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  1. stanley

    JR elk hunt 2 weeks away, can’t wait!!!

    Love it!!!! Nothing like hunting with the kids!!
  2. stanley

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    I consider myself a life-long beginner. VERY slow learner, here...
  3. stanley

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    Cool way to earn a little money for your club. Being an 'average hack' shooter, I've on occasion taken advantage of the sight-in service the range masters will sometimes provide (if they have time). Not so much to zero-in, but to maybe get the rounds on paper if I have a newly mounted scope or something.
  4. stanley

    Bighorn euro mount

    rossislider His son does amazing euro mounts. He’s done pronghorn and bison for me. Send him a message to his inbox here.
  5. stanley


    Unfortunately, it's just not always that easy. The 'out of the box' standard web hosting configuration can be restrictive on modifications. Like I said prior though, I'll see if Amanda wants to look into it. S.
  6. stanley


    Possibly a good suggestion, except not certain the web-hosting software has that function available as an option. Though I'm not sure what the 'right' post count would be to allow to sell in classifieds. Amanda would need to answer that. (I'll text her to ask....) Many scammers have resorted to simply sending direct messages to potential victims, so there's that..... I'll check it out, but at the end of the day the best defense is STRONG scrutiny by members here. Buyer beware!!!
  7. stanley


    Latest scammer account is gone. Keep the reports coming, and the admins will work as fast as possible to delete/ban. S.
  8. stanley

    Legal definition of a buck

    Yup R12-4-101 = “Buck pronghorn” means a male pronghorn."
  9. stanley

    Nash’s first buck

    Way to go, Nash! YES!!!!! So freaking cool, Andrew!
  10. Thanks for the heads-up, Dan! I've had my eye on the general AZ quail opener, and completely forgot about the rez! Just might have to take a day-trip this weekend!! S.
  11. stanley

    Midway Ammo Availability

    Negative. It's for the IMI stuff (Israeli manufactured....). I'm sort of a hack though, and not too choosy.. Shoots fine in my AR. The name-brand stuff seems to be going for $.68+ per round.
  12. stanley

    Gun safe recommendations

    +1 regarding getting larger than you think you need, if possible. Safes are like tents, IMO. When was the last time you saw a "4 man" tent that would actually fit 4 guys??? 🙄
  13. stanley

    Midway Ammo Availability

    Likely many of you are on the same mail list that I am, but heads-up none the less. Midway has 5.56 available. $650 for 1200 rounds, so price is down slightly from several months ago ($.54 per round. $.58 after shipping). FYI for the AR guys.
  14. stanley

    Doe hunts????

    I think it's been spoken-to and answered by several guys already on here. Killing more does will NOT result in you seeing more bucks. (Also, seeing lots of does does NOT cause you to see fewer bucks.) Your statement of "...makes the problem worse." assumes there is a 'problem' in the first place. From a biological perspective, seeing lots of does is not a problem.
  15. +1 on Mearns, Doug! Hopeful based on the generous monsoon this year. 🙏🏼 Anxious to get my new partner out there this fall.