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  1. stanley

    Calling Elk

  2. stanley

    Black River, Ten of Diamonds

    I would look forward to a report if you go. Sorry, I don't have info on the seven crossings. Though, I was at one of the crossings on the lower section of the Black River last week. River was running at a healthy flow, but not too extraordinarily high. I did not cross in my Tacoma, but there were fairly fresh tracks indicating that others had done so. Good luck! S.
  3. stanley

    Lower Black River

    As planned, I took yesterday off work and spent the day up on the Black river. Fishing wasn't epic, but any time with my two sons is! I think we managed 50 or so in between us in about 6 hours of fishing. We caught mainly small mouth, but also caught a couple of rainbows and browns. Water level was medium-high (not super high, just a nice healthy flow....), and was clear. My two standard go to lures when I fish there are small chartreuse grubs (like crappie jig sized...), and black rooster tails. We caught them on both yesterday. Have fun! S.
  4. stanley

    Pathfinder, 4Runner, Cherokee, or etc

  5. stanley

    Checker Board Land Access

    There is another thread regarding access to wildlife refuges, and the point of public land access through private was raised. Wondering what folks thoughts on that topic are. I've always come down fairly firmly on the side of private land owners on this topic. If I owned a piece of property, I would like to think that I an admit or restrict as I see fit on that land. I know though, that this opinion is definitely not share across the board. So? For or against the right of private land owners restricting access to public land? S.
  6. stanley

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing the story with the site! S.
  7. Yes, curious how it turned out! I spent lots of time in the country in college. Miss it up there....
  8. stanley

    Lower Black River

    Thanks for the additional info! I think I'm going to play hooky from work one day next week and go up for a quick trip with my two boys. Will post report here when we get back. +1 on the strange slime! Hope nothing crazy.
  9. stanley

    Lower Black River

    Thanks for the report! How was the water level and clarity? Still heavy flow, or starting to subside a bit?
  10. stanley

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Nice, Andrew!! Looking forward to hearing all about it! S.
  11. stanley

    6a early archery

    I'm not a trophy hunter, so I'll let others speak to the size of bulls. Guessing there will be bulls of almost all sizes running around there though. As for crowds, here's my take: I would expect to see some folks. One of the good things that 6A has going for it though, is the Pine Grove and Rattlesnake quiet areas. Check those out and you might be able to find a little solitude. Good luck to your friend! S.
  12. stanley

    Poor Pitiful Hikers

    Plus 1 on the mules! Did that too! A luxury to do a 'backpack trip' and not be too concerned with weight! What a spectacular trip! Would highly recommend to anyone!! S.
  13. stanley

    Blood from a turnip lol

    "get to retire young......." That's funny right there. We ALL own our path to retirement, and with smart & prudent planning anyone can retire "young". https://money.usnews.com/investing/investing-101/slideshows/11-steps-to-retire-at-50-according-to-fire-retirement-pros My kids are young adults, and I take every chance I get to council them and chat about starting to save for retirement NOW when they are young. I don't necessarily expect them to plow head first into the 'FIRE' mentality, but with proper long-term attention, anyone their age has a good chance at retiring earlier than the norm (The time value of money is a powerful thing.....). S. (Edit: Sorry to original poster for the thread hijack..... LOL)
  14. stanley

    3b sept archery

    Welcome to the site!! Folks are not likely to drop tips to a brand new member here based on a 'first post' request for tips (Just kind of the way it is..... ). Check this out: https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/pinetop/3b/ There is some good basic info there. I would suggest a scouting trip or two, as the G&F report suggests. Then maybe come back on here and let folks know what you've discovered. You will likely find someone who would be willing to share a bit at that point. Good luck! S.
  15. stanley

    San Carlos lake reports?

    I'm guessing that there are long-term water rights obligations laid-out contractually. Likely can't adjust and shift those obligations in a whimsical manner from year to year. Also likely that overall their would be MUCH more money to make in the 'water' business as opposed to license sales for a single body of water. At the end of the day, ALL Arizona reservoirs are here for water management first. Recreational fishing (even "premier fishing") is always going to be secondary. As a fisherman, I might not like it, but it is the way it is.... S.