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    I want to wish everybody who applied for sheep the best of luck or fulfillment of destiny, whichever theory you believe in! You CAN get drawn. I'm living proof. Rocky or desert, Nelsoni or Mexicana, boxy or flaring, red or yellow, big or small, them sheep horns get in your blood!
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    In addition to my prospected bonus point pass on a late Coues hunt in a top tier unit. I'm (almost) speechless. Drew the 2nd tag on my 2nd choice, 41W. 9 points, I'm genuinely sorry to those guys with 25+. Clearly this was nothing more than a dream, but proof that dreams come true. From unit info to tips on just enjoying the once in a lifetime opportunity, if anyone can share anything at all, I really, really appreciate it. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.
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    Back in the late 80s and early 90s I worked along side my dad in the log woods up here in the 3c area, logging and thinning brush. There was a significant amount of work back then. It all stopped shortly after. 10 or so years later we burn almost half a million acres.
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    4 days of riding and camping in the cool empty pines. A little lonely but mom came by to visit and I brought plenty of books. Pretty cool I took mom for her first ever mule ride and only her second time on horseback in 40 years. We came upon a coyote which we followed from way back and she led us to her den full of pups, so cool to have mom see that. Came across two separate bands of "wild horses" and snagged some good video. There are horses in some of these pics but phone doesn't make it good to see them It's super dry up there but the tanks have good water. It's just dry everywhere else. Be careful with flames and heat. I chose no fire for the week but I could have legally had one.
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    Finally at 55, started at 18...unit 42 or 44bs....had 29 bps( 1 under max,missed year daughters were born),,still hasn't sunk in yet
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    For the money and right off the shelf the Tikka is very hard to beat. I have messed with lots of the higher end factory rifles like the Christensen, Cooper and Kimbers. I haven't seen them do anything better than a Tikka that costs half as much. The Tikka will easily be a half moa rifle even with off the shelf ammo. I have yet to mess with one that hasn't shot extremely well. I would drop the $700 on a Tikka and put the rest into a nice piece of glass and skip the lower end glass bit and just be done with it. With a little bit of work, the Tikka can be truly amazing. Here is a five shot group of a load I worked up for a factory off the shelf Tikka T3x in 6.5x55. No bedding, no trigger, just bone stock.
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    Holy nuts we got a $650 hit! I think I got a bison tag! Now I can't remember if I put just myself in for it or my wife too.
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    Just wanted to reach out and say that if any houndsmen need a place to keep their dogs I have plenty of room with SOME spare houses if you need to evac and dont know what to do. No house but you can set up a camper right there and have your dogs there and be safe till things pass. No just an offer for the Woodbury fire but any that happen. I have a small puppy pen already set up but just wanted to throw it out there if anyone needs a place. Property is big enough for horses or mules too but there is no fencing so that may hinder that unless you bring panels. Send me a message if you need a place for you and your dogs.
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    **Update - it was my FIL who drew, and it is 43A** I'm not sure who drew, but hoping it's my 12-year old daughter...she was in on her own and I also had my wife apply with plans to sign it over to her. But even if it's my FIL we are in for an adventure. Depending on which of the applications drew, we will be in 44BN, 43A, or 43B. Odds are it's 43B. Can't wait!
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    Good for conservation. The game and fish will just correct it based on harvest objective and population objectives and it will generate more revenue for the state.
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    After the Yarnell Fire, they’re not going to send guys in willy nilly into a wilderness area chock-full of heavy fuels, box canyons and steep drainages, along with erratic winds, without assessing firefighter safety first. As others have mentioned, not calling planes sooner, I believe they were already committed to the Mountain fire burning near Bartlett lake. By that time, the Woodbury fire took off and was too late. Since there were no ground crews actively working the fire line in the Woodbury fire, they couldn’t use the planes since they work together. Just a perfect storm for that wilderness to go up in flames. It'll come back. Gotta keep guys safe first.
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    Took the kid and her boyfriend out shed hunting today, She found the small elk shed in the 1st 10 mins then the old muley she 10 mins later. 1st time we went out specifically looking for sheds and she finds some. Last time we were on a turkey shed hunt trip and she found that deadhead.
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    Anything with the word California in it sucks.
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    Bicycles aren't allowed in the wilderness either. I like the wilderness rules, it keeps the riff raff at the road.
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    About time them somesbitches pich in and” pay their fair share”
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    This was a few miles apart but excited to get them on my cam
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    why dont you just not click on the threads if you dont want to read it
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    It's gonna be a busy fall and winter!!!!
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    Late Dec Coues tag for the first time.
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    First of all, I can't believe he trusted his wife to put them in for sheep, he is braver than I am! Second he should literally go buy a lottery ticket. I have never ever heard of that.
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    I got another one of those 'once in a lifetime' tags again this year. AZ Strip
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    I’m glad Amanda came up the “Non-hunting related Politics” forum. It’s made the site more enjoyable for folks who just want to share information and experiences on hunting, hiking, fishing, shooting, backpacking, etc. because we can now do so without having to wade through numerous overtly political threads. I’ve learned so much by being a member on here for more than a decade. Sure, politics are important. I’m glad people hold political beliefs. I certainly hold them. I’m glad people discuss politics publicly because that’s the market place of ideas where we can critically scrutinize and pressure test our own ideas and those of others. We can change our views if convinced we were wrong about something or we can have more confidence in our convictions if, when exposed to challenges and different viewpoints, we emerge more convinced of our position. So we win either way. If someone wants to talk politics with me, I’m happy oblige. If, however, someone wants to talk politics at me, well, I’ve never found that useful. Often, the political topics in the Campfire forum devolved into simplistic, intransigent, name-calling full of logical fallacies. That’s not helpful, not productive, and not fun. I go with the premise that we are all Americans and that we all want what’s best for America. I also believe that we have different ideas for how to best keep this Republic humming along in the most efficient and sustainable way. Throughout human history, Democracy has been the exception, not the rule. The fact that we have, for the last 243 years or so, governed ourselves without a monarchy, without an oligarchy, without a plutocracy, is pretty remarkable. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” can and, indeed, should have direct, thoughtful, and serious discussions about our society and politics. It’s our enemies that want us to see our fellow Americans with different ideas as “others” who represent an existential threat to our way of life, not worthy of being treated with dignity and respect, and to have us be divided by stereotypes, tropes, and simplistic name calling. I guess I took the long way around the barn on this but I’m glad Amanda came up the “Non-hunting related Politics” forum.
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    I just got a text from Gila County "all clear for Roosevelt residents to return to there homes" Great news.
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    We did pretty good we only fished Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Several 15-18inches but most were 12-14. 5 of us caught 20-50each. Mostly on top water floating rappals and a rebel grasshopper.