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    I've had my fair share of kills with my compound but figured I would try something new this year and now I'm hooked. 45#pse tigershark Goldtip340 traditional arrows 125 grain montec fixed 3 blade
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    I got my 2020 javelina on January 20th during Fort Huachucas archery javelina hunt. I had hunted every weekend and free day all month without seeing any javelina. I had been hunting areas that had produced javelina for me before, usually glassing from dawn to dusk. All the areas I was hunting had javelina sign in them, but I just couldn’t find them. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t fill my tag this year. After glassing all morning in a spot where I had taken a javelina every year for the past three years, and still seeing nothing, I decide to try something different. Two years ago I had been predator calling in a place a few miles away and called in some javelina. I decided to quit what I was doing and go check out that spot. The spot was near a pond in an area that seemed like a good bedding area. I set up on the north side of the pond and started blowing on a predator call. After a few minutes I saw a lone javelina in the brush on the other side of the pond. He kept coming closer and stopped on the far edge of the pond. He stopped just outside of my comfortable range so I decide not to take a shot. He milled around for a little bit and then left. I tried to follow after him but had to give up because the brush was too thick to stalk trough. I headed back to my spot on the north side of the pond. I waited around for a while contemplating my next move feeling disappointed. Just then I spotted something moving in the brush on the other side of the pond. It was a lone javelina coming around the east side of the pond and heading north. When he disappeared from view I nocked an arrow and headed in his direction hoping to intercept him. I hadn’t moved very far when he popped up less than 10 yards in front of me. He froze looking in my direction as I fumbled with my release trying to hook it to my bow string. After what seemed like a long time I hooked my string and drew my bow. Just as he started to leave I put an arrow in him and he dropped a few feet away. I’m pretty sure this was the same javelina I had called in earlier. He weighed 38 lbs dressed and is the first boar javelina I’ve ever taken. I thank God that I was able to take this animal after a long hunt that I didn’t think would work out. When what you usually do isn’t working don’t be afraid to try something new.
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    Took my daughter out this morning for her 2nd pig hunt. Glassed up a herd right off the bat, put the sneak on them and after pursuing them for a little ways this bore stood up out of his bed and she shot him at about 75 yards. I'm super proud of her, she's the cheerleader type of girl but a couple years ago I talked her into giving hunting a try, I think I got her hooked😀
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    My 12-year old son has been fortunate enough to get two javelina in the last two years on opening weekend. His first year, he used his 7mm-08 and that hunt was filmed by The Mountain Project. Last year, he used my AR. After two successful pig hunts using modern rifles and quality optics, he decided he wanted a challenge. He asked me if he could use my 1956 H&R M1 Garand. I couldn't tell him no, but I told him he had to carry that 11-pound beast and he needed to be prepared to not fill a tag due to iron sights and needing to get in close, which I know isn't really a big issue with javelina. We took it out a while back to sight it in for the Barnes VOR-TX 150gr TTSX ammo he'd be hunting with and he was center-punching a 12-inch black splatter target at 100 yards. This was after he took one shot at my 12-inch gong and hit one of the bolts that holds it together, rendering it useless for the rest of the session. Opening weekend took forever to find pigs and ended up with a 6-mile round trip hike in the heat with no food, but plenty of water. Long story short, he didn't get a javelina and we both ended up being thankful. I gave him the choice to switch back to his 7-08 to increase his chances, but he said "I'm using the Garand or nothing!" and was willing to eat tag soup all for the challenge of iron sights! Yesterday was beyond epic. It was Garand! After last weekend, Jacob showed amazing perseverance and dedication to his commitment. We took off with our friends again to fill two youth javelina tags. Another friend came along to glass. We found a big herd of javelina by 0750 yesterday morning in a STEEP canyon. A little over two hours later, we were above them and had two boys set up at 74 yards on two broadside pigs. Jacob shot first with a solid hit on the rear javelina and our friend's son shot the front pig seconds later for a great double at 1020, including the other boy's first javelina! The pack put was hot and brutal, but we did it. Of course, Jacob had to affix the bayonet I carried for pics! I asked and its not legal to use a bayonet as a method of take in Arizona. I carried it strictly for pictures and he couldn't wait to put it on the rifle. I can tell you that carrying a quartered javelina and 11-lb (loaded) rifle is not for the meek. The rifle was actually unloaded for the hike out, but a loaded clip doesn't add that much more weight. I'm so stinking proud of Jacob for his perseverance, determination, and commitment to the challenge! A little Beastie Boys made the drive home even more epic! Later last night, after showers and dinner, I walked upstairs to watch a movie with him and found him with his feet in the foot massager!
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    I was fortunate to be able to help Cuco Del Cid of Rancho.Bonito.Trophy.Hunts in Sonora last week. Dr Michael Sisk killed a great buck. Only 15-4” of main beam and 12-2” inside spread, but 32-5” of mass. IMG_8355.MOV IMG_8664.MOV
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    I was sitting at the counter eating breakfast this morning and saw something in the window out of the corner of my eye. Kinda creepy having somebody just stare at you while you eat...
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    Well today Thomas took me for the worst hike of my life, but luckily it was all worth it. Thomas made a great 225 yard shot on a bedded Javelina. Very proud of him, he definitely earned this one. Big thanks to Uncle Adam (BigBrowns) for helping out too.
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    I’d rather have my dad and mom than millions.
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    I posted the following reply to his "excuse" on MM: "After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him... The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut." -- WILL ROGERS
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    Last year was a little slow on big browns for me, but we did all right on chalks and hard whites. Ended up with a little over 80 elk sheds and 2 dozen or so deer sheds by the end of the year. Coolest ATL of the year Only brown set i found all year Fence line freebie about 300 yards from the bike Biggest set of the year. Probably 330 give or take Mid day stash pile for me and 2 of my buddies First pile to the buyer How did everyone else do?
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    In the midst of the Great Depression, a guy's gotta earn a buck.
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    He killed the suns on a regular basis.
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    Worse news, 30 Marines and one sailor dead after helo crash in iraq. My heart goes out to their families and I salute their willingness to go in harms way True Heroes.
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    I’m in the west side and it’s far from me. It’s a nice lake that’s easy to read. It’s also slab city.
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    Yep that's the name's. Pretty sure they're brothers.
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    He was more than a basketball player, inspired millions of people - he also represented his country in the Olympics and won gold, that was a proud moment... He wasn't even old enough sign his contract when he entered the NBA, was rightfully immature for the first stage of his career , but he grew into a role model, incrdible work ethic, father figure, business owner, dude spoke like 5 languages, helped many.... i could go on and on.... If he was "just a basketball player" what are the rest of us? Who should the country morn for? Inspire me with your life story
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    My personal best in my avatar right at 115"
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    Got out early Saturday before sunrise. A little chilly early, but turned into a nice morning. 42 miles in just under 3 hours, stopping to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. The desert sure is green. Some places look like Ireland! Won’t be long before the heat gets here, so go out and enjoy the desert!
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    *UPDATE* - ARREST MADE Sheriff detective called yesterday to let me know that an arrest was made regarding my case. With serial numbers on several electronic items that were stolen, the break actually came because of a fanny-pack. I don't own alot of high end gear, but I did have a nice "specialty" fanny-pack. Not Nike or Adidas but a quality piece of gear from reputable backcountry equipment company. Crackheads dont sport sh*t like that...busted! They said that he was a career burglar, and he's headed to prison not jail. I'll update again with any other details. -Patrick
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    Because he’s one of the best nba players of all time holy shoot the responses in this thread make me wonder why I’m considered an asshole here
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    Are houndsmen good fist fighters? I thought they were just guys that run dogs. The fact that some guys think hounds dropped, means that any animal within 5-10 miles of them is theirs is absurd. I have followed behind hounds multiple times and understand the pace. I also understand the chance you take when you drop those dogs and they cover 5 miles fairly quickly. No different than bumping a deer over a ridge and he gets shot by another deer hunter. Just because I saw you parked 3 miles away and a deer comes running toward me from your direction, doesn't mean I am going to give it a pass. Different story if they have an animal treed and you go shoot said animal before the guys get there.
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    Tall timber and overcast got me soooooo turned around in unit 8 a few years ago. My wife, 2 kids 4 and 5 years old then and 10 week old puppy went for a 10 minute hike... Both my wife and I thought we were headed back to the truck but an hour and a half later we knew we were lost. We hadn’t really brought anything with us thinking we’d be gone 20 minutes tops. Finally after finding the rim of a canyon and seeing the power line in the distance and using the compass on my phone we were able to triangulate our location. Never had a pit in my stomach like that before it’s one thing when you’re on your own but when kids are involved it really ups the pucker factor. Made it back to the truck about an hour later but my kids still talk about it every time we go in the woods.
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    Several years ago a friend asked me to disperse most of his late father's estate. The old timer must have been a colorful character. He lived a minimalist life style even though he had retired from Ratheon with a good nest egg and pension. But he had simple needs and lived on a small farm in Cochise with his horses and dogs. Spent his golden years packing into unit 33 mostly and hunted as much as possible. He built a small shop on his acreage and lived in a kit garage with dirt floors. When the prostate cancer weakened him to exhaustion, he settled into assisted living and therefore was not home when his property flooded. The moisture had ruined a lot of his possesions when I started to gather them and some items were just tossed. But there were a few items I put into a drawer for another day. SCIENCE!!! Yesterday I started the restoration of these items. All with moving parts were so badly rusted, they no longer had moving parts. Time to experiment with electrolysis. 5 gallon bucket of water with approx 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon water for electrolytes. I hung the items needing cleaned from a piece of sucker rod I could ground from the old battery charger. I would set the charger to 6V, 3 amps. The anodes were a couple of iron grading stakes I had laying around. I connected them together with jumper cables but it didn't seem to matter having 2 anodes since all the oxidation migrated to the one anode even though my volt meter indicated voltage at both. Put the rusty items through the electrolysis overnight and got up to this view. Its important to do this outside, as the process creates hydrogen since you're separating H2O. Additionally, using salt for the electrolytes makes for chlorine gas. After 18 hours, here's the result... I was thrilled to see this antique actually operate again. The breech opens, ejector, hammer, trigger all moving again. She's going back in for more electrolysis. The right side of the pistol was facing the anode so it came out cleanest, so I turned the gun around 180' to work more on the left side. In case you're wondering, it's an Iver Johnson, 5 shot Top Break Safety .32 S&W short. Same model used to assassinate Pres. McKinley 119 years ago.