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  1. creed

    Question about mule deer

    No. There were few does in the area he lived in. He left every year but returned after the rut. The catchment he hit had a couple of other desert muleys that were huge. They disappeared too during the rut.
  2. creed

    Question about mule deer

    I watched a muley buck for 4 years on trailcamera. He would disappear in December and reappear in mid March nearly every year. What was interesting was in the non rut months he was always with the same two other bucks. Donnie Lee and I saw him once during the rut 20 miles north of where he called home. That was the last time I saw him. He would have netted 210 or better
  3. creed

    PointGuard Question

    Why not? It was purchased for that particular hunt not an OTC.
  4. creed

    Question about mule deer

    I know nothing about coues but a muley will have about a 10-15 sq mile range depending on food or water. During the rut they will move a long ways. A buck I watched on trail camera all summer/fall was killed 35 miles away the following January. I don't know about arrow accuracy changes at those elevations. I can't shoot well enough to tell the difference.
  5. creed

    Back tension releases

    I shot a Longhorn when practicing. When it came time for hunting I use an HTM Inline Release. I can't shoot a thumb release without getting the yips. The HTM solved that.
  6. creed

    Canvas Repair

    Ihttps://www.phoenixtent.com/products/other-products/ I have used these guys on a tent trailer repair
  7. creed

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Maybe not that much. There are still numerous hunts where one point gives you a pretty good chance. Take a unit like the strip and pull a couple of hundred tags out of 4500 applicants and your odds may rise but not that much. Point restrictions and waiting periods have been tried.
  8. creed

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Just curious but how many of you guys have applied with other people and benefited from them having more bonus points than you? Or them benefit from your bonus points? Is that ethical? I agree wholeheartedly about the turning in of tags just to benefit someone. That isn't right. But if I have a family member/friend that is applying for the same hunt I am and has more points than I do I am going to ride them. And I feel no guilt. Leave the bonus point system alone.
  9. creed

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    1...yes 2...yes 3...I am a point whore. I bought every one of my ex wife's 22 antelope bonus points. They haven't helped me yet. 4...yes 5...yes 6...don't care one way or the other
  10. creed

    Alamo algae bloom

    I have been fishing there several times. Early on it was pretty bad but a week ago the water was tea colored but clear. I am going to try to make it out there this weekend God be willing. Going to do some night fishing. Crappie has been slow but the bass has been good.
  11. creed


    Has it been updated since the first publication? The last time I looked at one there were many new catchments that weren't listed.
  12. creed

    camp shower

    I have used a pump up weed sprayer too. After a little nozzle modification they work well. I have tried several things but have gone back to heating water in a pan and using a cup. Dead Down Wind makes a rinse free liquid soap that does a good job. Works for me.
  13. creed

    camp shower

    Where are you located? I have a battery operated shower pump somewhere. If it works I will give it to you. Or at least I think I still have it. And it worked last time I used it
  14. creed


    Water sources.
  15. creed

    Muzzy bullets for elk