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  1. creed


    I thought that was obvious. But if a jury doesn't at least find them guilty of manslaughter the judicial system is broke.
  2. creed


    The rioting is a a bunch of BS. They probably could be justified shooting some of them. The cops that killed George Floyd should be charged with murder and sentenced to the general population of whatever prison they have. Taxpayers wouldn't have to feed them very long
  3. creed

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    I wonder how many of you guys that would vote for Joe lived in the unincorporated rural areas he had jurisdiction in?
  4. buzzards gotta eat
  5. first timers....we were all first timers once but I think it's boredom and spammers maybe hoping to hook someone. I don't know but I would think activity on the boards is up and the spammers are trying to take advantage. Just a guess though.
  6. creed

    Rules For Classifieds

    I have sold several items here over the years and with the exception of a couple of low ball smart arses that I ignored most of the guys I have dealt with have been straight up. Some good people here. Craigslist is a completely different story
  7. creed

    UNIT 17A, 17B, 18B, 19B, 20A - Cow Elk Hunt

    Red Tank in the early hunt was always a good spot. Don’t overlook Goodwin/Bozarth Mesa. I saw 3 herds in one morning while scouting for an antelope hunt. One herd had 19 elk in it. Also have seen elk in Burro Creek and upper antelope tank. The area around the 7 Up sometimes has decent elk numbers
  8. creed

    UNIT 17A, 17B, 18B, 19B, 20A - Cow Elk Hunt

    When I had that tag the only elk I could find in 17A were in the Juniper Mesa Wilderness right on top of the mountain. I have seen a ton of elk in 18B though.
  9. creed

    5B South

    The roads can be a nightmare if it rains alot. I take chains and have needed them. This was in the 93 in 2013. I did have a rhino in the back and pulling a tent trailer that you can't see in the pic but the roads can be a sloppy mess.
  10. creed

    Effects of the virus scare?

    How about getting under your school desk in the event of nuclear war or whatever else they dreamed up? Geez, I am old.
  11. creed


    I wonder if we will be able to make comments? They took the 44A muzzy hunt out over 20 years ago. In the areas I hunt the numbers are coming back. I know it's a snowball chance in h3ll that they would reinstate it but I would certainly like to see it happen.
  12. creed


    They have to approve them first. Seems like I read somewhere the commission would meet the 17th. Regs should be out by first of the month I would think.
  13. creed

    Effects of the virus scare?

    The old lady and I have been out all morning and have not seen a soul.
  14. creed

    Stay at home order

    My wife is Italian. She is the huggingest person I have ever seen. She won't keep her butt away from family even though she knows the risks involved. To make it worse she deals with the public through her job and comes into contact with dozens of strangers every day. She has this attitude of it won't happen to me.
  15. creed

    Effects of the virus scare?

    LOL! I'm old and cuss and like music. If you live long enough you'll be old too. I'll tell you now it ain't for sissies! When you are dependent on the blue pill it's over. I might as well take that long walk in the desert.