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  1. stanley

    AMC "old horse comes back to life"

    It IS the theater chain..... And yes, all but dead, for sure!
  2. stanley

    Black River Fishing Near Pump Station

    Here it is….. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/monitoring-location/09490500/#parameterCode=00060&period=P30D&showMedian=false
  3. stanley

    Black River Fishing Near Pump Station

    Here’s one. There is a better one someplace…. https://snoflo.org/report/flow/arizona/black-river-near-fort-apache/
  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. stanley

    Black River Fishing Near Pump Station

    Best way is to take a trip and feel it out for yourself . Follow a map and/or the signs to the pump station. Pretty easy to find and great fishing (both spinning and fly) can be found up or down the river from there 😉 https://www.sancarlosrecreationwildlife.com/fishing-permits You can either stop by the tribe office in Peridot or buy one online at the above link.
  6. stanley

    San Diego lodging

    Like a lot of Zonies, I have been going every year for basically my entire life. Parents are long gone, but my siblings and I have kept up the tradition for our extended families. Lately we’ve been staying in Mission Beach because the younger kids like it there. (I rent a four bedroom so there’s room for my young adults kids plus GFs/BFs and you’re right, it is NOT cheap!) A couple of slightly lower cost alternatives are Carlsbad/Oceanside or Ocean Beach. Maybe try browsing options in those areas?? Hope you find a good place and enjoy! 👊🏼
  7. stanley

    Quail hatch

    No ifs, ands or buts, it WILL be a great season next fall (at least for Gambels...). Like clockwork, given the solid winter/spring precipitation (at least in most areas), there will be a lot of birds. Most certainly a 'double hatch' year and possibly triple. LOVE IT!
  8. stanley

    Volkswagen bug

    Could be a fun project card, indeed! I had a 69 bug went in high school. Saved up money bagging groceries and bought a rebuilt 1600cc engine for it. Had a lot of fun tinkering with that car and learning….. Good memories! Good luck with the sale!
  9. I prefer under 100 for my Vizsla. Which isn't a problem because she's so clingy she never roams more than 75 yards out anyway.... LOL
  10. stanley

    Monday Check in

    Nice stair-climber work. Have gotten around to some of the AZ Trail sections with elevation ups/downs, recently. Did Four Peaks last month and the Huachuca's weekend before last (Miller Peak ain't no joke! 😩). Rincons next weekend. FINALLY starting to feel like my legs are shaping-up. S.
  11. stanley


    Who said there was no population impact? I didn't read that in the G&F release.....
  12. stanley

    Anyone else freeze drying?

    Ummm….. Thanks! My answer was going to be; FDA? Who’s that?!? LOL
  13. stanley

    Anyone else freeze drying?

    My nephew bought a big freeze dryer a few years ago, mainly for veggies. He has since partnered with someone in the Route 66 tourist trade and he does freeze dried candy (Skittles, sweet tarts, gummy bears). His partner packs them and has them placed in tourist stops along Route 66. Kids go crazy for them and they’re making a killing. 😂 He assumes the candy fad will pass….
  14. stanley

    Proposed hunt guidelines

    Am I missing something? Looks like they are proposing an overall drop in number of permits. Some units increased by a few and some decreased by a few, but overall a drop of 875 total. (24B as an example looks like it has same number of permits as last year, I think?) Not saying that some units have what appear to be an overload of permits authorized but seems like it's been that way for quite a while. Ever since they made the 'opportunity' push several years ago.
  15. stanley

    Auction tags

    Yup! It's all right there. Thanks @twigsnapper!! Here it is again, for those who missed it. If you follow that link, there is a year-over year accounting of the projects and how much money was allocated. Easy-peasy. Habitat Partnership Committee - Arizona Game & Fish Department (azgfd.com)