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  1. Redman

    NL Pure

    do i go with the 12x42 or wait for the 15x53?
  2. Redman

    WTB Polaris Ranger / SXS

    What's your budget? There are literally deals everyday on CL and FB Marketplace. You can set filters up to be notified. I am sure you know this, but You can't sit back and dwell on a decision in today's market, be ready to move once you find the one you like. I have missed out on two great deals this week- going to look at one today. Here is one, very low miles - a bit away... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3226504117447257/
  3. Redman

    Prehunt action for the upcoming season

    just a hair bit off... LOL
  4. you still got this for sale?
  5. Redman

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    there are deals to be had, I would suggest being patient, having the cash and pulling the trigger once you find a good deal. Check Craigslist and Facebook marketplace multiple times a day or setup notifications. Most decent priced deals are sold within hours.
  6. Redman


    buy nice or buy twice, save another $500 and get Swaro HD's...
  7. Redman

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    Benchee = China crap, no first hand knowledge as me or a friend, but i did all the research a couple of months ago and I came to the conclusion to stay away. Do yourself a favor and DON'T do it. Spend your hard earned money on a Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Can Am. I have a 2006 Polaris Ranger and it still runs strong and parts are abundant - found on Ebay. Not sure what you intended use is, but value the best value is Kawasaki Teryx, Honda Pioneer is the fan favorite. While the Polaris General is sweet.
  8. Does anyone have the left over list for the 2019 Spring Hunt? Thanks in advance.
  9. Redman

    Anyone use cell phone booster for rv

    no i was thinking when the signal coverts to 5G and the different new frequencies... I am not a cell phone guru but 5G will probably replace previously 4G and other low band frequencies- cell phone boosters of today will probably not work, not sure if they have a firmware update, etc. I swear I used to get better phone service with an analog and digital phone - but now everything is digital -
  10. Redman

    Anyone use cell phone booster for rv

    wonder how 5G will impact extenders- are they compatible?
  11. Redman

    2017 Forest River Toyhauler

    curious what truck was used to tow it?
  12. Redman

    2 tags 5BS early archery 🔥🔥

    One was on a tank around Turkey Mtn about 200 yds from the water and another tank just south of Oak Hill - again about 100-200 off the tank. Good Luck!
  13. Redman

    Rut Activity

    I highly doubt a couple of muzzleloder shots will mess it up - on Saturday there was somebody shooting hundred of rounds (target shooting) with the SXS driving around all day-I just don't see a ML making a dent
  14. Redman

    2 tags 5BS early archery 🔥🔥

    Was up there yesterday - bulls are talking. You are in the area I heard them. Asshats are stealing cameras - had another one jacked.
  15. I hear you, little fun fact, I got some Primo's cameras on sale a while ago.... then I and ordered the $28 Tasco cameras from Walmart- the Primos cameras are Tasco, just branded as Primo. good luck in your hunts