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  1. stanley

    I need your vote! (video #2 added)

    VERY awesome video!!!!! So cool!!!!
  2. stanley

    Enough moisture?

    +1 on winter snow/rain!! For me, one of the primary drivers of my interest in 2-3 good winter/spring storms each year is QUAIL! A couple of well timed 'soakers' like we have received in the past few days will absolutely make a direct impact on the Gambel's population next fall. With only a couple of weekends left in this year's season, I'm still seeing lots of birds and big coveys in my usual honey holes. With this storm (and hopefully 1-2 more in the coming months), next year's Gambel's quail season should be another great one! S.
  3. stanley

    I need your vote! (video #2 added)

    You have to click on the picture in the initial link, then page through (via 'left/right arrow') the pics until you see Sean's lion.
  4. stanley

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

    Hmmm..... Pretty curious what I missed at this point. BTW, I am NOT the only mod around here! I'm just the one with the uptight rep! 🤣
  5. stanley

    Opening day or later in the week?

    I've always been an 'opening day' guy! Just love that feeling of opening morning. My opinion would be that for sure there would almost certainly be less pressure on Monday, which would be nice. The question of course would be whether the pressure they received during the opening weekend forced changes in habits (So if you scouted some prior to season, would they still be in those same places???). Either way, cool on you getting out there with your daughter!!! Have fun and good luck!! S.
  6. stanley

    potential scammers ..... beware....

    Yep, seems like a lot of this sort of thing lately. They have been taken care of.
  7. stanley

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Nice, Sean!!!!! I've taken-up canning/jarring over the past year or so. Did lots of pronghorn and bison last fall. Great way to prepare and store meat & veggies. Also the obvious ancillary benefit of saving freezer space! TOTALLY jealous of that king-sized pressure cooker you guys have!!
  8. Ya, that's the first time I had heard of electronic tags, but admittedly I don't keep ahead of most G&F stuff.... Seems to make sense to me, given the availability of the technology to effectively do it (I know New Mexico has been doing it.).
  9. The very last question was pretty telling, IMO. Based on their answers (which were not direct), it appears they both have made up their minds on the topic. As sort of assumed by many, the 'public comment' period seems to likely be just a formality at this point.
  10. Plenty of great areas. Virtually endless options.... I sent you a PM with an idea or two. Good luck! S.
  11. stanley

    Paying Children Allowance

    My kids earned every penny of allowance they ever got. No hand-outs, free pass, or easy ride....
  12. stanley

    Paying Children Allowance

    I guess for me it would depend on how old they are & how much money you are talking about. For younger kids with a small allowance, seems like cash is good. As they get older and have bank accounts with debit cards, an electronic app seems to make sense to me. My ex-wife and I have used Venmo to move money around between each other and our college aged kids for quite a while. Seems to work just fine. The one challenge can be a delay in funds availability, but that depends on how you have it set-up. Good luck!
  13. stanley

    Cabelas 12x20 Alaknak

    "Aint got time for dat".... Too funny!🤣 If they are wet, then YES! My son borrowed mine once and put it away wet, resulting in some mold that was a bitch to clean. You will also hear comparisons to canvas with these tents. Since these are a synthetic, they don't 'breath' like canvas, and tent to gather condensation a bit easier. Either way, canvas of synthetic, you don't want to put them away wet.
  14. stanley

    Cabelas 12x20 Alaknak

    $1000 obo for that tent with vestibules and stove is a STEAL, @CatfishKev !!
  15. stanley

    Cabelas 12x20 Alaknak

    Be good to maybe start a different thread on your buddy's tent as opposed to the not so subtle hi-jacking of this dude's attempt to sell his Alaknak. (I'm assuming no malice on your part, it just seems like bad form, IMO..... )