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    I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy on the 31st of this month, however if you think you can get er done without me going through the prep, we could possibly set something up.
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    Nope. This is a general hunt. I am kicking around the idea of hunting with my bow as calling is an option and most of the moose encounters I have had were at pretty close range. I am reconciling that in my mind with the fact that the surface ownership is pretty mixed and I could be potentially be trying to capitalize in brief windows when the moose is on accessible land. We will see, but in the meantime I am working on getting both the rifle and the bow set for a moose size opportunity.
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    Just finished the app for the boy. We have 12 AW as first choice, and some local units as well (21, 20b). Also put him in for Javelina- he hasn't got one yet. Maybe we'll get a hunt in the same unit for both at the same time..
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    Would post some pictures if you want to sell it.
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    Looks like it found a home. I'll update if anything changes.
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    My mom gets quite a bit of work done at dental school down there. Significant discounts.
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    There's a buck to doe ratio up there of 57-100. Right what they smoken.