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  1. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    He's definitely getting cheated. Pretty sure he showers in his underwear after gym class...
  2. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    I thought the same thing at first but alas, no. Angle/light/camera shenanigans.....
  3. redline410

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    Thanks for the replies, boys. Simple answer to the question- it was just a random placement. Long answer- I knew there are a few good bucks roaming around but glassed this up not too long ago Had no idea there were that many elk wandering around. After a bit of soul searching, I made the walk to get the shed. Took the better part of 5hours to get in out. But in the end, it was worth it I suppose. Took a different route the last time and found this on my way in been trying to find where those dang elk come from since. I think Im in half decent shape but, that terrain hurts just walking a straight line. it really takes your manhood if you're randomly walking around. Was hoping to restrict the coverage area but apparently I'll be going in with multiple purposes covering a lot more ground from here on out. Dave
  4. Took a small hike to check a camera one last time before the mother nature drops the heat hammer. This is a new spot so I wasn't sure what would show up.... no giants but, I was pleasantly surprised. Its probably worth keeping tabs on.... On the way out, I stumbled across these little treasures.. always makes it worth the walk Its going to be a long summer. Thanks for looking. Dave
  5. redline410

    Unit 27 bull(tagged out today!)

    Unit 27 bulls are just cool.... Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  6. redline410

    2017 September Archery Bull 6x6

    Congrats, Kaz! Super nice bull. Nice Job.......
  7. redline410

    The final stop

    To close the loop on my 2016 archery hunt- he's home and on the wall. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/68667-unit-27-bull-a-quick-picture-tale/ As usual, Mike Vaccarros's work never disappoints. Thanks for looking. Dave
  8. redline410

    First Archery Bull - long story

    Great story and bull. Congratulations!!!
  9. redline410

    Unit 27 Bull- a quick picture tale

    Thanks for all of the replies! Five stars- would hunt the unit again. To answer some of the questions: Up until the archery bear opener, I had a bear encounter every time out. After that, they were rather scarce. I apologize for the low quality picture- lost sight of mama bear and was gauging distance to the truck vs speed of my cousin. I no doubt would have won the foot race but, Christmas would have been awkward. Just some added scenics There is actually a bull in this pic A few more trailcam and phone pics not sure how many had seen the funny shaped star- twas a weather balloon Never did find a really big bull during the preseason other than the bull huntlines brother-in-law punched the clock on. it is a deep, dark unit- it will definitely burn calories and has places that will test your sanity and desire. I did kill my bull off of water. A couple of days were hot and the elk were mute. Besides, I was tired of having my pride stomped into the mud by attempting to outrun them up and down the mountains. What I chose as a way to rest and still act like I was hunting, turned into the most work of the entire trip. Good luck to the next round of hunters out there.... Dave
  10. redline410

    First bull

    Nice first bull! congrats...
  11. redline410

    Burglar Bull

    Great bull, man! tough enough to come out on top when everything goes right. you overcame a mountain of adversity... big props.
  12. redline410

    2 for 2!

    Wow- Great bull!! Congrats on the family success.
  13. redline410

    Unit 27 Bull- a quick picture tale

    Well that was fun- After spending most of the summer scouting for my 2016 archery hunt, I came away with some very valuable lessons about Unit 27 First: there is a lot more to the unit than the 403 road Most of it will punch you in the soul. But some parts will save it Second: Whether live or on memorex- Bears are alway entertaining Third: Elk can be A-holes And also Magnificent Fourth: Proper shot placement helps eliminate the whole joy of tracking Fifth: Its good to be lucky And finally: Nothing better than a successful drive home Big thanks to my brother, Curt! The 5 hour pack out would have been significantly longer without you, amigo. To those who asked- I really don't think the early rifle hunt affected the archery hunt as much as the weather and crowds. I certainly wouldn't want it to be a permanent thing- but every few years isn't as terrible as it may sound. Thanks for looking. Dave
  14. redline410

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    Such a cool bull- And much bigger than I thought he'd be. Big time congratulations to the hunter!!! Sadly, I was hoping he'd stay smart for one more week.... You guys did well. Makes my archery hunt a bit tougher now, though.... Ha
  15. redline410


    Monday bump