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  1. I hunt alone most of the time so it’s not an issue. Wouldn’t use a radio even if I did hunt with a partner. If you think radios make you a better hunter then go for it.
  2. creed

    Where Am I?

    Harquahala Mt?
  3. creed

    Rut winding down?

    I am starting to see lots of does without bucks and single bucks or small groups of bucks. The rut is starting to wind down where I have been hunting. I have also seen multiple bucks pushing a single doe so I am guessing there are some does coming into heat a 2nd time around. The secondary rut can get a little crazy!
  4. creed


    I have a slider going into the trash. I blew a shot on this guy fooling with yardage. Never again
  5. creed

    Uh oh...

    That too but not near as much fun
  6. creed

    Uh oh...

    I have had two doctors tell me I would likely develop Parkinsons. Before I get like this guy I would put dope up my nose, under my armpits, smoke, eat and drink it legal or not.
  7. creed

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    I shot Hoyts for 20 years but they priced me right out of the market. I just bought an Obsession Turmoil and was surprised at how well it handled. A third less money and every bit as accurate and faster. Still have a Hoyt just in case this Turmoil blows up. I have never had issues with a Hoyt.🙂
  8. creed

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    I live a long way from town and do a lot of comparisons over the internet and phone. I called the Peoria Ride Now and asked their price on a Honda. The salesman wanted to know what offers from other dealers I had. I wouldn't tell him and he went off on a rant calling me an f'ing A-hole. I drove the 50 miles to discuss it with him only to find a pathetic 140 pound big mouth. Lots of internet tough guys.
  9. creed

    Opinions on vortex spotting scope

    I used to own one. Not anymore. If money is an issue buy a used top end scope and never regret it. With Zeiss the warranty is transferable. I would guess it is with the others.
  10. creed

    Pre rut

    I have heard there is rutting in 39 and 40A/B. I have been in 44A and have seen groups of does with spikes only. I did glass up does with 2 bucks that were 160+ but they were tolerating each other so I am thinking none of the girls had started smelling good.
  11. creed

    What Is the Meaning of Life?

    Had that happen on my wife's deer hunt this year. The whole freakin desert and they camp 50 yards away. Had the balls to argue that we had taken their camping spot. They shut up when my stepson showed them it was private property and we had permission. They didn't.
  12. creed

    What Is the Meaning of Life?

    #21. I always figured if you have to tell everyone how good you are you aren't any good at all
  13. creed

    Spotting scope?

    I would take a spotter over 15’s in a heartbeat if forced to choose. Where I am hunting now requires a good spotter just to find deer let alone identify them as buck or doe.
  14. creed

    2020 regs

  15. creed

    Upcoming elk draw-6b,6a,or 8?

    I am in the same boat with five bonus points. I am going to do exactly what elkaholic said. There was a proposed early muzzleloader hunt in 5BS. I am guessing it went ahead and was approved. The archery hunt follows which pushes it back into the last week of September. Should be a great hunt.