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  1. Redman

    Tipping guides

    fishing and guides 10-15%- cooks get a 10-20 bucks a day
  2. Redman

    NL pure 12x42's

    So..... who has these? How do they compare to the 12x50 EL (which I currently have)? Anyone have a pair for sale?
  3. Redman

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    I am very sorry for your and the rest of the family and friends loss. I am not sure what happens when we die, but the ones that love and cherish us are left with a lot of pain, which I am sure you are in. God Bless you. Andy
  4. Redman

    Utah results

    one good thing about Utah the phones are maned 24/7. I called and was told they are having problems, but she was able to look up my application and I didn't draw... which is fine- I am getting up there in points so will draw soon (could have this year but put in for long shots....)
  5. Redman

    Utah results

    I was charged for the draw (app and license), no email and it says I didn't apply-
  6. Redman

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    I am rocking- with DOGE- XRP isn't doing crap.... yet. Musk will host SNL and DOGE is going to go "to the moon"! I put in $500 in Jan hoping to get the new Swaros.... now I can get all new glass (binos, spotter, scope, and still have $$) but I am not pulling out- my 12x50's will have to work LOL.
  7. Redman

    NM Gila tag

    I had that tag and had a good hunt. After 3 scouting trips I came to realize it's a rough unit with NO roads I have hunted elk in NM, CO, Mont, Utah and AZ, that unit is as tough to hump in everyday My advice pay someone to pack in your camp and pack out your elk, it will be really hard to hike in from a truck everyday (sure luck could be on your side) I hired Tom Klumker, there are a few others, 2 of us paid $2400 (or something like that), packed in all of our gear for 7 days and packed out my elk- set us up near a spring and we had plenty of water - we were about 5 miles in and I shot my elk about 1.5 miles from camp- the bull was bugling in a recent burn. Good luck
  8. Redman

    Here's one for all the mask fans

    4 pages of replies for a prank skit? Dang you all uptight, go fishing or turkey hunting .
  9. Redman

    Roosevelt report

    Is the water low enough to camp along the shoreline? Thanks
  10. Redman

    COVID Vaccine Info

    COVID vaccine will be an annual shot - just like the flu.
  11. In the market for a newer toy hauler - Desired: 26 foot + (Honda Pioneer need to fit) Front Bedroom Generator - on board Bumper Pull- would consider 5th wheel depending on weight (Ram 2500 6.7 to pull it) Let me know what you got- you can shoot me a PM Thanks
  12. Redman


    Stop selling stuff when I am not on-line! LOL someone got a deal
  13. Redman


    The Website totally sucks, but they tags are going to be issued on time-
  14. Redman

    Poll//. Who has/will get covid vaccine shot

    yawn- got my second shot a month ago-