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  1. Redman

    Woodbury Fire

    Unit 24B amendment: The Department recommends decreasing permits from 400 to 200 in the November 13 – 22 mule deer hunt in Unit 24B. This recommendation is based on the landscape level habitat changes caused by the Woodbury fire, decreased number of mule deer observed on survey and low buck to doe numbers, and historical data showing an overall decreasing trend in the mule deer population in Unit 24B. It is also recommended that the December over-the-counter archery deer season close for mule deer; the December over-the-counter season will remain open for white-tailed deer only. This recommendation should help address the low buck to doe ratio in Unit 24B. In the summer of 2019, the Woodbury Fire burned almost 124,000 acres of Unit 24B, primarily in the Superstition Wilderness. It is the fifth largest wildfire in the history of Arizona and burned 2020 Big Game Commission Orders March 23, 2020 Page 3 of 3 roughly 30% of the unit and about 70% of the Wilderness. As seen with other units after large scale wildfires, is believed the fire will significantly improve habitat which will support increased deer populations.
  2. Redman

    ISO Mathews z7 extreme string new or used!

    you an order a new set for $49 on archerytalk - classified adds
  3. Redman

    223 ammo at BPS 33 cents a round

    had some on order for about 4 weeks- never updated, canceled and bought some at Able -different brand, less price, arrived in a week. Went shooting.
  4. Redman

    wtb 6.5 cr ammo

    you probably know this, but ammo seek doesn't sell the ammo, it links to ammo sellers. like anything shipping charges vary, but I have ordered a bunch and HAVE NOT been charged sales tax, therefor with shipping charges, I paid LESS than locally (and its difficult to find locally). ordering ammo on-line is no different than ordering any other good- I have never heard of a city or county coming after anyone I know for sales tax - to me there is no mess, if I was Trump I would accuse you of sensationalizing buying ammo on-line 😀
  5. Redman

    wtb 6.5 cr ammo

  6. Redman


    Are these the Fluorite model?
  7. Redman

    Custom 6.5 prc $2,700 obo

    nice rifle - why in the world are you selling? Good luck with the sale!
  8. Redman

    No ammo.

    got a tracking number - Able ammo rocks!
  9. Redman

    No ammo.

    I hope they come in- for the both of us, I would like to go shooting. I should probably get a couple more orders in the works
  10. Where is your bro at?
  11. Redman

    No ammo.

    order on-line - hope it comes in
  12. Redman

    Any Boat Mechanics?

    Update: Ken was very helpful and was great to work with, with the problem my boat was having he didn't want to tear down the motor (extensive job) I ended up taking my boat to G&G Marine and they found the root cause and it was very simple and didn't need to tear down the motor, boat runs great. I would recommend G&G marine - top notch shop. Ken is also great for being mobile.
  13. Redman

    I'm Still Alive -- barely

    Crazy, glad you are better. Did you get tested for the COVID 19?
  14. Redman

    Post up your success in tags

    Nice me too..... my son who is 16 also!
  15. Redman

    There up !

    5BS Sept Bull