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    Our government is more corrupt than russian and cuba combined. Proven by the fake i nean real hillary dossier,, on and on we can go. How can the clintons have 40 some close friends ann commit suicide, Epstein ring a bell?
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    Push the thumbs up icon if you're old enough to have been in Dealy Plaza (or the grassy knoll).
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    So my hunt this year in unit 28 was a bust, but I did fine a nice skull. Pretty sure it was a lion kill since a leg was close by also and it was right near a big cliff. Just a few miles out of San Simon, in the BLM wilderness I found this on Monday afternoon. Kind of made up for the skunked hunting trip around Woods Canyon & Doubtful Canyon. I saw some deer there, but the hunting pressure was high and the only buck I saw Friday morning was gone after a crew of weekend hunters showed up and started hanging out 50 yards from the water sources in the area (I was watching them from 500-750 yards off). Anyway, getting it cleaned soon to keep in the collection, saw some other bighorn sign in the area so was really surprised. Posting up here since I probably won't hunt there again, but definitely don't hunt anything other than deer.
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    I found this dog as he was about to get hit by a car on the street. He is not chipped and his owner has not contacted us. He's a nice little guy. Text me if you're interested at 480-888-6279 thank you.
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    Six mags, 180 rounds, chest carrier included. $500 No low ballers, I know what i have.
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    I should look into that. Obviously I will have to raise the price on anything other than FMJ.
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    That is awesome! well done. For what ts worth a member of my family has done the same thing with killing the deer NEXT to the one he was aiming at. A little bit different though as there was NOTHING wrong with his rifle!
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    The Wahoo was caught on the troll along with another one the same size on Wednesday. Monday the captain said there were 12' seas so we stayed close to the coast and putz around picking up a few Yellow Tails here and there until we hit the motherload and brought in about 35 in an hour or so. Tuesday morning I could smell coffee at about 5AM so I got up, got dressed and headed to the galley. There were a few others there and one guy said did you seed the dorado, they are all around the boat. I walked outside and sure enough they were plenty just swimming about 5 feet under the surface. One of the guys asked a mate if we could fish for them and he said ok and it was on. We were using sardines and also mackerel we have been catching at night using sabiki rigs. Soon the commotion woke the others and all 12 of us were flinging them over the rail. That lasted about 40 minutes and we probably put 50 on deck, most about the size of the one my so is holding. We also caught some during the day on the troll with one about 35 pounds. After we had breakfast the captain said it had calmed down so we headed offshore. It was sloppy and 5' seas with some bigger rollers and trolled most of the rest of the day with some bonita and a few breakoff. I'll see if I can post some video later.
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    I also have some toilet paper that I could spare. $10 per roll minimum of 10 rolls. Will trade for 22 ammo. One roll for one brick. This is single ply. Double the price for 2 ply
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    So much negativity lately and this is the month of hunting and to give thanks. I for one am grateful for this site, friends that I met on here and our CW hunting community. #givethanks
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    Thanks for posting this. Easy to forget in stressful times. This site is a dependable way for me to keep my sanity and I’m thankful for every one of you.
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    I was too young to vote for him at 19 in 1961 but would have had he run a 2nd time. My dad and I were sitting in the office of his gas station at 33rd. Ave. and Indian School with a small B&W TV going when they broke into the program to announce Kennedy had been shot.
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    Canyons and north facing is a good rule of thumb. But just a rule of thumb. I took these pictures a couple of hours ago on a south facing slope in 60 degree temps with no canyons close
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    They still need water when it's cold and snowy
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    Years ago the History Channel ran a show called The Men Who killed The Kennedy's. It was produced by the BBC and it was interesting.
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    The last great democrat and classic liberal. The CIA killed him because he wouldnt authorize a false flag operation to start a war with Cuba. The CIA wanted to blow up a US commercial airliner filed with Americans and blame it on Cuba. JFK said no and he was murdered for it. No, I am not a crazy conspiracy theorist. Look it up all declassified. OPERATION NORTHWOODS. Yes, the CIA will kill Americans if it is in their best interest. They also conducted human mind control experiments on Americans and Canadians. Ted kaczynski aka the unibomber was a subject of those experiments and went crazy after them. PROJECT MK ULTRA.
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    It’s really sad! When I was in 3rd grade, the school dragged in a tv to watch the frieking OJ Simpson verdict! Very sad how empathy and sorrow has gone down hill in this country over the past 50+ years.
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    Checked a cam today and a week ago. Both times there was a covey very close to the water that almost gave me heart attacks. There is a more open and less hidden wster source about 150 yarda away down hill. Look for water.
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    Yes, surprising quite a number
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    I did get out this morning. Birds were spooky but I managed 9 over a few hours. This cooler weather and bird numbers being what they are sure makes a guy want to take a hike everyday!
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    I don't post stories/pics much. (In fact, I don't think I have ever posted anything hunting trip related, other than adventures with my kids.) Anyway, since not many folks get to hunt bison, I thought I would share. I put in on a whim when applying for deer 4 months ago. Just an afterthought, assuming that I would not get drawn, but I lucked-out and got one of 10 tags for the 9/25-10/7 12A cow hunt. Once I was drawn, I decided I would do everything I could to try to give myself the best chance at killing one. I reached-out to, and spent time on the phone with quite a few people who had previously had the permit, including Heat and Catfishkev. I also spoke with Flatlander a couple of times, since he and his son did the hunt in July. In addition, I exchanged messages with several others (couesdeerhntr, and others who are not on cw.com....). I also exchanged info with Jim Mullins, who was very generous with his information/assessment of the hunt. I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to ALL who spent the time to give me information and perspective! In particular, Kevin spent lots of time with me on the phone/text/e-mail, and in fact sent me the key to a couple of his cameras and gave me the full go-ahead to utilize them for my hunt prep! Super, super generous!!!! Unfortunately, due to personal family commitments over the summer combined with the fact that I started a new job in mid-July, my time was very limited, and I could not spend the necessary 'boots on the ground' time I would have hoped. Finally, I also reached out to Russ Jacoby. Stating the obvious, there are many opinions of Russ and his crew (Just like there are many differing opinions of all of us! ). That being said, I found him to be helpful, professional, sincere, and SUPER passionate about the bison on the Kiabab! When I said I was going on a scouting trip in early July, he invited me to join his crew for a "ride-along" day or two to get to know the vibe and how they operate. That was very valuable time. I ultimately ended-up connecting with him for the hunt. So from here, I'll try make this quick! One of my best friends & hunting/fishing/camping partners drove down from Salt Lake to help me on the hunt. We met-up on Thursday evening and set-up camp. I connected with Russ, and made a plan to meet him early on Friday morning. My buddy decided to pass on the first day in the blind, giving me an opportunity to get the feel of the thing, and he would then join me in latter days. I met-up with Russ in the morning, and he made a suggestion regarding a tank I should sit. Well, 2 1/2 hours into opening day, after seeing several deer and lots of birds, I heard a noise and immediately saw black bodies moving through the trees making their way down the trail to the tank I was on. Within 10 seconds of initially seeing them, there were 12-14 bison of all shapes, sizes, and genders lined-up about 40 yards directly across the tank from me drinking away. I quickly focused-in on one of the cows, and as soon as she turned broad-side, I blasted her right in the boiler-room. As the other's scattered, she took a huge lunge into the tank, then took approximately 3-4 big jumps while turning to get out of the tank. I could see blood on her side as she got to dry ground and started to run/limp up the bank. I shot her again as she was running, and she fell. She started to get-up, so I shot her one last time and she slumped-down for good. From the time I saw them coming through the trees, to the time she was dead was likely no more than 30-40 seconds. DONE!! I walked around sort of dumbfounded and in disbelief for several days regarding the entire thing, specifically how quickly it happened! I went from not even really ever thinking about or considering putting-in for buffalo, to killing a 'once in a lifetime' animal just four months later. Unbelievable! Anyway, thanks again to everyone who spent time with me on text/email/phone to help with information. I'm full of gratitude!!!! S. She was big and old!! (Russ aged her at 10-12 years old.....)
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    Just made 65lbs of summer sausage and 5lbs of jerky out of last years 4 pigs and haven't had anyone yet say anything but good and can I have more. 5 in the cooler right now and thinking another batch of chorizo or breakfast sausage for 1/2 and then keep the rest of summer sausage toward the end of the year.
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    I couldn't agree more...^^^ ___ The trouble is for some reason a lot of them still kill then disrespect the little desert warriors, and I suspect many of those same guys waste the meat which is unacceptable. If they are such a low level piece of trash not worthy of anything more than being referred to as a "stink-a-lina", "stink pigs", "rats", or "rodents" then why would these "hunters" debase themselves and hunt such worthless stinky piece of garbage? It's confusing to me. I have no interest in pursuing something I have no respect, or admiration for... JMO