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  1. redline410

    1997 Ford F250 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke $7,500 obo

    Weekend bump and added a few other pictures to answer some PM's. Also reduced the price. My daughter is ready to sell so any reasonable offer will be considered. Good luck on this weeks hunts boys and girls. looking forward to the pics.... Dave
  2. redline410

    1997 Ford F250 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke $7,500 obo

    Ha- Casey, I agree. it was indeed a win. Elkdown- its a standard 6 1/2foot bed.
  3. I've owned this truck since 2002- gave it to my daughter in high school and it got her through college. Now that she has a big girl job, she's ready to retire the Ford-a-saurus. As stated in the title: 1997 ford F250 4x4 with the 7.3 powerstroke diesel. Automatic transmission. 313k miles. Has some blemishes but all and all she's a good ol' truck. within the last 18 months we've replaced the HPOP, AC compressor, and glow plugs. She had an unfortunate run in with a bollard in a bank drive thru but body is straight otherwise. I have other pictures I will send to anyone interested. call or text 480-213-6584 Thanks for looking. Dave
  4. redline410

    Zamberlin & Kenetreks boots- Price reduced

    bumping for a lower price.... I obviously don't have my finger on the pulse of the high end used boot market so, as always, or best offer. thanks for looking Dave
  5. redline410

    Zamberlin & Kenetreks boots- Price reduced

    Agreed- I have burned through cheaper boots in less than a year. Like most things, you get what you pay for. It does make it nicer when the sonsobitches fit though. Weekend bump boys and girls. Headed to the deep woods here shortly. Catch y'all on the other side.. Dave
  6. redline410

    Zamberlin & Kenetreks boots- Price reduced

    Settled on the median size of my feet. Went with the Crispi Summit which is a slightly less stout boot and helped a ton in eliminating the slop. Trial and error is slightly annoying but more costly than anything. I know they say to give Kenetreks a 50 mile break in time BUT, stacking thick socks and a liner on one side isnt worth it to me. They are a wide so anyone who has had toe box issues in the past should slide into these no problem. Hunts are coming quick boys. Get'em now and give yourself time to break them in..... Any reasonable offer will be considered..... Dave
  7. Lets try this again with a reduced price. Long story short- Nearly tore my foot off a couple of years ago and now my feet are different sizes, which isn't as much fun as it sounds. I was able to finally find a boot that fits properly but have some experimentals that I need to get rid of. First: Kenetrek Hardscrabble SZ 11W. Fit my Right foot perfectly but just couldn't get me left heal to seat. Close to 10mi on these boots. $225obo Second: Zamberlin 960 Guide GTX Sz 10- these were a dream for my left foot, not so much for my Flinstone-esque right. Around 40mi on these but still in good shape $120obo Thanks for looking boys. any questions 480-213-6584 text or call, either one works...... Dave
  8. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    He's definitely getting cheated. Pretty sure he showers in his underwear after gym class...
  9. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    I thought the same thing at first but alas, no. Angle/light/camera shenanigans.....
  10. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    Thanks for the replies, boys. Simple answer to the question- it was just a random placement. Long answer- I knew there are a few good bucks roaming around but glassed this up not too long ago Had no idea there were that many elk wandering around. After a bit of soul searching, I made the walk to get the shed. Took the better part of 5hours to get in out. But in the end, it was worth it I suppose. Took a different route the last time and found this on my way in been trying to find where those dang elk come from since. I think Im in half decent shape but, that terrain hurts just walking a straight line. it really takes your manhood if you're randomly walking around. Was hoping to restrict the coverage area but apparently I'll be going in with multiple purposes covering a lot more ground from here on out. Dave
  11. Took a small hike to check a camera one last time before the mother nature drops the heat hammer. This is a new spot so I wasn't sure what would show up.... no giants but, I was pleasantly surprised. Its probably worth keeping tabs on.... On the way out, I stumbled across these little treasures.. always makes it worth the walk Its going to be a long summer. Thanks for looking. Dave
  12. redline410

    Unit 27 bull(tagged out today!)

    Unit 27 bulls are just cool.... Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  13. redline410

    2017 September Archery Bull 6x6

    Congrats, Kaz! Super nice bull. Nice Job.......