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    2 male purebred bloodhound pups $600 Parents papered pups are not 8.5 weeks old 1 black n tan and 1 red 520 664 6483 Tucson AZ
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    Slow learner 😂
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    That's tomorrow, goto your room, buddy said he's hearing them on control rd.
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    This home schooling time could be a good thing for parents concerned with the stuff their kids are being taught in public schools. Give them a dose of truth and reality, some discipline and structure in their lives. A small investment in time now could really set them on the straight and narrow. Am I being too optimistic?😳
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    I love this panic...stock market down...good time to buy bargins!
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    USFS has changed regulations for guides on the forest... no more than 6 people in camp until order rescinded...
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    Yes, Peoria PD was able to recover everything. The thief was not as smart or quick enough to sell everything. The items he did sell were unique and that’s what got him caught. Very thankful to say the least!!