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  1. In AZ, I have hunted (rifle) 22, 24A, 24B, 30A, 30B, 31, 32, 33, 34A, 35A, 36B - each of those hunts required finding "where to hunt". Even in the units i have had multiple tags; 32.33,36 there are different areas within those units that are far apart, IMO 33 has 4 district ranges that are far apart (hard to hunt one day then the next) . I tend to find coues in lower elevations and target peaks on maps or Google earth, talk to others and ultimately scout. Also, I used to archery hunt a lot more and that was always helpful to be out in Jan to find new areas. Enjoy finding new areas to hunt, for me , the prep is sometimes funner than the hunt. Good luck
  2. Redman

    Cooking Wild Turkey

    cut into strips and Uncle Bucks - anything else? looks good - don't really care for wild turkey but frying could help - we got our hunt this weekend
  3. Redman

    6.5x284 Axis Works and Southern Express

    man too bad i already have a 6.5x284 - great looking rig
  4. Redman

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU is in a tailspin - 70-7 never happened. NIL money is limited, lost the best football player to portal. Tied with SMU for the most infraction (per the NCAA database). Students yell "fukk you" during National Anthem, what a classy place.
  5. Redman


    These tags (limited opportunity) have been available for a couple of years even with the auction tags or soon to be raffle tags. Let's make a big deal out of nothing.
  6. Redman


    What's the difference?
  7. Redman

    Auction tags

    I thought all the G&F cared about is the money, I must have read that 100 times on CWT over the years.
  8. Redman

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU did a spectacular thing today- resigned Bobby Hurley!!! The sucking countinues!
  9. Redman

    Auction tags

    So if the same amount of revenue is generated from a raffle, I am having a hard time supporting the current auction structure. Since I was planning on winning the Powerball this week, I better hurry up and purchase the few remaining tags!
  10. Redman

    How bout them Devils!

    Nothing signals a class University like yelling "Fu*k U of A" during the National Anthem. That place is a dump - it was nice to wave goodbye at all the students as they ran like roaches. SWEPT! Football Men's Basketball Womens' Basketball
  11. Redman

    Credit Card hit thread

    2 Elk tags in my house - 6A ML Nov Bull for me (again) 4B Bull Archery Sept for my son
  12. Redman

    Credit Card hit thread

    anyone remember how long it took to post the results after charges last year.... what you all think next Friday results posted?
  13. Redman

    Credit Card hit thread

    2 Elk tags in my house - my son and I - different apps - will be interesting
  14. Redman

    How bout them Devils!

    Bobby Hurley is the best thing that happened for U of A! Clown coach, please don’t fire him. 45 / 45 points UA won by football and basketball!
  15. Redman


    nice! glad to see more in stock. Scheels has a good selection also.