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    Thoughts and prayers with Ryan and his family, he's always been a class act in Nascar.. Crash didn't look good not much info. Feels like another Dale Earnhardt. Sure hope not
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    A mile into the wilderness to look for 2 pigs.
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    even if the barrel channel is stepped the furniture alone is worth $200. this was well done and no holes drilled. heaven knows i am no buyer now but a pic of the crest markings, barrel channel and bottom metal would be of value. a cock-on-opening kit and a new 16" .358win. barrel would have made a pleasant addition for me. past lives and all... good luck, lee
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    Hi All, Im really glad to be on here after years of lurking, The wisdom of you all on this forum generally seems sincere and helpful. I really appreciate good interaction you all share and I look forward to helping others when I can. I know of few of the members on here personally and know that here are some legit deer / elk nuts on this forum, no drama or BS type of guys. I hunted AZ the past 5 years and have had some success, As a family guy with little ones and limited time ( like everyone) i get out as much as possible. This years Javalina hunt is a big deal for me as my 12 year old daughter and I will be outdoors spending time together for a few days away from it all. Maybe even ( if were lucky ) locate and harvest her first animal.
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    I'll get them to them next year. I have taken three in there at 1.5 miles. Two of them solo. I've done countless solo hunts over the years and enjoy it.
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    Ouch!! Glad to hear you got out ok. Here's to a quick recovery so you can be ready for elk season. (a little positive thinking never hurts)
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    That is the same picture of what they doctor showed me of what they plan to do on Thursday. For some reason CWT isn't letting me upload pics from my phone or computer. I get Error 200,
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    Just like a big buck or bull. Pics or it didn’t happen. Lol Glad you made it out safe.
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    I'm glad you got out ok! Scary to think what could have happened had you been farther in. I'm happy to read you got a broken ankle over reading your obituary dude.
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    Yep, they were changed at 125k miles, so less than 75k on current plugs.
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    Though I haven’t had a elk tag for myself in over 7 years I will be dreaming more for my CHAMP father in law to draw an elk tag so he can fill his very first elk tag I think he has 6 points. For antelope I would love for my dad to draw a tag, he has 20 points and just wants a gun tag ether rifle or muzzleloader. I have had 2 tags in the last 3 years for antelope and I feel bad he hasn’t been able to hunt and harvest one at all for himself. 3rd would be for my wife to draw ether elk or antelope and fill the tag. She has had 2 December late cow muzzleloader hunts one 2 weeks after having are first born and one last year where she busted her butt for the hunt. I love hunting and harvesting for myself however seeing dreams come true for the ones I love means more to me than even my passion to hunt for myself.
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    I put in for 4B late. I’m in the high teens for points. You guys make it sound so good I figured I’d burn them all on this hunt. Thanks CWT members!! You guys are great!