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  1. So if the last deer killed to fill the quota is killed on a Friday, I could still hunt through the following Wednesday? How are they to strictly enforce this when you can't get one to respond to a violation that you have called in and are watching happen. 3 years ago I called in a violation. I was told a game warden would immediately contact me. I am still waiting. Same thing happened once before. I don't even bother now.
  2. creed

    Deer Regs

    Bet it takes longer to get them out this year because of all their shenanigans.
  3. creed

    New Mexico draw

    I have rancher friends on the extreme south end of the Burros. The first few years they ranched there they took over 60 lions off their ranch. You pull up in their yard and you were greeted by 13 lion hounds. Last time I hunted there I had a lion run across the road in front of me.
  4. creed

    23 North Early Archery

    I know people that have had that hunt or early rifle. All but one hired guides. All but one killed 350+ bulls. I would likely go DIY but that is some badass country! I hunted the late hunt in the Gordon Canyon area 25 years ago. I thought I was in good shape but found out I could’ve been in better.
  5. Fair to good condition. I haven't used it in 4 years. It has a spot where a pine tree leaked sap but it has never leaked water. Just put 2 cans of Camp Dry on it and have it set up in the yard if anyone is interested. Tonopah area $450
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    voting for Joe Biden
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    I love this freakin place!
  8. I don't see the problem with the LE hunts. The number of tags allotted are not having an effect on game. I have zero issue with them raising money. As to the longer seasons, why not? It should make for more applicants which should raise more revenue. Still don't like the OTC quotas. I would have preferred to see a draw.
  9. creed


    It would make the libs look bad if there was covid news. The mid terms are coming up. It's gonna be a blood bath as it is without covid.
  10. creed


    This country has gone nuts. Sh!t is about to hit the fan. Ruby Ridge
  11. A lot of guys kill deer during the general and then bowhunt January. Since they start the cycle in August I wonder if that is going to shut that down? I got an email today from the Dept in response to a question I had about NR's. They are not allowed to restrict NRs on the OTC hunts but was working to get legislative approval that would allow that. Hello, Currently, AZ statute does not allow the Department to restrict nonresident participation during hunts with tags that are offered over-the-counter. How, during the current AZ legislative process, the Department is pursuing changes that will allow us to do so. The bill has not yet been approved by both the House and Senate.
  12. creed

    Spott Hogg Fast Eddie

    ^^^^^ This Small adjustments with a peep can change POI. Good luck with the slider. I will never use one again.
  13. creed

    Alamo-any reports

    I have never fished for crappie except under lights and that is hit and miss. What would be a good technique this time of year?