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  1. stanley

    Good News

    NM pronghorn in 3 weeks!!!
  2. stanley

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    True that!! I'll listen to those same old stories again and again, and eat it up! One of them lives in Heber, and we're trying to get him to chase his wife off for the weekend so we can 'camp' there.
  3. stanley

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Yeah, the irony is that I was the one running my mouth earlier in the week when a couple of them were mentioning the forecast..... I don't mind a thunderstorm or two, but sitting under a tarp with a 7 rowdy month old bird-dog in the pouring rain all weekend is another level. LOL
  4. stanley

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    I'm scheduled to meet old high school friends in the Canyon Creek area for a long-planned weekend of camping/fishing/story-telling..... Uh, maybe not. Waiting on a couple of them to blink so I don't have to be the first to surrender. LOL
  5. stanley

    AZBGSR 2021 Winners

    Which means not enough AZ folks buying tickets??
  6. stanley


    And spending time with his special son, too! Yikes!!! If real, RIP, indeed.
  7. stanley

    How about them suns

    Yup, indeed. I saw one big gun last night, and his name was Giannis! 50 points??? Yikes! 😳
  8. stanley

    Alaska 2021

    Heck yeah, Nick!!! Looking forward to seeing more!!!! S.
  9. stanley

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    My guess is that he was not kidding. My opinion (and we all know what those are worth... lol) is that if you want to have a great weekend in some amazing country with the chance to see some turkeys, too, then it's worth it! If you've not spent time up there, just the camping alone is worth it. A drive to Timp or Fire Point can't be beat! Long way to drive, but it's cool and unique country.
  10. stanley

    Forum Idea for Spammers

    Darren72 is gone/banned. I can't find any user ID for Alex Turnage. Did he/she contact you through the messaging here?
  11. stanley

    AMC who's got it

    "Dam dirty apes...." Love that! LOL In all seriousness though, what do you know is about ready to happen and what stars are lining up?? Genuinely curious about your strategy.
  12. stanley

    AMC who's got it

    Just like death, I’m of course we’ll aware I won’t avoid the taxes. 😉 Your second sentence sums it up for me, though. I’ll hope to push any realized gains out a few years until I’m in a more reasonable position, tax wise. 👍🏻 Still curious who’s still holding AMC and who’s dumped it. Also wondering when the next meme stock will pop.
  13. Don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment regarding storms and doves, but I'll take the monsoon rain any day! Besides, the dairy is going to be the dairy..... There will be plenty, I'm sure.
  14. stanley

    AMC who's got it

    So who's still holding AMC?? I still am because I'm allergic to taking capitol gains hits on my taxes. (As mentioned, it's just going to sit there in my account for a LONG time.) Curious if anyone else is doing anything with it??? Feeling like the run is over for the speculators on this one, but who knows..... How about the crypto guys?
  15. stanley

    Screw the draw

    heck yeah!! Just came off a week in a house on Mission Beach with my kids snd extended family. Sweet times!! 🙏🏼 (Already booked for next year… 😉) Back to the real world tomorrow morning. 😩