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  1. hunthard

    22 Hornet brass and bullets

    Manufacturer of brass?
  2. hunthard

    Garmin Chronograph

    That link you sent is just to buy it with no review. The link I sent, there's tons of other articles to read that are great from Bryan Litz I feel is worth creating a log in.
  3. hunthard

    Garmin Chronograph

    Create a free login?
  4. hunthard

    Garmin Chronograph

  5. hunthard

    Stuff for sale round 2, higher end stuff.

    I’ll take the defiance action
  6. hunthard

    Best Ballistic App (not named Strelok)?

    Applied Ballistics or Shooter for me.
  7. hunthard


    Pm sent on primers.
  8. Autotrickler or a supetrickler with an A&D scale does. They go down to .01. They’re the Ferraris of powder measurers.
  9. hunthard

    Rekon tripods

    Both, you can look at the muley maniacs one or canati. They’re the same tripod just with a fluid head.
  10. hunthard

    Rekon tripods

    Love mine. Well built, been using it for 3 years now and no issues
  11. hunthard

    WTB reloading press

    Buy once cry once and get an area 419 zero press. If you want the most precise turret press
  12. hunthard


    I’ll take it, pm sent
  13. hunthard

    Looking for 300 Blackout Brass

  14. hunthard

    Wtb Dutch ovens