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  1. stanley

    24B Ram

    Very cool! (Video quality is fine.) S.
  2. stanley

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    Cite your source(s) for the above info? Back when this happened, like a lot of folks I was dumbfounded about how in the F it could ever happen. Did some digging, and as far as I could find there are no 'Hollywood rules' in effect anywhere near as strict as you have described. Most I could find is that there are various arts and production unions/organizations (mostly at the state level) that try to govern this type of thing, but the so called rules are sort of all over the place.
  3. stanley

    G&F and state trust lands.

    “Council” simply means ‘lawyer’. A lawyer would have no authority to grant them anything, except advice. (In fact it specifically says “…for legal advice…”.) To me, this doesn’t read at all like they already have the authority to shut down state land access and/or roads. It DOES look to me like they are interested in exploring the option, though.
  4. stanley

    2023 Buffalo

    Welcome to the site. LOTS of varying opinions about the hunt up on the Kiabab and Russ, too! Awesome that you can take the entire hunt off. I had a fall cow tag 2 1/2 years ago, and several other folks on this board have also had bison tags. I used Russ's 'partially' guided option, and was happy with the service I received. I also spent time scouting and doing some 'ride along' time with Russ's crew during the summer prior to the hunt. In addition, several guys on this site were VERY generous in sharing experience and information (and in once case even sharing access to cameras when they were still legal...). Ended-up being VERY lucky and killing one on the first day. Send me a note if you want to chat. Hopefully some other guys will chime-in here, too. S.
  5. stanley

    Thanks AZ...

    Time with buddies, and some solo hunting too. Good stuff!!!
  6. stanley

    Hawaii Axis Deer

    How did Texas come up on a thread specifically asking about Hawaii, anyway?
  7. stanley


    For sure, it's encouraging! Really hope the trend continues through the winter and into early spring. (My quail area is already greening-up a bit, but those Gambels could use a good March/April bump to go into 'triple hatch' territory... ) Fingers crossed for lake Powell. It is GREATLY dependent on the snowpack on the Western Slope of the Rockies. Really hoping for increased snow in western Colorado to slow the bleeding at Powell and Mead.
  8. stanley

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    Wasting your time trying to convince a guy named "5 guys", that Wataburger is any good.
  9. stanley

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    Frys had whole brisket 1/2 price over the weekend. Butcher guy said through Tues (today). Heads-up to anyone looking for one. Likely not grade-A/choice for the picky, but good enough for my smoker. S.
  10. stanley

    New Mexico Antelope 2022

    Mosquitoes were brutal! Yes, white Tacoma with a shell. (Same one as the first year when my older son and I ran into you....) We hunted the weekend after you and Lance this year. Glad there were a few left after you guys got done.
  11. stanley

    New Mexico Antelope 2022

    Nice, Brandon! 👍🏻 My middle son took a nice one just SW of the ranch headquarters the following Saturday, and I took an average one and the same general area the 2nd day of our hunt. SO green up there this year! S.
  12. stanley

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    I'm still using my old Brinkman 'R2D2' looking thing that I picked-up for $5 at a yard sale 20+ years ago (Added a $20 electric heating element to it for consistent heat.). Sort of limited on capacity, but one roast, turkey, or batch of salmon at a time is good enough for me, anyway. Maybe someday I'll up my game and go for one of the newer models, but for now I'm still too cheap. lol
  13. stanley


    No, you can't do that. (I bought a lion tag a couple of months ago at the Mesa G&F, and it came as an e-tag to the app on my phone. Just checked, and there is no download option....) You could do a screen-shot of it and then save it, I suppose. Doing that though, really wouldn't help anything to do with the actual tagging process. It's sort of a screen-by-screen flow through the app that you have to go through to tag the animal.
  14. stanley


    https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/220819-Tag-Modernization-FAQ-and-App-instructions-Combined.pdf Pretty much all there…. 😉
  15. stanley


    Yep.... But at least for now, as 1uglydude pointed out, you can't buy a tag through the app anyway (have to get drawn or go into a G&F office), so I guess it's moot point for the time being.