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  1. Looks like he’s pulling them. Good job all.
  2. Great job everyone. Looks like he felt the heat. Hopefully he holds up to his word.
  3. Great point! Any body on here belong to any waterfowl groups. If so please share!
  4. Absolutely no reason why that I could find. Great idea on contacting the other reps. Says he’s an outdoorsman (Fly fishermen). please share in other outdoor groups. We need to fill his inbox. I also left a message when I called.
  5. District 6 Representative Bob Thorpe introduced 2 new bills. HB 2130 & 2131. the main changes are no hunting within a 100 yards of water and no use of trail cameras any where from July 31st to December 31st. I urge everyone to read the full proposed changes and let Mr. Thorpe know your thoughts. I was able to get his email address off the internet and send him a email expressing my concerns.
  6. azhunter23

    6A Snow update???

    Pm sent.
  7. azhunter23

    Road Closures for Coconino National Forest

    I’m in 6A archery hunting now and was up top last weekend and moved down. Heard this morning about closures up top and want to go see for myself. Units affected are 6A,5A and 5B. A number of trailers dropped off last weekend are getting lock in.
  8. azhunter23

    6a Muzzy bull

    Waiting on an update. Hopefully you guys had a great hunt! I’m sitting in the verde valley waiting for storms to pass to go setup camp for the late archery hunt tomorrow. Hiked 10 miles on the south end and Pulled 4 cards Monday and talked to 6 hunters that said they hadn’t seen anything. Had 50+ Different bulls hammering water in the last week on the cards. I’m sure that’s done now. 😢
  9. azhunter23

    San Diego, The rest of the story

    What charter did you use?
  10. azhunter23

    Any ideas?

    Going through more photos it’s my opinion it’s roughly the size in between a fox and a coyote.
  11. azhunter23

    Any ideas?

    I’m trying to figure out what the black animal is. Time is correct but reversed. Date is right but year should be 2019. I’m including a few photos of other animals to show what they look like with the same angle and light conditions . Any ideas? Elevation is 5500’ in central Az. I was thinking maybe a dog but not really an area where one should be. Camera has been out since March with no human activity. It seemed to be on the track of the coyote or fox in the second photo. Couple hours behind it.
  12. azhunter23

    Tree Stand accident

    Ran into fire and paramedics just behind Munds last night. They were out looking for someone who had fallen from a tree stand. That’s about all I got. Hopefully just minor injuries. Prayers sent.
  13. azhunter23

    WTB stainless steel media

    Looking for stainless steel media in the East Valley. Anyone know where to buy locally.
  14. azhunter23

    White Tundra TRD towing a SxS-- 17N before camp verde

    That was me. Heading home to the Verde valley!
  15. azhunter23

    Rangefinder found

    Lost a vortex 1000. Unit 21