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  1. PowellSixO

    10x50els or 10x42 ELs?

    I am not a fan of the el binos. The flattening effect is just weird to me. I prefer the slc!!! That’s my personal opinion of course. The image is spectacular in both as expected. But like I said, the flattening effect of the el is just weird to me. A 10x42 and a 15x56 are all I need. I don’t even run a spotter anymore.
  2. PowellSixO

    Woods Canyon Lake

    My family and I went up past Woods Canyon Lake last week, for 4 days. It was crazy how busy it was. I've been up there multiple weekends for the last few month too, shed hunting. The amount of campers, and squatters is insane. We stopped at an old camp site (that some dipsh!ts left) and picked up 2 HUGE bags of trash. My kids hated doing it, but I'm trying to teach them respect for our public lands. I always leave the forest a better place than I find it. If I can teach that to my kids, I've done a good thing as a father.
  3. PowellSixO

    Mini split A/C question.

    Are you going to be living there? If so I'd suggest buying a Goodman Split System, putting the ductwork and everything associated with it in, and just doing it right (I bet you could do the whole thing yourself for $4k or less). While mini splits are cheap, and easy to install, my experience with them is that they just don't last. They're like a more complicated window unit. Plus with your floor plan, if you only install one evap, you're going to sacrifice comfort in either the bedroom or living room (depending on where you install the evap).
  4. PowellSixO

    WTB Game Cameras

    Watch camofire.com. It may take a week or two before they have any for sale, but when they do you can find good cams for dirt cheap. I bought 8 the other day for 300 bucks.
  5. PowellSixO

    WTB Savage Short Action

  6. PowellSixO

    PSE EVO 7 2012 / Completely rebuilt

    Sold to AZ Ranger, pending funds. Thanks.
  7. So I did a stupid thing, and dry fired this bow. It bent a cam, and cracked a limb. So I sent it to one of the best Bow repair shops in the country (Johns Custom Archery). Some will recognize him as Breathn on some of the archery forums. Not only does he repair bows, but he also known for the best strings on the market, and his incredible tuning abilities. So long story short, I sent this bow to Johns Custom archery, and he completely rebuilt the bow. He put on all new limbs, new cams, new bearings, new ripcord micro max rest, new strings, new string backstop, new peep, new d-loop, tuned the bow, and he even upgraded it with a roller cable slide. The bow is setup at a 29" draw, and 65 lb draw weight (but can be raised to 70, or lowered to 60 with a hex wrench). I personally have only fired the bow maybe 20 shots since the repairs, so it is essentially brand new minus the riser. The bow does not have a sight on it, but will come with a lightly used Quivalizer arrow quiver (https://optionarchery.com/products/quivalizer), new ripcord micro max rest, and a used Scott Rino XT release. I spent $450 bucks repairing the bow through Johns Custom Archery, not including shipping. I'm asking $300 firm, shipped anywhere in the lower 48. I can do $275 face to face, if you can meet near Show Low, Az. Edit: Please text for faster response. 435-668-9597 This is a great shooting bow. Here is a review of the bow (http://compoundbowchoice.com/brands/pse/evo-7/review/).
  8. PowellSixO

    WTB 250 2 Stroke dirt bike

    Spotter is gone. Thanks for looking.
  9. PowellSixO

    WTB 250 2 Stroke dirt bike

    I would also consider a 450 fours stroke.
  10. PowellSixO

    WTB 250 2 Stroke dirt bike

  11. PowellSixO

    WTB 250 2 Stroke dirt bike

    I’m looking for a 250 2 stroke dirt bike. Looking for something in the 3000 dollar range. I have a one year old Swarovski Ats hd 65 spotting scope with the 20-50 wide angle eye piece, that I’d like to use as partial trade towards bike with cash on top from me. Basically new with original box. It’s probably a long shot, but thought I’d test the waters. Interested in cr250, yz250, rm250, or kx250. Text me at 435-668-9597 if interested in any possible deals. Thanks for looking.
  12. PowellSixO

    Arizona Unit 1 maps

    Flatline or nothing.
  13. PowellSixO

    Post up your success in tags

    4a early archery bull for this guy. Just down the road a bit. Pretty stoked!!
  14. The wife or I got hit Saturday. Just checked this morning. Could believe it. Early rifle, or early archery here we come. I'll either be the hunter or the guide this year. At least I'm going to get out there.
  15. PowellSixO

    Looking for bass boat.

    PM sent