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    The Boys had a great day out Sunday. Only day we had with high school wrestling in full swing. First archery kill for one and second for another. First time I have every seen three taking on first stock, same herd and no blood trailing. All dropped insight. Middle pig is a hoss.
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    Wife and I got lucky and arrowed two seconds apart. Both nice boars for Chorizo!
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    Haven't seen any pigs posted yet so I thought I would share mine
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    Been hunting this area a few years but never took a close look at these boulders till now. Jumped several does here as I approached, they were drinking rain water accumulated in these mortar holes and metates. This one still has the mano. Got more pics of petroglyphs from this site but unable to upload.
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    I started out this 2022 coues season in Southern Arizona with several goals in mind. 1st was to get my best friends' future son in law his first buck, 2nd was to help all 6 tag holders in our camp ger a buck, and lastly to harvest my target buck that we found sheds on last year. Like a lot of you, it seems like I spend more of my time helping other hunters hunt than I do hunting for myself. November started well with Helping My buddies" Son in law harvest his 1st. After locating several bucks he harvested this one with a one well placed shot from his 6.5 PRC at 480. The next morning we glassed up 3 more bucks and after a several hour stock and relocate My best buddy and my youngest son harvested 2 more bucks with 6.5 PRC at 730 and 686. On to December...... We returned in December. Our first task was to get my Nephew Cody a buck. He has already killed a 103, and had limited time to hunt. We glassed a smallish buck on the first evening and he said he was stoked to harvest the buck. He shot it at 660 yards with his 270 wsm. Now it was time to start focusing on the two remaining tags we had left, and for a change one was mine. On day 6 I located a buck with some real potential. He had huge eye guards and was a supper classy looking dear. After looking at him for over 20 minutes I decided to let my buddy shoot him because he just wasn't what I was after....... And he MISSED at 259 yards!!!! We came home for work for 4 or 5 days and man did he get roasted for missing. I told him that if I ever found that buck again, I was going to shoot it. Well 6 days later I found him again. We hiked into a bad canyon and got within 196 yards from him bedded. I laid down to shoot the buck and said, "come shoot this thing" he is still not what I am after..... This time I made him shoot my PRC and he did not miss! The eye guard buck that we named goal post was dead... It scored over 100, and is Chaffee's biggest buck. Now here is where the story gets even more crazy. Several days late while trying to turn up my target buck, we were driving into a different spot to hunt. A guy starts honking behind us and pulls us over. He explainded that he had a Jr. hunter with him that only had one day to hunt.. He stated that the kid was willing to take any 2 point of better. We took his phone number and told him we would call him shortly as I truly wasn't going to shoot anything under 110. Fast forward about and hour and I glass up two bucks with some does. The bigger buck appeared to be an 18 inch wide 2x3, and I couldn't see any g1's.. So I call the Dad with the kid to come shoot it. To make a very long story short the kid missed him twice, and we ran out of day light. They were both extremely grateful for the opportunity to try on that buck. The next morning my buddies and I hiked into a different canyon and glassed until 2pm. We looked at over 15 bucks , but could not find what I wanted. We had planned to stay there all day, but at 2 oclock I got on the radio and said, "change of plans, let's go back where the kid missed the wide 3x2, I want to make sure there isn't a bigger buck in there. We drive to our new location, and hike about 2 miles into our spot. Within 10 minutes I glassed up the same buck that the kid had missed the day before. But this time my buddy Jay had his BTX.. He took 0ne look at the buck and said, "you are studpid if you don't shoot this buck!" I said, no, I don't think he is what I am looking for. They talked me into going to take a closed look. As we got to 700 yards, we could tell he had 4 plus inch g ones, and was 18 inches wide, then at 410 yards his 2 point side suddenly had a 3rd point.. After doing some quick math in our not so smart heads we had this buck at around 112.. Again Jay said, IF YOU DON'T SHOOT THIS BUCK YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Well I decided to shoot the buck. He ended up having way more mass than we thought and scored 115 7/8.... yep, I tried my coues 2022.mov my best to give 2 bucks over 100 to someone else...... lmao enjoy the video and pictures. Whitey short take my coues 2022.mov short take my coues 2022.mov Chaffee_coues_vid_22.mp4 my coues 2022 2.0.mov
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    Seeing Brandon's report on his hunt reminded me that we never posted our hunt either. I got two tags again, and gave one to a buddy for his 12 year old son to fill. Taylor would be filling the remaining tag for us. We drove out and scouted the afternoon before opener, and found a couple good bucks, with this guy as our target buck for opening morning. Hard to see, as he was about 2+ miles out, but he was tall and heavy. I did not get a lot of photos, as opening day started from 0 to 100mph in a matter of minutes. We got to where we wanted to be about 20 minutes before legal light and started glassing. The grass was so tall this year, the goats would just appear out of nowhere when they stood up. About 10 minutes before legal light, our target buck made an appearance, but about a mile off property. I then glassed up a different buck, and he was good too. We made a "great plan" to go after the 2nd buck. My buddy (Ryan) and his son (Cody) were going to jump in their truck, circle back around the buck about a mile away, then I was going to start walking towards it to push it to them. Great plan, should have a buck down before sunup, right? The minute Ryan started the truck, that buck was GONE! Ran a mile to the fence then a mile off property in about 2 minutes. Well, first plan failed miserably. We glassed up a bunch of other pronghorn, and plans were made and broken before we could even gather the gear a few times in that first 90 minutes. We packed up, and drove to another spot to glass, and met up with another buddy about 2 hours after sunrise, and took a look at his buck he had just killed (The one Kyle was waiting on, and got shot by another hunter, my other buddy's kid (Cole). We drove, and glassed, and spotted, and confirmed they were off property, and chased, and drove, and glassed.....for a few hours. Tons of goats, but nothing we could go after. I then got word that the other person in our group, Tracy, shot a good buck about 10:30AM with my old .280AI at 650 yards. About that time we spotted a good buck with a couple does on top of a bowl about 3 miles away, watching us as I glassed them up. No way to go straight at them, no way to go up the spine, so I devised a brilliant plan to back out, and drive around to the side about a mile away, and we could keep one hill between us and them and sneak through about the only group of junipers within 5 miles and should be above them to get about a 300-400 yard shot down into the buck. Now, Cody had been cooped up in a vehicle for 16 hours on Friday, and another 5 hours on opening day, so he had been raring to go all morning. About 1/2 mile into the hike, he was slowing down. So we took our time sneaking around the hill....and we jumped two BIG mulies. Who went stotting around the hill towards our destination....of course. I told Ryan and Cody, "I sure hope those bucks don't blow the pronghorn out of the country.". Sure enough, as we sneak to the top, there are the two mulies standing in the middle of the bowl staring at us, and the pronghorn are long gone. I tell Ryan and Cody to get comfortable and set up, and I would go down and around the hills, and sneak up the backside just in case the goats are in a fold and I can drive them towards our position. Well, 3 miles later, no dice. I head back towards the hill Ryan and Cody were on, and see Cody sitting under a tree, and RYan packing up the gear while I am still topping the last hill. Hmm. Get back to Ryan and Cody, and Cody is looking like he is in bad shape. Ryan thinks maybe he got too hot, so we slowly head towards the trucks a mile away. We barely get back to the trucks. Cody climbs in and is instantly asleep. We would find out later, the poor kid came down with COVID and it kicked him in the face in a matter of hours. So, Tracy and Don (Tracy's husband) met up with us and we check out her goat, and talk a little shop. They give us a spot where they had chased some pronghorn earlier, and so we decide to go check the area out. About 2:30, we get to the spot, and I glass up 3 separate groups of goats, about 2.5 to 3 miles out in this huge flat. 1st goat, decent with 9 does. 2nd goat, good with about 30 does. They are both about 2.5 miles out. 3rd goat, with about 6 does, and 3 miles out, hard to tell with him but he looked smaller than the first 2. Talking with Ryan, no way is Cody making that hike out in the shape he is in. Fast asleep and sick as a dog by now. And then it happens.... While watching the bigger buck...I see horn tips just off the top of a slight depression fairly close. I run over to Ryan's truck and climb in the back and stand on his ice chest to try and get a better look at the buck. He is a smaller buck, but ranged him at 565 yards. I tell Ryan get Cody out of the truck and get him ready to go. Ryan runs over and asks Cody, "Want to shoot a buck?" Cody jumps out, and I tell Ryan, "I am going to get him to come in." Ryan says, "huh?" I run to my truck and grab a white hand towel I borrowed from the hotel. Jump back up in Ryan's truck on the ice chest, and whistle once, and wave the towel like I am surrendering at Gettysburg. The buck looks over, and he is on his feet in seconds, slowly headed our way. I jump down, we get the tripod set up, and Cody on it to see over the grass. Back up in the truck, and the buck has stopped, just staring. I ranged him, 500 yards. Ryan says, "What do I dial?" I say, "throw me your rangefinders!" Now, they still can't see the buck, as he is behind a little roller hill. I start waving the white flag of surrender, and the buck starts back towards us. I tell Cody, "He is coming, get ready, I am going to get him to come right to the top of the hill in front of you." Range, "dial 3.2mil"....range "dial 3.0mil....range, "dial 2.5mil....dial 2.0mil......dial 1.5mil..........dial 1.0mil..........dial .5mil......here he comes" I hear Cody, "I SEE HIM!" Me, "dial .1MIL.....he stopped.....kill him right now!" The suppressed 25SST let out a crack, I watched the impact through the rangefinder. He turned, and I saw the fountain and a flop and said, "He is down!" From 565 to 210 yards. Here is the buck just off the top (hard to see the horns, but he is there) Cody getting ready and realizing a bipod was too low Waiting for the buck to top out Exit from the 133 Elite @ 3250fps Cody's first buck! Well, after the whirlwind that took about 10 minutes to unfold and get Cody's buck on the ground, Taylor and I headed out after the other 2 bucks 2.5 miles out. We had a lot of ground to cover, and the pronghorns had been watching us the whole time. We had a big herd of cows between us and the goats, so we were hoping to use them as cover. It worked for the first 1.5 miles. The pronghorn watched us coming the whole time, and when we got a mile out, both groups all stood up. So we went really slowly the last 200 yards to the cows...which then started to mill around and narc us out. Except our new friend, we shall call her "Bessie". Bessie calmed the pronghorn down, and they all bedded back down. Bessie walked with us for another 1/2 mile, as our escort. At 772 yards, the goats all got back up, so we stopped and got set up for the shot. They all bedded again, and the wait was on for the buck to stand and get clear of the does in front of him. We waited for 40 minutes, me even having to shoo Bessie out of the way once, for the buck to finally stand and finally clear the does, slightly quartering away. I have it all on video from Ryan behind us 2 miles back. A long version and a short version of just the shooting. It was really windy, and my first wind call was off a bit. First shot was a bit far back and a pass through (would find out it was a liver shot when we recovered him) and would have been fatal, but a second shot was on the money. The video is kind of gruesome, seeing him run and everything hanging out the backside. A heavy buck, high prongs, and Taylor's longest kill to date. You can see the first shot entrance a little far back. Here is the short video, buck is on the very left side of the frame to start. We had a great trip, and it was very rewarding to get Cody his first pronghorn, and Taylor her longest kill to date.
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    Deer hunting near Rich Hill, lots of diggings and shafts dot the landscape. Old cans and bottle shards from the last two centuries. Spotted this 12ga. Shotshell brass, dates back 100 years. Next in a miners rock claim cairn monument, I dug down past the top stones and found this claim notice in an old bottle Still trying to get the lid off. It’s pretty beat up, doesn't want to give up its secrets easily.
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    We were blessed to spend a week in Alpine for Christmas! Had to shut the place down today but went for one last little drive! I love the fresh fallen snow and the magic it brings!!! Happy New Year CWT family!
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    From last week. Samsung S21 Ultra 20221229_085638.mp4
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    Went out to my usual stomping ground for quail and got on 10-15 different small coveys. Knocked down 8 recovered 7. Always like finding/seeing other wildlife, came across these barn owls hunkered down in a vertical mineshaft. And of course love finding deer sheds.
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    Not a huge coues guy and haven’t been on the forum really in years but I used to love scrolling through everyone’s success back in the day so I figured I’d share mine. Got in tight to this buck thanks to a good buddy and made good on the opportunity.
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    It says Outdoorsman's on it, so bros will buy it. I am more than happy with my Slick CF634.. especially now!
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    You found the train station
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    Hmm. To each there own!! Had lots of fun on both hunts and my freezer is full!! My Turkey and my bull from last year
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    I did a prime rib this year but forgot to take a picture so I’ll add to this thread by posting one from a couple years ago with a giant Coues next to it. I love cooking on my Traeger, I'm sure there are others that are better or just as good but I've had pretty good luck with mine for almost 10 years now. I did have to replace an auger motor and a fan but that is about it.
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    Like Adam previously stated not a coues but it was harvested with a specialty pistol. With 30 BP I finally drew an AZ desert bighorn sheep permit. I used a custom Remington XP-100 in 284 Winchester to harvest my ram at 157 yards.
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    This thread smells like poor people
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    This happen in Aug and really never got around to it. But since I've been home all day for the holidays here we go! Opening morning we got to our high spot and right away looking down I see a decent buck but with nice cutters. I hmm and haw at him and said out loud there is no way this guy is on the Property. Pulled up OnX and lo and behold he is sitting right in the middle of a 1/4 squal mile island of the property surrounded by State land. I put my gun on him and my hunting partner said wait a second I want to film this. I'm on the gun just waiting and waiting. And of course once he is ready the buck started moving after grunting at us the whole time. He ran a bit and stopped. Only at 450 yards I shoot and right over his back. On video it looked like a few inches over his back. He ran off of his little island and back on state land. I thought that was weird how I missed so bad. My hunting partner finds a nice buck a mile out. Through the spotting scope he looked good. He bedded down, So I stayed on the high ground and guided him into him. He gets into 300 yards and sets up waiting for him stand up. After 15 mins or more he stands up. Watching through his spotter I see dust and then a boom. I couldn't believe he missed that buck, then he radios me and says that's not me!!! The buck runs towards him and stops 150 yards in front of Kyle. He radios and says should I shoot him? And then through the binos I watched the buck fall over and then a boom. He radios back and said thats not me!. Some other hunter 600 yards out just shot him. I guess the hunter bedded the buck last night and he told Kyle he was very grateful for not shooting this buck. I guess something like that happen on a bull elk hunt a couple years ago and they got into it with the other hunter that tried to take his elk that he just killed. Well Kyle stayed on the south side of the valley and I stayed on the north side of the property and just worked the valley. I glassed up a nice buck and took after him. In the mean time that same buck I shot and missed started following me staying about 400 yards out and grunting. Can't do anything about he is still on State. I got set up at 600 yards on this bedded buck waiting for him to stand. Once up I made my shot and missed again! Dude what the! What is going on. I hiked back to the truck and picked up kyle. I found a hill and shot at a cow patty at 500 yards and was about 10 inches high. I have no idea why my zero is off. But we go find a spot and re zero it back. Found a soft ball size rock at 500 yards and smack in the center. Ok ok good to go! We made a couple attempts on some bucks but nothing happen. Now its even time and now we are on the bluff looking over the whole area planning for tomorrow. Sure enough that same buck comes off the bluff 500 yards away grunting at us for 20 mins. He slowly comes down. I told Kyle Im going after this SOB. He said he is on state. Yep and he is heading towards the private property. I was waiting for him to get some distance from us. I run down the hill with my gear and the buck goes over this little 4 ft knoll and now he can no longer see me. So I just walk to that knoll. My spotter radios, he is feeding with some does. The 2 does I asked? Yep! Ok perfect because those does are on the property. I come over the knoll and ranged him at 710 yards and can't get prone due to the high grass. So I extend out the bipods to 36" and grab my second hand held bipod and rest it under the rear stock. Boom and dropped him. My 280AI that Lance did the load development shooting 160TMKs at 3100fps has broken every animals spine which has been 5 animals. It does what bergers do but just more! All hits have been center mass and it still breaks the spine or damages the spine. I really need to do a write up on that bullet. But Sadly we haven't seen any of them for over a year now. The next morning we started about 1/2 mile from day 1. Same thing Kyle finds a buck that looks wide and cool looking. We went back and fourth between 2 bucks to go after. He couldn't decide but the wide one bedded down. I told Kyle Just drive the truck around down in the valley and park it 800 yards out. The buck can't see you due to these 15ft high rolling hills that are about 100 yards long. So he does just that and I watch the whole thing again from a mile out. He gets up to a shooting position. Same thing he's waiting for him to stand up. So after 20-30 mins Im bored and start texting Lance what Kyle is waiting for. Lance is now texting me back with questions marks.........anything? Nope but we have truck coming our way. I radio Kyle and told him a truck is coming. Probably be there in 10 mins. Lance texts back and if you can see his vital and have a good shot take it. So I rely back to Kyle if you have a good shot take it. He radios back and says Im getting ready. At the same time im texting Lance whats going on play by play. He shoots and hits him hard. He gets up from the shot and moves 10 ft and sits back down. Kyle re adjust and shoots again and dumps him. Side note Lance didn't have a tag this year gave it to his daughter and helped another youth hunter. With Kyles buck, my buck and the people that was with Lance that was 6 bucks down in 24hrs!! It was a fun hunt! Kyles buck looks cool and looks big in pics but didn't even score 70inchs
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    Man this whole hunts bumping back a week is really jacking with people. Every 5-6 years all hunts get bumped back a week. Has always happened and will continue to happen. If it didn't you'd eventually be having archery elk hunts in July and rifle deer hunts in September.
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    That's the shoot I am after too. I have no desire to sit in a blind for hours on end and dealing with the shitshow that is up north. Bison mounts look like cattle to me, so just a euro if it's a bull, but more than happy with some cow meat.
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    Milwaukee m18 electric 1/2 and a Milwaukee compressor Is the only way to go.
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    Early archery for me no matter what size bull I’m after.
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    Youre still the dude who posted a man’s bare butt though, right?