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  1. Redman

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    No first hand experience with either-but was really lookin at the CVA (sure it's a great ML) I went with a Thompson Pro-Hunter with Match Grade Machine (MGM) Barrel (and breech plug) .45 cal - improved the trigger with new springs- was really thinking about a smokeless setup (barrel from Arrowhead)- but probably wouldn't use it since not allowed in AZ or NM - a smokeless barrel can use smoke powder but not the other way around (mostly). Going to shoot the ArrowHead XLD -275 grain (to start) with BH 209- hopefully get good performance (waiting on barrel to test) Check out MGM, Arrowhead and Hanks Precision websites- good stuff to watch and read One thing that changed my mind was an opinion (by Arrowhead) that the CVA Paramount wasn't that great, but they have come out with the second gen so? , Plus I like the idea of switching the barrel for a centerfire with the Thompson (probably never will either) Good luck
  2. Redman

    AZ is sad

    I miss the gold old days when we used to get the elk and goat results in late July- no credit cards-
  3. Redman

    2018 Jayco Eagle 5th wheel

    what did you pull that with? F150 or F250 or ?
  4. Redman

    COVID Vaccine Info

    There have been many post to this thread, it's now similar to some classified adds...members post stuff for sale, others jump in and bash the seller because the items maybe over priced.... they have a choice to NOT buy the items for sale, but feel so compelled and their input is so valuable they comment.... If you don't want the vaccine don't get it... you are not forced to get it... that is what makes America Great.... free country
  5. Redman

    Any Crypto traders out there?

    Robinhood - I have some DOGE coins and it drives me crazy to see it go up and down.
  6. Redman

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Sorry to hear this, I hope you get better. As said multiple times, (1) some people catch COVID and don't even know they got it until their smell and taste go away with NO ill effects..... (2) others get it and die.... and (3) there is a large subset of people that get it and can't shake it. Take care
  7. that is B.S. I have seem more disagreements on hunting places than trail cams
  8. Redman

    Campbell20 is a scammer, Just FYI

    He is a great member- we are all needing items and his friend has everything...
  9. Redman

    Anyone else get a message from Campbell20?

    same thing he amazingly has Bergers 215!
  10. Redman


    that right there is a good deal!
  11. None that we can find, the triggers are much different- there are after market springs to lesson trigger pull.
  12. Thanks everyone- my buddy found one- he actually found two and bought them both.
  13. Redman

    Aoudad 2021

    wow sorry I missed this - awesome write up and congrats to all.
  14. Redman

    wireless security camera info

    There are a lot of camera that run off batteries (Blinq) but most need Wifi (unless you run a cable) - can you get Wifi service at the end of your road? Another option would be to have a trail camera with cellular- not sure what the cost is.