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  1. Ya baby!!!! I'll be out this weekend in my old haunts, for sure!!! LOVE chasing Gambel's!!!! S.
  2. stanley

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    Maybe my favorite Jr. Hunt post of the season, so far!!!! Just love the fact that you all got out there, and love the fact that once again the amazing volunteers at the Jr. Hunt Camp were willing to lend their expertise and experience to you! Just SO cool that he was able to get his first deer! NOTHING beats mentoring and hunting with kids! S
  3. stanley

    questionable AZ history

    Not many people have the opportunity to work in Kearny. SMALL town! lol I spent the first 18 years of my life there. Born & raised..... Loved it!
  4. stanley

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy birthday, Amanda!!!! You're the best!! S.
  5. stanley

    Her first deer.

    LOVE IT!!! So awesome! Absolutely my FAVORITE hunting memories over the years have been on the Kiabab Jr. hunt! Glad for you both! S.
  6. stanley

    questionable AZ history

    I only know one off the top of my head; Sonora, AZ was where the current Ray Mine sits. My parents and older brother & sisters lived in Sonora when my dad was a young mining engineer. In the mid-60s, the town of Kearny was built to house all of the miners so the mine could be expanded (effectively swallowing-up the town of Sonora....). Cool thread! I LOVE old AZ history!!
  7. stanley

    Son's First!

    And another one!!! EXCELLENT!!! Just LOVE all of the youth success posts we are seeing around here these days! Nothing better! S.
  8. stanley

    Girls Trip

    YES!!!!! Love it!!!!
  9. stanley

    22/23 Youth Deer Camp Success

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the Jr. hunts!!
  10. stanley

    Son's First Deer: Hooked on Coues!

    Excellent!!! Glad you guys had a great time!!
  11. stanley

    My son's first deer

    Outstanding!!! Nothing beats hunting with your kids!!!
  12. stanley

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Ditto, Andrew!!! I hike in the dark all the time in and out of hunting spots. Sure enough, last week while hiking in for a morning of scouting/glassing down south I stepped right over this dude. Funky coloring on it and hard to see in this pic, but it was a RATTLER! Totally had the willies the rest of the hike! Then glassing later, I almost set my hand down on this little Coral snake! WTH??? 😲 S.
  13. stanley

    More 12AW success!

    Outstanding!!! LOVE that hunt! S. :)
  14. stanley

    First timer hunting in 36B

    I don't use a bold action long rifle, Casey. 😜 You know what they say about assuming, right? 🤣