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  1. hunthard

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    I’ll play.
  2. hunthard

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    Is there inning limits and is holds a stat?
  3. Are you sure the 22 Mag is on 26” stays? It says that pack only uses 22” stays.
  4. hunthard

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    Tax season too.
  5. hunthard

    What Church do you attend?

    Here’s a thumbs down and get out of here with that stuff! If you’ve read and believe the word of God, you’d understand why people are paying tithing and going to church. To come on here and call someone’s beliefs a scam that you know nothing about makes you look foolish. This is one of the things I believe in as a Latter Day Saint. “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.” Hopefully you can understand that.
  6. hunthard


    This front office I feel have done a really good job with what they’ve been given. LaRussa and Stewart killed the team and our farm system. Like others have said we wouldn’t be able to match the offers that he’d receive after this season and being unrestricted who’s knows if he would want to stay anyways. We have the worst farm system in the league. This was inevitable, so might as well start now and do it right. This catcher(area where we lack) Cameron Kelly sounds promising. Kelly and Luke Weaver the pitcher we got are in the top 100 prospects in baseball. They said 2 teams were only willing to make a trade and this was the best offer they were going to get. Greinke is next.
  7. hunthard

    Wind Meter

  8. hunthard

    Wind Meter

    I have the Shooter App and see it can link with either a kestrel or a weatherflow(one that comes with the sig 2400abs setup) wind meter. I see the kestrel has prices $70-$500+ and the weather flow is $65. Anybody have any experience with this and which meter should I look into?
  9. hunthard

    Bullets, powder and more

    What brand is the 270 brass?
  10. hunthard

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    I’d go with what you’re saying. The VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7x33
  11. hunthard


    Meopta are hands down better than kaibabs. I feel the meopta are 3rd best behind swaros and leicas. You’ll be very happy with the meoptas
  12. hunthard

    Duracoat Issue

    Doesn’t it need to be baked on? Like 110* I’ve gotten a large card board box hang whatever you’ve painted inside of it and make a hole in it just large enough for the end of a hair blow dryer to fit through and I turn that thing on for a few hours. Never had an issue.
  13. hunthard

    Bino tripod adapters?

    Buy the outdoorsmans, they’re like $60 and the best one out there.
  14. hunthard

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    Odds are just catching up to us now. They’ve won so many games 2-0 or 2-1 and now that it’s crunch time 4 hits in a game isn’t cutting it anymore. Our team average batting average is in the .230’s and we have 3 guys with 20 or more homeruns. It’s our hitting not our pitching.
  15. hunthard

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    Dbacks actually have the best bullpen in baseball(over the course of the year). Yeah they’ve blown in a few times lately, but it’s our hitting where we’re lacking. We’re in the bottom 5 in that department.