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    After years of waiting to get a turkey tag I finally completed a bucket list item. My brother called in this bird in on the 2nd day I was able to hunt. 2oz of #7 1/2 shot bing pushed by about 5 drams of black powder. W C Scott and Son 8 gauge hammer gun made in 1888. Picture of my brother posing with my 8 gauge and bird.
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    Last year on my Colorado trip I caught a 26" 10 lb brown trout on the fly, I went back this year thinking I would end up disappointed and never top that fish... but God is good! caught this almost identical 26" 10 lb Rainbow on the fly, 100 ft from where I caught the big brown last year! I need to give full credit to my nephew who is a fly fishing guide in Colorado. If any of you are looking for a great guide and trip, message me and I'll get you in touch with him.
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    Local rancher I buy meat from for my dog reached out and asked for help with predators. My son and I headed out there this morning and got this guy down before it got too terribly hot.
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    Thanks to all who have served!
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    Blessed with a nice Bird. T2.mp4
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    Pay application and license fee, get a kick in the nuts. That’s the answer to any question you have
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    So the mom bird was killed by a cat. my brother happened to have an incubator so we put the eggs in and waited 3 weeks IMG_3146.mov
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    Not as many this time, but we had a blast at a dairy yesterday!
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    this beautiful custom built gun from A&M rifles was built in Prescott AZ. A&M used there own barrels for there rifle builds. they were in business from the 50s to sometime in the 70s. one later went on to work as a headsmoth for ruger and the other took his barrels to other companies. this is a really beautiful custom built springfield 1903. it comes as pictured and also includes the newspaper article thats pictured. It’s just taking up room in need in the safe as I don’t shoot it. $1550 shipped and insured FFL to FFL This is on the books of my dads FFL and can be seen in person in Prescott but will need to be shipped to your dealer for transfer.
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    Cool concept but the blacksmith looks out of shape. Lol
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    Remington Nylon 66 Black Apache .22 LR in good condition. This is a great, accurate, fine lightweight rifle fun for kids & adults alike. $500/Kingman
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    Anyone else getting screwed by the San Carlos? So years ago we used to hunt bears without guides on the San Carlos (I’m sure many of you remember these days). But then the tribe changed the rules that you had to have a tribal guide and they raised the tag’s to about $1500. Obviously a lot of people quit hunting it because of the new rules. Well if you been to any of the rivers over the last couple of years the bear population is insane! So this year they opened it back up to hunting without a tribal guide and they lowered the bear tags down to $600. It was a first come first serve basis. My buddy and I got our apps in and last week they called us saying we were successful in getting tags, they let us pick our unit, all good 👍🏼. A week goes by and we noticed they never charged our cards. So we made a follow up call. Then we were informed that the Director changed his mind and “first come first serve” now means that people hiring tribal guides get the tags first, so they took our tags back and said never mind. It doesn’t say that anywhere on their website. So obviously my buddy and I were pretty heated. We were excited about our tags. So we called them on their bs, well that upset the “Director” enough that he told us he would put us on the “blacklist” so we could never hunt again on the San Carlos. The San Carlos is known for this bs, they wouldn’t let Turkey hunters hunt during Covid and wouldn’t refund their money. The Director is a crook! They can go ahead and put me on the “blacklist” cause I’ll never give them another dime!
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    Those reservations are one step above a third world country, with similar corrupt governments that do as they please. They are sovereign so there is no oversight but at the same time they are backed by the U.S. governments money. On top of that, they are some of the most greedy people on the planet that will screw people over to make a quick buck without thinking about the money they will lose in the future. They are lucky they have big money hunters that are willing to pay for those elk tags or they'd all have starved to death by now. The director, Tim Stevens, is a worthless piece of trash, that as you learned just runs things as he pleases and makes up rules as he goes. BUT they know there's enough people that are willing to play their game to get to hunt there so they don't really care.
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    For sale this classic Ithaca model 37 in exceptional condition considering this old girl is having her 75th birthday this year. Built in 1949, 28-inch barrel with modified choke. Nice, figured walnut. Butt stock has been refinished. Excellent for left handers due to bottom eject. Excellent condition for her age with some thinning of the original blue. Bore is shiny and pump action is smooth... I have owned this shotgun since 1960 and she has been a closet queen for most of those years. Comparable Model 37s of this condition are priced $6 - 800 on the auction sites. Priced to sell at $500 Reduced to $450 or trade for Leupold 4.5-14x 40mm scope. Final price drop $400. I live in Peoria. 602 3 seven six-15 nine 8 Thanks for looking, Bill
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    There are very few elk by Clay Springs right now... Ask me how I know? Most of the tanks are dry. I'm doing my best to grow something to keep them close. IMG_6308.mov
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    Had a great trip with some buddies over to NM last month. This is my 2nd Oryx first one was a bull and this one was a cow. The costs have increased and I figured they looked enough alike I didn't care if it was a bull or cow. Few years ago bull Last months cow
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    Atleast it’s nice to see some one who’s good at their craft
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    Couple cool Coues bucks finished. Good luck in the upcoming draw!
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    You want a credit card, You want a credit card, You want a credit card
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    Arizona like many other states had a ruling that no shotgun bigger than a 10 gauge can be used on game.I set out about 14 years ago working with the AZ Game and fish department to allow the use of the 8 gauge for hunting all wildlife that could be hunted with lower gauge shotguns. ( Migratory birds are governed the federal G&F) so waterfowl or example cannot be hunted with the 8 gauge. I owned 2 8 gauges at the time. Fortunately the Commissioner at the time agreed with me ( he did not accept the panels original decision to deny my request.) The panel felt that AZ hunters might be confused and shoot migratory birds with the 8 gauge. My response was earlier today the department suspended a hunters license for 5 years for taking two deer in the same year. The hunter argued he was not aware that this was a violation. Ignorance was an excuse for not knowing the law. The panel was directed to go back and figure out how to allow the 8 gauge. Further banning the 8 gauge did not make sense after all 3 1/2 “ 12 and 10 gauges can carry an equally large payload. Other states allow the 8 gauge. The goal should be to harvest the game you are hunting as effectively as possible. As long as the hunter abides by the limit and hunts ethically. As the law stands today you can hunt all big game with the exception of bison. As well you can hunt predators and upland game with the 8. I have now taken turkeys in New Mexico and Florida as well. If any members have 8 gauges it would be nice to hear from you. PS calling in coyotes using the old 8 gauge is a blast.
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    Just wanted to update everyone and thank those who have bought tickets. We have 6 tickets left, I would bet that somewhere between 40-60 tickets were bought from CWT members. Thank you all for the support. We are doing the drawing the night of the 7th. Ill do my best to update everyone, im working the event so I will be very busy until the following Monday.
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