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  1. stanley


    Pretty good write-up on it. Lead weights and lie detectors: The scandal that rocked a Cleveland fishing tournament and became worldwide news (yahoo.com)
  2. stanley

    Youth 20C hunt coming up this week!

    Oh boy, I’m definitely no expert. I think whether the water every day or not, it’s really gonna depend on how lush the feed currently is, and whether there is any heavy dew or rain to hydrate them.
  3. stanley

    Youth 20C hunt coming up this week!

    Ah..... Bummer! Cool that your initial scouting efforts paid off! No single right/wrong answer regarding whether to continue to focus your scouting on the area you have already identified or to look for a backup. Maybe both? Check-in on that area for a couple of hours and see if you can turn those deer up again. Also maybe try to ID any water they may be hitting in proximity to where you saw them. Then after you've spent a couple of hours on that area, possibly spend a couple of hours looking at new country? Good luck to your son!
  4. stanley

    Youth 20C hunt coming up this week!

    Hmmm...... Interesting. Good catch! (Strange that there are NO deer camps listed on their site...) Anyone planning on it should confirm with AZG&F and/or YOU prior, I suppose.
  5. stanley

    Youth 20C hunt coming up this week!

    Absolutely check-in with the YOU junior hunt camp! Those guys are top notch and can provide some tips for the area. Good luck! S.
  6. stanley

    Beginner workout program

    LOTS of different options and opinions, I'm sure. For me, I've found that lots of hiking, hot yoga 2-3 times a week, and low carb/sugar eating works best. I just can't do gyms/bikes/etc.... Good luck finding some thing that works for you! S. Edit: Never mind. I just realized you are intending to use 24hr (gym). Sorry.... Can't help you. Good luck, Kevin!
  7. stanley

    Large Montana Canvas Wall Tent

    Is that a microwave??? 🤯 Looks like a first-class tent! Good luck on the sale!
  8. stanley

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    I'm a fan of almost all music. Love the blue grass cover stuff. Here's one of my favorites from 20+ years ago.....
  9. Anyone using an inflatable kayak for fishing? I've got a buddy that uses one (as opposed to a belly-boat or pontoon) on lakes to fish with, and he swears by it. Was up at Christmas Tree last summer with a bunch of guys, and kayak-friend sure did look comfortable and dry. Plus he was able to paddle around quite easily. I've been looking at some, and am sort of settling on either the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler or Advance Elements StraitEdge Angler. (Leaning towards the Aquaglide, because I like the idea of two-person capacity if/when wanted...) Anyone using a kayak instead of pontoon or tube? Feedback, if you are? S. Blackfoot Angler 130 - Aquaglide StraitEdge™ Angler Inflatable Kayak | Advanced Elements
  10. stanley

    Wildlife Photography Forum?

    DONE! Photography of Coues Deer and Other Wildlife - CouesWhitetail.com Discussion forum Sort of just did it without checking-in with the head-honcho, but I think she would be OK with it.
  11. stanley


    1000% tax on guns?? Ummm….. 😂
  12. stanley

    Hurricane Kay

    Always nice to see a picture like that. The local weather guys are bearish on whether it will produce significant rain up here, but who knows. (They often do NOT know... ). You guys in Yuma of course are much closer, so there's that....
  13. stanley

    Bug spray recommendations

    +1 on some of the comments. Breath, farts, sweat, funk, bug-spray….. Just try to be down wind at ALL costs, IMO. To answer the question though, no, I haven’t come across anything scentless that is as effective as some good ol’ smelly Deep Woods Off.
  14. stanley

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    Freaking awesome!!!!!!!
  15. stanley

    Anyone want to foster/adopt a Dane puppy?

    Yup, just realized the post count. Stand by....