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  1. stanley

    Which one of you done it?

    On the other hand, it very well could have been someone who knows EXACTLY what a Mexican gray wolf looks like.
  2. stanley

    Javelina double

    Father-son double! LOVE IT!!! Plus the recurve is cool, too! S.
  3. stanley

    Dermatologist recommendation in East Valley

    How far East?? I use Arizona Advanced Dermatology close to Miller/Indian School (Old Town, Scottsdale area..). Been pretty happy with them. S.
  4. stanley

    Elk Hunting

    Nice job on those tags. It’s cool that you took advantage of some of the hunting opportunities that are out there outside of the main stream! 😉 I don’t know anything personally about it, but hopefully Dan (Apache7MM), or others will chime in. Let us know how you do!
  5. stanley

    Semi auto .30-06

    That’s a beauty! I have a 7400 in .308 caliber that I picked up in college. Two of my kids killed their first deer with it. Great rifles! 😉
  6. stanley

    Unit 36 Hunt Camping

    Hey Nick! Which 36? If you’re going to be in C, there’s often a camp or two in the Elkhorn area to provide some impromptu company. Good luck!
  7. stanley

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    You won’t have to print it. (Even now, you don’t have to print it.) If you have a duck stamp you can just keep it with you and show it if you need to. My guess is that will be electronic soon too, just like everything else. For sure tags will be electronic too, eventually. (New Mexico already is….)
  8. stanley

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    I'm guessing it will be like it is currently. Likely a .pdf version of your license so you can either have it on your phone OR print it on paper.....
  9. stanley

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    I'm assuming most others on here got the same e-mail from AZGFD that I did. Goodbye to paper for licenses effective Jan 1. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict applications/tags will follow fairly quickly. https://www.azgfd.com/all-arizona-hunting-fishing-license-sales-going-online-jan-1/
  10. stanley

    Standard poodle puppies

    Freaking cute mug shots!!!
  11. stanley

    AMC who's got it

    Had a little year-end portfolio review session with my advisor today and thought about this old thread when he asked me if I wanted to do anything with my AMC position. Told him to just leave it like the rest of the questionable paper in my account. LOL Still holding on to it, Woody?? Others? Would be nice if people started going to movies again. I mean, like REALLY going.... (Also would be nice if their Sr. Execs would stop cashing-out... 🤣) S.
  12. stanley

    Saw this on Instagram...what’s your take?

    From my perspective, the forced submittal could be extremely easy. Go to a 100% electronic/online license and permit system. Then simply don't allocate a current permit until the survey for the prior year is complete. Truthfulness? A whole different story, but there is nothing you can do about that except assume some sort of margin of error. That being said, from a pure 'system/IT' perspective, it would be VERY simple. Whether that means G&F could build the platform and roll it out effectively could be something else, entirely. 😒
  13. stanley

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    I wouldn't necessarily assume that will be the format going forward. The application for this draw was completely different than the standard one used in Spring/Fall. Different user-interface, etc.
  14. stanley

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    I never knew my customer ID. I always used my social security number. For this draw application, the process seemed pretty clear to me. There was a link right on the page to retrieve your ID number if you didn’t have it.
  15. stanley

    Happy thanksgiving

    By a LONG shot, this is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. Friends, family, and food, plus tons to be grateful for! (Plus the added benefit of going to bed in the 'elk woods' tonight. ) Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! S.