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    We have a brand new custom rifle for you lucky tag holders.. or anyone for that matter! Full custom from the ground up! 26" Proof Research barrel chambered in .264 Win Mag, American Rifle Company; Nucleus action w the floating bolt head, Triggertech trigger, McMillan Game Warden stock with custom Cerakote, seamless directional muzzle brake, bedded, detachable mag that has been cerakoted to match the stock. The ballistics on these with the 156's is amazing! Save yourself the time and headache of searching out a new rifle or component and get your Precision right here! (Scope, rings and bipod only for pictures, not included in price) $3450 Todd 602-677-3791
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    Go with a Honda. They last forever.
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    I’ve been saving this spot for a Mountain Lion mount if I ever got one. I took this cat in central Arizona after calling it in with my son Roy. I think it came out great.
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    that rilfe is cheaper that a wife, divorce and kids. I sell them off and keep the gun and dog. She;d lay next to me in bed, we would cuddle, I play with her bolt, get my finger on that trigger and see if shell bang at night.
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    With a pocket full of shells?
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    I have got one. Just going to take a long time to settle. Courts are a mess right now. Hardest part is paying for everything. So far I've been responsible for all the medical Bill's . Hard to do with no income.. unemployment says I'm ineligible because I'm not able to work full time or except a job at this time. Each Home Depot has 10,000000 in liability insurance. And twice that in lawyers. The store it happened at has been very supportive. But that doesn't pay the Bill's. My next surgery is on Tuesday and will cost 26,000 . To plate the roof of my mouth . Right now I have a wire mesh screwed to it holding me together. Took a fall early this morning trying to walk my dog and split my damb eye open. Good thing theres no monsoon going on. I'd probably get struck by lightning.. You know me I've been through worse . I will make it. Home Depot has made a offer to pay medical bills and a small amount with 6 figures . Cant do anything until I know the full extent of all my injury. Which is nearly impossible. Seeing any kind of a doctor face to face right now is nearly impossible. Especially a dentist.
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    OH! I forgot to add that early bull tag I had in 96 I drew with only 3 points...LUCKY ME...............BOB!
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    i was just pointing out what it said. not being a smart butt. but i already feel the tension here.
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    11 Points is my magic #. I drew late 12 A West with 11 2 years ago, and 3 and a half Years ago I drew a Goulds Turkey tag with 11 points. I drew a early rifle Bull tag in unit 1 in 1996 with over 6k applicants for 50 tags. My daughter drew an early rifle bull tag about 15 years ago when She was in college at ASU ( GO DEVILS ) with only 4 points. So it can be had. Just gotta play the game. I hunted outta state a lot and Mexico 5 times in the mean time. so I could still hunt. Good Luck in Future tags Guys, Keep at it.....................BOB!
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    Todd makes excellent rifles. It would be hard not to fulfill your tag legally. Even an Owens couldn't find an excuse to poach with this gun. Makes a regular hunt as easy as poaching?😁
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    nothing. i gotta chill. im over thinking this sheep hunt. im using 10s and 15s like i always have.
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    there was a 964 caught last week in the blue marlin world cup.
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    its says in the post that it is.
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    Ole bucks let the young guys jump up , run and get shot. While they sneak out the back door.
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    Jesus. How many Home Depot franchises are you going to own after that? Hope you get better.
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    Anything but a round ball patched with your shirt tail is un ethical. 😷
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    Yotebuster it’s yours. I will ship. Test me your address and I will get with you on the shipping. Thanks Phil
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    LOL I have a flashlight issue, you got a lantern issue.
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    We have killed a bunch of elk, 2 coues, and one antelope with 250gr SST's. The have worked very well for us.
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    Sorry of I didnt make it clear, I want to hunt fall 2021/ January 2022. I graduate in june 2021. Right now im just gathering info so that I dont have to rush when it comes time to apply for tags
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    I used the gravedigger on a bull and cow since 2013 and last year used the Evolution Outdoors Jekel. The creator of the Grave Digger started a new company thus the new Jekel broadhead- incredible flight, sharpness, strength and durability. All three less than 50 yards travel.
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    This is in the far southwest corner of the state
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    Sorry I just saw this but I had killed my buck in December. And then I was going to hunt again in January but I didn’t get anything.
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    Costco has one I've used it for 4 years now and still comfy cost about 50 bucks. if not at store look online.