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  1. stanley

    Vizsla needs new home.

    Hey AZ RANGER! I checked with my ex, and she said they are flush with the two Vizslas they have (they take a lot of road trips and the two kennels is all they can handle.... ). So unfortunately, no adoption angle there. BIG BUMP though! For anyone who has not met a Vizsla, they are amazing dogs! Hope someone can meet this little sweetie and fall in love. S.
  2. stanley

    Vizsla needs new home.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Vizslas!!! Have owned two, and my ex-wife currently has two more. (They are addicting.....) I can't take one now due to my global work travel schedule, and being an empty-nester there is nobody here to care for dog(s) while I'm on extended business trips. That being said though, I'll ping my ex-wife to see if her two sweeties want a playmate! S.
  3. stanley


    Thanks a TON, azsugarbear!!! Will be in touch!!!
  4. stanley


    This topic has me intrigued! My nephew is a Marine, and a few years ago he brought home a couple of MREs for my sons. We took them out camping and had fun learning about them, heating and eating, and talking about & reflecting on how the soldiers/marines actually have to eat that stuff on a fairly regular basis while deployed. Was kind of a novelty for the kids and I, which was fun. That being said, I'm curious as to why so many guys are wanting these (genuinely curious, not questioning)? Is it a 'food prepper' kind of thing? Like for long-term planning & food storage? Or will you guys plan on using them camping/packing/etc.?? S.
  5. +1 to a little bit of hiking. For MANY years, I tended to be a 'close to the road' kind of guy. My mentality was always; Why hike that far if I can find them close to the road. Was basically brought-up that way. About 15 years or so ago I started to hike-in more, evolving to a point where these days I basically hike an hour or more in the dark to get away from roads. Seems like >90% of hunters never get more than 1/2 mile from a road. Incredible how much solitude you can find with just a little hiking. Good luck!
  6. stanley

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Yep, kid's hunting/camping/fishing threads. For sure my favorites (can't decide on just one....).
  7. stanley

    Spearfishing in Rocky Point???

    So I guessed right! Kind of thought it might be some kind of an attractant move thingy! Super cool!!
  8. stanley

    Hunt guidlines

    I was wondering about this same topic a few months ago while on a hunt down on one of the border units. Between early hunts, junior hunts, Nov 'general' hunts, Early Dec hunts and finally the late Dec rut hunts, it seems like the deer get pounded non-stop. (I think the G&F refers to their methodology of multiple hunts through the course of the fall as a 'stratified' hunt management....) It's interesting...... Even though the deer get pounded pretty hard, it still seems like there are VERY healthy populations down south. At least in the couple of units that I mainly hunt in.
  9. stanley

    Spearfishing in Rocky Point???

    Couple of comments and a question. First off, that is VERY VERY cool!!! Wild seeing the knife in the brain at the end! Question though; I noticed in your videos that your left fingers/hand tend to be twitching a little. Is that just kind of a natural/fidgety thing you do, or is there a reason for that (like some kind of attraction move or something??)? Just curious on that. Again, VERY cool! Thanks for sharing with the site! S.
  10. stanley

    Confidence building in teens, what have you done?

    There is obviously some good advice here. Not to discount the issue, but I'm thinking much of it will fade away over time as she (and the people she associates with... "friends"....) mature and grow their life skills in the coming years. One thing that stands-out to me, is that you obviously have a great relationship with her. The fact that your wife & you have these types of open discussions with your daughter and that she confides in you, is HUGE in my opinion! There is no one 'right' way to raise a child, but it sounds to me like you are doing it well! Good luck to the young lady!
  11. stanley

    How do you hang skin

    I've taken to mainly going 'gutless' on my animals lately, so mainly skin it one side at a time while on the ground (no hanging). If hanging though, it's always been "redneck style " hanging from a tree branch by the back legs. We did use the 'golf ball' method once (used a redneck rock) with a cow elk. Tied that one to a tree by the neck. Seemed to work OK. S.
  12. stanley

    My portal shows 0 BP points for Elk?????

    Mine shows the same. I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. stanley


    It absolutely will be GREAT for fishing!!!
  14. stanley

    Hunt Party Rules

    DEFINITELY legal!!! Happens all the time! Some guys bring an army of helpers!!
  15. stanley

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    I remember many years ago (Mid 90s, I think....), there was enough water that it spilled over and filled-up Lower Lake Mary. We went up there and had a blast catching smallish (10-16 inch) pike. Lots of fun!