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  1. Redman

    36B Help

    Are you glassing with a tripod? What power of binos you using (10x or more is a must) ? Move your glass slow - it's not a race- plenty of great podcasts on how to glass coues - glass the south hill early, into the sun late... Stick with it, I had a late Dec 33 WT tag for my first hunt (almost 30 years ago) and didn't see a buck, not to brag, but I could go to 33 now and find a buck within 30 mins of glassing 80% of the time now. 36B has plenty of bucks, it's not the unit.... it's experience and time behind binos
  2. Redman

    Garmin Xero A1 need help

    I had one, it wasn't for me, after using pins for ever I couldn't get used to it. I missed more 3D targets in the short time I had it, than I ever had....I mean clear misses it is well built and easy to sight in- Garmin is a solid company- nothing bad to say about it, just wasn't for me.
  3. Redman

    Price Drop - Zeiss Gavia 85 Spotting Scope

    sweet deal- great spotter
  4. Get them while they last- I picked up two- thought about buying them all -about 15 in stock... LOL wouldn't do that, felt bad for buying 2....
  5. Redman

    Berger 215s

    hard to come by- how many you looking for? Gunbroker but expensive
  6. Redman


    As said earlier - Wrangler from Walmart- $20 bucks each- 5 pairs for $100- in 2 years get 5 more.. I have picked up some better brands new (Under Armor) on Ebay for 40% of the cost - just need to look frequently.
  7. Redman

    freeze dried food

    walmart - limited selection - Amazon has them also, not the best price, but the largest selection - the first one always taste okay, then the second one meh, third one is yuck - the more meals I eat the worst they taste-
  8. Redman

    Great ethics to teach the kids, NOT

    With less than 1/2 mile to go, I would have not pulled over. But let's say it was 4-6 miles? I probably would have pulled over. Then I would have driven to the end of the road and spoke to them. There are miles upon miles they could have gone in a complete opposite direction than I would-
  9. Redman

    Prayer for a friend

    hopefully your friend continues to improve. my work just instituted vaccines requirement, but I been vaccinated since January - now that pfizer got full FDA clearance for 16 yrs and older hopefully more people that can get the vax will get it, but I doubt it, cracks me up now the narrative is the "FDA is political, in bed with big pharma" this week I have a good friend in her early 30's got covid from a relative that she spent 5 mins with, then her boyfriend and mother got it- she has ran marathons and her boyfriend is a Marine - both are extremely sick, the mom is in the hospital and not doing good (not on a vent and pray it stays that way)
  10. Redman

    Unit 1 or 3a/3c

    Depends- 1 has more elk and has areas that are easier to hunt- 3C can be really rough with a chance at a bigger bull- but smaller area. 1 is cooler and better scenery its like picking a blonde or brunette
  11. Redman

    Prayer for a friend

    dang that sucks- prayers sent -
  12. Redman

    Roofer / Dry Wall

    These heavy rains found a weak spot in my roof and we now need repair. Looking for positive references 1. Ceramic Tile Roof - seems to be contained to one area- water dripping inside the exterior wall. 2. Dry wall and insulation needs to be replaced on this wall- I tore it out and have fans running... Not sure if we will file a claim insurance - quotes to repair will determine that $$ - we have a higher deductible so probably cash pay...out of pocket Thanks Andy - please text me if you know someone 48o- 273- 794 zero
  13. Redman

    Any east side welders

    I got a welder - not a pro- but could help with a simple D rings weld - again not a pro, but free, LOL Power / McDowell area
  14. Redman

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Good old Amazon- copper rain gauge or here: https://worldscoolestraingauge.com/
  15. Redman

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    we have gotten about 5 inches this week.