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  1. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    I guess I've just been beaten into a generally pessimistic viewpoint on water over the years. That being said, look at that sucker fill!!! Basically 1 1/2 feet per day, lately and going strong! Hope it can keep that pace for a while. One of my Utah connections is tickled that he can launch at Bullfrog.
  2. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Yep, good data. Gives perspective when you look at the historical view. 20 feet higher than this date last year, but still >60 feet lower than just 5 or 6 years ago. The Colorado river basin snowpack data is also pretty telling. Seems like majority has melted.
  3. stanley

    Black River Reports

    This graph gives a pretty good feel for relative flow over the past month or so.... Doesn't look like it's come down too much since the 11th. Black River Near Fort Apache, Az. - USGS Water Data for the Nation Yep, good info, Doug.
  4. stanley

    Black River Reports

    You must be fishing up in the area that we frequent. I've never been to the pump station, but looking at that video makes me want to check it out.
  5. stanley

    Black River Reports

    Here's a fairly decent source.... (Dan is the BEST source! ) Black River Near Fort Apache, Az. - USGS Water Data for the Nation Like lots of folks, my buddies and I try to do an annual May trip. We've been watching it carefully, and it looks like we'll continue to push it. We typically fish it the first time when it is in the 160 CFS range. Currently running at 290ish..... (180% of average) Likely fishable, but we're holding off for now. S.
  6. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    OUTSTANDING!! Been a long time since I've hit the upper Salt for flatheads. Grew-up in Kearny, and the spring flathead fishing up there was basically my favorite thing for several years. Love it! S.
  7. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    How was the catfishing???
  8. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Watershed Connection - Daily Water Report Pretty good info in that report. S.
  9. stanley

    Arizona Trail - Any Fanatics???

    Well, my partner and I completed our first couple of sections last weekend. We started with passages 29 & 30 (15 & 18 miles, respectively....). Fairly short sections in relatively flat country in the Mormon Lake / Lake Mary / Anderson Mesa area. By design, we picked these two to start due to the fairly benign elevation changes. Had a great time, with my Vizsla leading the way both days. Learned two things: Hiking 15+ miles is a LOT different than hiking 8 or 10. Like a bunch of folks, I've done a lot of hiking in the 8-10 mile range, and the leg/foot fatigue really started setting-in after about the 12 mile mark. I need tougher feet!! I have worn a specific model of Keen boots that I love over the past 8 years or so. They seem to fit my foot perfectly, and with a supplemental Sof Sole insert have been great. But oh boy..... That volcanic-cinder rock up in that part of the world did a number on my feet over the course of the weekend. 😂 Took a friend's advice and bought a pair of Hoka trail runners on Monday. Did 10 miles in rocky country in them yesterday evening, and they seem MUCH cushier on the feet! Next-up will be a 30 mile section in a couple of weeks.
  10. stanley

    Horseshoe Dam, lake, river video

    Looks like the good ol’ days are right NOW! Has lots of fun fishing that lake about 30ish years ago. 👍🏻
  11. stanley

    Son Lost His Billfold

    An old codger friend of my dad's always called suspenders "spenders" or "spinders" without the prefix 'sus' at the beginning..... Just his small town way of pronouncing it.
  12. stanley

    Son Lost His Billfold

  13. stanley

    Son Lost His Billfold

    I’m just intrigued to hear someone use the term “billfold”. Old school…. 😉 Hope he gets it back!
  14. stanley

    Coconino Road Closures

    Coconino National Forest - Home (usda.gov) Pretty helpful link posted by @Newbie2012 on another thread.
  15. stanley

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Just drive to Horseshoe dang, Billy! There’s a trail/walkway that will take you right across it. 👍🏻