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  1. Redman

    Where's Nobull?

    Glad this is over - This statement sums it all up - criminals always think they are innocent and the means justify the end. Let's just say for the fun of it the Power Line Buck was killed "legally" by legally I mean not shot on the rez or another area and moved to the power line (like the allegations that started this whole thing), he actually glassed, stalked and killed the buck at the power line. I am sure Blake still contends the Power Line Buck was killed legally, but not for the fact he already killed a deer, it was never legal- he shouldn't have been hunting or let that arrow (or bullet) go. He knew he killed another deer already, but chose to hunt which was illegal. In the end justice was served - not having a hunting license for 10 years and being a felon for at least 3 years is a big price to pay. If I was an odds maker, the proposition would be "In 3 years does Blake Owens Violate His Probation". The odds would open a 7 - 2 or 4 - 1.
  2. Redman

    Popcorn thread

    Interesting - I am almost certain a plea or admission of guilt to a charge i(normally a lessor) s what that means.
  3. Redman

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    I have always pulled my trailer with a WD hitch since I bought it 4 years ago. I also have air bags on my Tundra. Last week on my way home, I lost a sway bar somewhere between Redington and San Manuel - it was late and too far to turn back and look for it- (it was my fault, I lost the carter pin and was too stupid to put something in temporarily so the bar fell off, probably on the dirt road). I drove home 2 hours without the WD hitch. I could tell a MAJOR difference driving without it. I ordered a new bar yesterday. Did I need it? No, I got home without it, but since your wife will drive it and possibly your family ride in it, don't risk it just get one. My 0.2 cents
  4. Redman


    GTFO- $3600 on CL and $5K on CWT?
  5. Redman

    SME adapter - who has used it?

    okay, the dang thing turns on real easy and the battery died, so I tapped a plastic cap over the button. Also it was a lot of hassle to find keep switching back and forth - its not the device it was me. I will use it more in Jan.
  6. My son Jake connected on a nice buck this weekend on a jr. hunt. He wanted a 3x3 and luckily we got eyes on this guy once the fog lifted on Friday. The pack out was tough on him (and me) but he hung in there.
  7. Redman

    SME adapter - who has used it?

    Video also, it stores pictures and videos in the app and in the phone's picture icon- not sure why in two places, but it does.
  8. Redman

    SME adapter - who has used it?

    The SME thing arrived today and on initial review, its works well, much better than the two previous adaptors I bought. It's bigger than I thought, but immediately was centered and easy to change magnification of the scope and focus. I probably need a better tripod head (I use a Silk) fine movements difficult, but they always are on 45x power on a spotting scope. Will use it this weekend and post a better review with pictures and hopefully a kill shot!
  9. Redman

    Suggestions on finding a new camp in the dark

    make sure you download the maps prior (with service or wifi) for the area(s).
  10. Redman

    Suggestions on finding a new camp in the dark

    x2 - OnX - its $17 a year- no brainer, if you meeting someone, have them drip a pin and send it to you when they get cell service - no chance of getting lost
  11. Redman


    keep pictures like those coming... you have been warned. LOL
  12. Redman

    SME adapter - who has used it?

    it is up on Camofire today so I took the bait and ordered.... I will post a review, my son had a jr hunt next weekend. I bought a lot of useless hunting stuff before, hope this isn't one to add to the list..
  13. The deer are still there - it's hard for bucks to grow big in areas that have a lot of pressure, they will be found sooner or later. We have shot 100-110 inch bucks within 1/2 mile of a road, I suspect they were pushed there. With that said 33 is a huge area with large deep canyons - or low stuff that is not pressured (as much). If you want a mature buck you probably need to go somewhere with less pressure or areas that require effort to get into. There are a lot of areas with roads that end and one can hike for miles to a secluded area, then it takes skills and patience to find a mature buck (or luck).
  14. Redman

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    The Big Buddy heater will heat the Kodiak tent great- it can get too hot. I have the adapter and use a 5 gallon propane (leave the tank outside) - I also have a travel trailer and the Kodiak tent with the buddy heater makes it easy to leave the trailer at home. The trailer is much easier because everything is stored in it... I also use a shower tent (and move the heater into it), use a 2 gallon weed sprayer with water heated on the camp chef and "shower" in a warm environment.