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    Hey guys, got this guy last Sunday on day 10 of a tough hunt. The rut was sporadic at best with some days having almost no bugles during daylight hours. I've been getting caught up at work so haven't done a full write-up, this guy came in screaming with about 10 cows at 7:15 am when it had been quiet all morning. I had to wait at full draw for what seemed like ever for his cows to clear out from between us, but managed to make a heart shot. He only went about 30-40 yards before tipping over. I'm super exited. He's my biggest bull to date, and broke my drought. It's been a few years since I've put anything bigger than an turkey or javi on the ground.
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    I was truly blessed again this year being able to take this buck. I had actually passed this buck up 2 years ago waiting for something bigger ( still kicking myself). He is actually not much bigger than 2 years ago, but did add a small point off his G2. I sat in my stand for 35 hours before this guy made his appearance. That is the only good thing that will come out of the trail cam ban... not knowing what's coming in, I wasn't waiting for a "bigger buck".
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    This year continues to be one for the books. My 12 year old son Max drew a muzzleloader bull tag in a unit many consider to be sub par for elk. I have assisted on 3 archery bull kills in the unit, so I knew that although trophy elk were tough to find they were there. The opener found us calling our way into a major dark timber bedding area that I had seen multiple large bulls on previous hunts. It was dead quiet. No bugles and after one calling sequence a satellite 5 point came sneaking in but never game Max an ethical shot. Yesterday, day 2, I decided to slip in to the edge of the bedding just after first light and wait. No bugles at all, so I decided to do a few soft cow calls. Less than a minute later this giant snuck in silent 52 yards below us and Max made a perfect shot. We had no idea how truly magnificent he was until we walked up on him 30 minutes later. Bull is an 8 by 7 with a 14” flyer point. Didn’t get to fully score him but a few quick measurements indicate 370-380”. 42” inside spread and total width with flyer 58”. Best hunting day of my life and one I will never forget!
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    I’ve spent a lot of time and money the last 5-10 years hoping to kill a big coues deer with my bow.. with the camera ban it seemed like it definitely wasn’t going to happen. The heat wave the last week I figured sitting water would pay off so I spent 5 days on tank with the most sign in the area hoping it would pay off and it did. This buck came in completely silent and by himself at 38 yards. He started broadside when I shot and nearly turned 90 degrees by the time the arrow reached him but it went in at a good angle and caught his vitals and ended in his spine. I knew he was big but couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how heavy he was..
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    I had some good luck on the early archery tag. Killed this bull opening morning at around 11am. He was the main bull we heard bugling and that turned out to be his downfall. My cousin - who also had a tag - was able to get a good chunk of time off work so he was out scouting 4 days before the hunt started. He saw this bull every single day prior to the hunt. I made it up late Wednesday and scouted with him on Thursday... and again, saw this bull and his cows in the morning and in the evening. Bugling as well. We saw another 10 bulls or so in this same drainage so we figured we'd start there opening day and give them heck. We hiked into the area in the morning and we were able to chase some bugles, but they weren't as vocal as they had been the couple of days prior. We ran into a good group of elk, but they spooked and we thought we might have boogered everything up too bad for the afternoon. My dad and uncle were on a ridge glassing above us and could hear elk below them bugling every so often - even after the bigger group spooked. For some reason - even though we were pretty close - we couldn't hear the bugles. The ridge we needed to climb was pretty steep and thick with overgrowth so I wasn't thrilled about the hike to get up it, but we sucked it up and made the short, but steep, hike. We finally got up to the same elevation as the elk and spotted them about 250 yards away. I saw a group of cows and had a feeling we were on the same bull we had seen all week prior. Sure enough it was him. We watched from a distance as he ran off a couple of raghorns that were nearby. He was one of the few bulls that seemed to be ready to rut. We continued working in closer, but didn't feel like we would have the shooting lanes available if we kept stalking straight at them. We were in some thick cover. At this point, the elk had been milling around in the same small area for more than an hour. We backed out and looped around to get on top of them. For the most part, the wind cooperated. It started to swirl a bit as we got close to the elk. They were in a thick stand of aspens and the cows knew something was up. They weren't quite sure where we were though, because the vegetation was so thick. They first trotted one way and then back another way. We could see them in the aspens less than 20 yards from us. The bull let's out a bugle to corral his cows and get everyone going the same direction. At that point my cousin gave a quick cow call and the elk stopped. I side stepped to an opening to my left and could see the cows going one by one up a trail into a small shooting window. Naturally, the bull was last. My cousin ranged the cows at 65 yards and I drew back. Right when the bull stepped out and showed his vitals, I shoot. Downhill, quartering away. I hit the spine and into his cavity. He was paralyzed. I quickly moved in closer and finished him off from 20 yards. (I would love to say that my first and only shot was the arrow shown in the picture - I'll be honest with you guys, but probably not my drinking buddies ) Needless to say, I am thrilled with this bull. Good mass, lots of character. It's also pretty cool that we were able to watch him for a few days in a row and put a plan together that got it done. This early archery elk stuff is awesome. Can't wait to do it again...... in twelve years.
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    After 2 years of preparation everything came together to harvest the ram of a lifetime in Alaska an 11 year old monarch! Hardest hunt I have ever done both physically and mentally. My pack was 60 lbs for the first 6 days sleeping bivvy style wherever we ended up each night. Out of 9 days it rained, sleeted, or snowed 6 of them. Ram down morning of day 7 and my pack went to 100+ pounds hiking 27 hours over 3 days to get out of the mountains. Truly an incredible adventure!
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    Have 3 tags for my kids. 2 in 5bsouth 1 in 6a. Bugles have shut off by 7am in both units. All the big herd bulls we are seeing have 20 to 40 cows with them. We got lucky with one small 6x6 so far that split from the herd bull and his cows and called him into 46yds and he made his arrow count on his 1st archery bull. Bull went 15yds and was down. 2 more tags to fill. Hopefully its kicks in a litter better. Good luck everyone
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    It's a story hard to write but my son killed his first bull after a whirlwind 6 days. He was very limited on time and it got the best of him but we had a great time and lots of memories made. Bull he passed after a tough day the day before. Bull that came in after he didn't have enough patience. This is the bull we were hunting but he had already shot another bull 5 minutes before. Having little experience and no time for a hunt really hurt him but in the end his goal was accomplished. He killed a bull, and we got to spend some good days hunting.
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    Had a chance to catch up to this tall goat. 16 6/8ths
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    After tagging a great buck last year, this youth hunter (my good buddies son) drew the same hunt and we got to work looking for a buck worthy of his tag. After spotting a great 4x3 multiple times we knew he was the buck we wanted to spend time on. I wasn’t able to turn #1 back up, but this 3x3 showed himself in my glass at first light opening day. After quick deliberation he made the decision he was good enough. A 2 hour stalk and 36 yard shot later, he had his second mule deer and another addition for his trophy room. These youth hunts are definitely a blast
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    Wow! God is great! I am still in shock! I found this buck 4 days ago. The very brief encounter sparked my interest and I could not get him out of my head. I knew he was a good one and continued to look for him for next 4 days. Finally, I found him again, put a stalk on him, and got very luck considering the country was so thick. He was actually with 2 other bucks. I almost shot the wrong buck because the other one was a 105ish! I thought it was him at first. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been tickled with the 105, but then he stepped out from an oak and I realized I was on the wrong buck. It all happened so fast. I set my sight to 65 yards and made a great shot and he expired within 100 yards. I still can’t believe buckfever didn’t bite me, but I was very calm until I walked up on him! I didn’t realize how big he really was. He ended going 121 gross and 117 net.
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    Hit the lotto and I am a resident that drew 27/28 whitetail tag, my Jan and Feb will be busy.
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    Special thanks to @Crazymonkey for the giveaway. That shows tremendous generosity. This kid is a serious hunter, with 3 elk and 2 deer under his belt at the age of 14. He’s broken 25 straight on the trap field, and took second place at the Ben Avery trap shoot for sctp a couple months ago. He’s also teaching his hound to run lions, hopefully.
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    Spent the last few days up north chasing bugles. I’ve killed a bull before with a rifle and killed a cow with a bow so not necessarily a stranger to elk hunting but far from seasoned. Lots of failed attempts, long hours sitting trails, miles walked. In the end it came down to me and an ancient bull mixing it up one on one in the timber. Our paths so happened to cross and a single arrow put him down quickly. I believe he will easily qualify for P&Y, making him the first “book” animal I’ve ever taken. Couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! Side note - I knew he was “old” but after getting a look at his teeth I was hoping maybe someone with more experience could chime in with an age estimate!
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    Ram mount all finished and home. Wanted to share the final product. Enjoy. Good luck to all tag holders this year . Hope your out scouting now to find that trophy of a lifetime
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    Thought I'd share an encounter from last fall....
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    This is a pretty unique story, A good friend's son drew a muzzy tag in NM and my buddy got called to do some LEO training in Washington DC and NY for 12 weeks so he called me and asked if I could help his son on his first tag. I only could commit the weekend but after a bunch of rain and couple missed opportunities Colter smoked this bull at 250 yards off his knee for his first bull.
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    Was out chasing mule deer this January and came across this shed! I spent a couple hours looking for the match but no luck.
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    So somewhere around August/September my son Hunter told me he wanted to go hunting. So we made plans while he was on winter break he would do his hunters education. Then we got lucky they held a field day yesterday and now he is ready to hunt anything and everything he can. I tell my kids they don't have to do what I love to do but find an activity they love to do
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    My card did not get hit but I got a call from Epic Outdoors yesterday telling me I won there 2022 Acoma Indian reservation elk hunt in the prime of the rut .Awesome I get to hunt rutting bulls in New Mexico September 26-30
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    Tessa was able to put her tag on this oryx on the last afternoon of our hunt. We hunted hard for several days we saw between 150-250 oryx per day. With as many as we saw only a few were real trophy size animals. Several of these were in areas that just did not present a shot opportunity. So with time running out on the last day she was able to take this bull. She passed on several bigger ones she was very happy with the animal she took. I hope to be able to hunt here again it was an incredible hunt.
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    No need for too many words...
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    Tony Mandile was a long-time contributor to this forum. He passed away yesterday morning from complications from COPD, Covid and an infection he got while at the hospital. His wife, Ellen, also got sick about the same time and spent time in the hospital, but is recovering at home. His family says he did not wish to hold a service, but I wanted to share with you all some more about his background. Tony went by the handle Outdoor Writer in this forum as well as other hunting forums. He made a living as a professional write for almost 40 years and he was a wealth of knowledge about the outdoors. I enjoyed my conversations with him and he will be missed. Tony and his wife attended some of our CWT campouts so many years ago. In addition to being a hunter, he was an outstanding photographer and he enjoyed cooking some excellent meals, which he often shared on Facebook. Many of you have enjoyed the book he co-wrote with Duwane Adams, "How to Hunt Coues Deer". He hunted and fished in 39 states and 10 Canadian provinces. He also hunted and fished in Africa, New Zealand and Mexico. Mandile began a part-time writing career in 1969 and has been a full-time freelance outdoor writer/photographer for 38 years. His 30-year active membership in the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) included three years on the board of directors. He also served on the board of the Western Outdoor Writers (WOW) and the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), which he helped create in 2005. He was a contributing editor for ARIZONA HUNTER & ANGLER magazine for 10 years, and wrote seven years as the Arizona Editor for OUTDOOR LIFE magazine. Mandile wrote his book -- HOW TO HUNT COUES DEER -- with noted guide Duwane Adams in 2003, and the Arizona Game & Fish Commission selected him as "Outdoor Writer of the Year" for 2011. More than 2,100 of his articles and 1,300 of his photos (50 covers) have appeared in OUTDOOR LIFE, FIELD & STREAM, SPORTS AFIELD, CABELA'S OUTFITTER JOURNAL, PETERSEN'S HUNTING, PETERSEN'S FISHING, AMERICAN HUNTER (NRA), DEER HUNTING, ROCKY MOUNTAIN GAME & FISH, CALIFORNIA G&F, WASHINGTON-OREGON G & F, ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER, WHITETAILS UNLIMITED, NORTH AMERICAN WHITETAIL, OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHERS BIBLE, PENNSYLVANIA ANGLER, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPORTSMAN, WESTERN OUTDOORS, BOWHUNTING WORLD, SOUTHWEST SPORTSMAN, SAFARI, ARIZONA WILDLIFE VIEWS, ARIZONA HUNTER & ANGLER, OUTDOORS UNLIMITED, several books and a few dozen other outdoor, conservation and travel publications. Rest in Peace Tony.
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    I was able to connect on this bear this morning with my 6 year old son in tow. Gun was a Smith and Wesson 29 classic hunter.
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    Short and Sweet Chiricahua’s Goulds bird. Long time coming with tag #2 I think I finally hit the bonus point pass with over 20 points. Although the bird was missing 3 tail fan feathers 🪶 I am very happy with him. Full strut with his neck extended made for a good shot. 3/4” spur and a good beard to boot. A friend of mine said it looked like juniper berries and possible onions were on the birds diet.