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  1. Redman

    Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

    I am new to the G7, the last 5 years I had been running a couple different range finders and ballistic programs on my phone. Sorry I never used both and haven't used the G7 on a actual hunt, just target shooting. My impressions thus far on the G7, easy to program, nice that one can switch from MOA to MIL very simply (I have had different rifles with different scopes), ranges great. The output can be hard to see in bright daylight (even when on high), the ballistics match my app very close (sometime one will tell me 1.2 and the other will say 1.1). The G7 is large, but its only one device to mess with, not two, when the shot does't always present itself, using a rangefinder and a phone can be a pain- not so much when the shot is 450 vs 475, but when its 650 vs 675 a click or two is a complete miss. I like the case and its rugged. Good luck
  2. Redman

    Go fund me, Danny McDermott.

    Man that is terrible.
  3. Redman

    Christmas Gift Destinations

    ZipLine in Oracle? Kartchner Caverns Hot-air Ballon Ride - Festival in ABQ
  4. Redman

    Youth hunt Arizona 3a-3c hunt help

    The side by sides wont be out at 5:30 AM (the ones hunting will be) as lance said, listen for the bugles as the sun rises. Glass the Canyons off the 300 by Gentry tower (take the roads the head towards the San Carols Reservation) you will have to try to not see a cow elk.
  5. Redman

    OnX Maps?

    terrible with my old iPhone, new iPhone X - battery lasts all day- but I don't use tracks
  6. Redman

    I phone 6s Verizon

    dang had to replace a phone yesterday
  7. Redman

    Unit 4a looking for any info/ Archery Elk

    Christopher Creek has some nice cabins that would be the closest to the unit - I would just camp there are PLENTY of camping site in the unit. Get OnX for maps, it will provide the best map possible. Here is your best bet to get a crash course on scouting. https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/pinetop/4a/
  8. Redman

    Transfer pump

    I use this one every time we go camping, I have 2 50 gallon water containers that I transfer water to and from (one empty so I can move it) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HAPFBTC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 there are many like it, this model is not available on Amazon. I use my portable jump starter to power it, connect the pos / neg terminals to and it will pump a 50 gallon water drum in 3-5 mins.
  9. Redman

    Trail Camera clips

    wow awesome bulls thanks for sharing
  10. Redman

    Garmin Xero A1i Right Hand - Like New $550

    Pending sale. Thanks for looking.
  11. Like new Garmin Xero A1i (top model) for sale. Only used a handful of times. $550 - can text pictures, but its like new. Thanks Andy 48o - 273- 794o
  12. Redman

    Zamberlan Boots

    I have worn Zamberlan for 3 years, just ordered new pair. Super comfortable and great support - my ankles are shot and twist all the time.... great support. They do run true to size, the euro sizing is confusing, my size is 10-10.5 much smaller than yours. Check Ebay, some sellers there have great prices from time to time. My boots retail for $440 and got them for $200. 980 GTX model
  13. Redman

    Tag Donation

    Spoke to Tom yesterday, he made it so easy to transfer a 4A Bull Sept (archery) tag that a family member cannot go on. Tom it's in the mail.
  14. Redman

    Leftover Shrinkage

    If one's strategy is to put in for top hunts knowing they won't get drawn, build points and a backup plan for a left over.... have at it. I prefer to have a tag and plan around it.
  15. Redman

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    two nice bulls!! thanks for posting