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  1. man you listing killed me- I have a 2013 and love it- not near as nice as the one you sold
  2. There was a special raffle because there was a need for more money- losing $1M in revenue annually from here on out is a big hole- I am for a draw for OTC if they would allow one to draw two tags but kill one deer (similar like javi) and then cap the NR at 10%- or something of the sort. The current structure is obsolete.
  3. Watch the video - the game and fish is brings it up so they are worried also....$1M is what the G&F will lose with one of the recommendations (going to a draw) that will leave a big hole to fill-
  4. What is the difference between a limit and threshold? Bear has a limit, deer and mountain lion a threshold? Are these words used interchangeably? Never mind I watch the video RKV09 posted- good information - mandatory reporting would in-sue, there are 3 recommendations being made to the commission
  5. Redman

    Gate guy needed

    I need a gate guy to open and close gates when hunting ...LOL
  6. Redman


    If you want to sell, let me know.
  7. Redman

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    You should run for office! What a bunch of double talk! Adding a word here and there to qualify your response! Man up or just shut up!
  8. Redman

    2022 draw question

    It took 10 points to get into the Bonus Pass last year ... so isn't the same EDIT - it took 9 JLW PM your email and I can email the TopRut info you like
  9. Redman

    2022 draw question

    If I am reading TopRut correctly.... 26% in the Bonus Pass and 9.8% in the Random- hard to tell on point creep as applicants can shift from one unit to the next Hope this helps
  10. Redman

    Celebration of Life Service

    What a great man! Nice write up! Sorry for your loss-
  11. Redman

    Draw Results

    Yeah he drew this time on his own - first year as an adult! Can't wait, it will be a little different this year, he will most likely be at NAU in the fall, so we will have to find time between school.
  12. Redman

    Draw Results

    3B ML for antelope my son got an early archery bull tag is 5BS
  13. Redman

    Draw Results

    Can't wait to see what days I need to request vacation! It's a real issue when you apply for archery and ML for elk and rifle and ML for goat and draw both! The struggle is real 😀
  14. Redman

    What’s your 401K doing?

    Worth a watch - 27 mins mark if you don't want to watch it all.
  15. Redman

    Unit Breakdown

    It's not just point creep, this year when I kill a 400 inch bull in 6A and post pictures with the unit- the masses will apply for 6A next year... and it will take 10 points... LOL - sometimes if the masses shift to another unit - it could take more points than the prior year. You are right there, good luck!
  16. Redman

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    I will miss his drunken rambles
  17. Redman

    My boys first archery kill and javelina

    Nice javi! it's not easy - lots of hours of practice and it PAID OFF!!!
  18. Redman

    Custom muzzleloader

    There are plenty of used custom ML for sale if you are patient- you can expect to pay $2000-$3500 for used one (sometimes with optic, but normally without), a new one is $4-$7K. The nice used ones go fast so you have to be ready to pull the trigger. I see one for sale on another form for $1900 (that is nice quality) You can also build one using a Encore Frame and a Match Grade Machine Barrel, trigger, without optic your in for $1400 Paramount are nice also Last year I went through what you are now... shoot me a PM if you want to chat about it
  19. Redman

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    This guy^ when he is not rambling he's incoherent - remember when he bashed the young female hunter... now he plays the victim.
  20. Redman

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    1 hit for elk and another for antelope - 3 members in in the family all put in separately
  21. Redman

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    Too bad .40 cal are not legal in a few states close to AZ- the Paramount and new Knight are nice.
  22. Redman

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    you are welcome - I needed it done and glad to support CWT members business
  23. Redman

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    ***** 5 Star Review ***** My Ram 2500 was detailed today and I have nothing but positive things to say, the gent spent 3 hours on it and it looks as new. My previous vehicle was detailed at a Car Wash and was NOT impressed and thought I could have done it better myself. This was was an entirely different experience, there is no way I would have done this nice of a job. Nice Work Tannert
  24. Redman

    Free Golden Retriever sHE IS GONE

    We got her home and Twisty (Twisted) is adorable - She fits right in with our other 2 golden's and is part of the family! IMG_3416.heic