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    I have heard the cattle are destroying the planet pitch for years. All I have to say is how many of you elk hunters sit waterholes put in by cattlemen? Or how many water sources in the desert units are kept and maintained by cattlemen? I hunt many areas where the only water sources are from cattlemen. I agree that there can be an over grazing problem in places but give me a break. If not for cattle there would be much less game in many areas.
  2. Lots of adults on my place but the freakin roadrunners are wiping out the little guys.
  3. creed

    WTB Elite Impulse 34

  4. creed

    WTB Elite Impulse 34

    Pretty good price on a new bow if the draw lengths match him. https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/41
  5. creed

    43A sheep tag

    His wife is blessed when it comes to big game applications. First time she applied for elk she drew a unit 9 early archery bull. I am going to drive to Sierra Vista next elk draw just so she can touch my envelope.
  6. creed

    recoil fear

    If we are talking hemp I would want the good stuff left in it. Some good suggestions. I’ll try some of them. Maybe I can get her to where she can at least pull the trigger without having some kind of seizure Rancilio thanks for the offer but I am a couple hundred miles from Tucson. I do have a trip to Sierra Vista planned this summer. Maybe then?
  7. creed

    recoil fear

    I may have an old manual laying around I can look it up. If not I’ll get one. She has target panic with the bow too. They’re both about the same. She hasn’t always been like this either. if I can’t get her past this I’m going to turn the tag in. The thing is she enjoys the outdoors so much I hate to see her quit hunting.
  8. My wife has a hang up with recoil and noise. I have tried numerous things with her centerfire but haven't had much luck getting by the severe flinching and jerking the trigger in anticipation of the shot. She has drawn an elk muzzy tag and now I need to start her on a muzzleloader. I was thinking of starting her on the lowest safe load of Pyrodex and working up to a heavier load over the next few months but haven't found much on the www about minimum safe load. Anyone have any suggestions? If I can't move her past this I think I need to talk to her about turning in the tag.
  9. creed

    Elk Draw Progress

    No tags in the mail. The 2 hunts she applied for were muzzle loader. Hoping for the early hunt.
  10. creed

    Elk Draw Progress

    I was in total shock. Two muzzy hunts, one of them early. We were already making plans to go fishing in Alaska when it happened
  11. creed

    Elk Draw Progress

    My wife was hit late Wednesday night and I know of two other guys that were hit yesterday.
  12. If your shoulder hurts alot get it checked out. I let mine go cause I was going to tough it out. Finally went to a quack doctor that only wanted to give me cortisone shots. I permanently lost over half the use of my left arm and I am looking at a reverse shoulder replacement in the not to distant future. Shoulders are nothing to fool with.