LMT CQB MRP16 DI rifle. Less than 500 rounds through the barrel. A little dusty from sitting. - 16” barrel, 5.56, 1:7 Twist - LMT Monolithic CQB quad upper - LMT CH - LMT Semi Auto BCG - LMT marked front and rear sights - 2 LMT rail panels - Torque tool included $2,500.00 obo Located in Queen Creek / Chandler Mall area, can meet locally. Must not be a felon/prohibited buyer, must see AZDL or CCW, CCW preferred.
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    Rifle color is all factory black.
  13. Looking to buy an AK 47/AKM, let me know what you have.
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    Outdoorsmans is Hiring!

    With the new going minimum wage, I will take it for $68.73 per hour with full benefits, 6 weeks of vacation at start of employment, feasibility will be required to be allowed to go protest, have ability to use bathrooms of choice due to fluidity in gender identity, be listed in HR as a protected class and not be eligible for termination even if I am not working or don't show up due to personal issues or just because, be given a winning trophy for showing up to the office, ability to flex full time work from home, be allowed to grow in the warehouse and sell products out the back. Best Wishes - H.Biden
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    Some people just don't get it.

    Wow no damage, no bullet holes, no broken windows, or flat tires, why?
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  23. Selling a lightly used rare and hard to find original fish gills RTF2 Glock 17 Gen 3 (9mm), comes with the below. - Glock 17 Gen 3 RTF2 Fish Gills - 2 OEM 17 rd magazines - OEM box $750.00, need to see ID/CCW no prohibited buyers. Located in Queen Creek