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  1. hunthard

    Leftover list…

    Probably called all the instaclowns to give them tags.
  2. hunthard

    ST MAXX??

    Have them on a duramax and got 45k out of them. Been the overall best tire I’ve had. Worn even, great tracking, and towed a lot of heavy trailers.
  3. hunthard

    Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 illum. TMR

  4. hunthard

    Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 illum. TMR

  5. hunthard

    Outsdoorsmans pack accessories

    Pod sold
  6. hunthard

    Outsdoorsmans pack accessories

    Rain fly sold
  7. hunthard

    Outsdoorsmans pack accessories

    Thanks for the heads up haha I’m struggling with basic math today.
  8. Brand new rain fly and accessory pod. 9two8 two45 48six0 rainfly-$25tyd pod-$60tyd both-$80
  9. Scope is in great shape couple wear marks on windage turret. Glass appears to be flawless. 9two8 two45 48six0 $900 shipped
  10. hunthard

    Best mule deer taxidermist.

    Travis Roundy in Glendale UT
  11. hunthard

    Bow shop in Pinetop

    Timber Mesa in Show Low has always been great to me.