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    Transmission and dependability. I knew a mechanic that serviced and repaired atv's/utv's for the border patrol. He said the only Hondas he got in his shop came in for service. He told me he made a living on repairing Polaris's and that Honda's were overbuilt.
  3. creed


    I have owned 2 Yamaha's, a Kawasaki, Polaris and a Honda. Currently own a Yamaha Viking. If I had it to do again I would buy the Honda 1000.
  4. I hunted 17A for many years and always saw some very big bucks. I quit hunting it about 10 years ago. It had turned into a zoo. I went up there about 3 years ago with a friend. We saw 21 bucks in one day but the biggest was a dink 4x4. Still road hunters everywhere. I have found some studs in some of the most unlikely areas though.
  5. creed

    Desert Forkie

    I would pass
  6. creed

    Slick trick for Bison?

    shoulder blades
  7. creed

    Slick trick for Bison?

    I have posted this before but this is from a 60 lb bow, 415 grain arrow with a 125 slicktrick @ 52 yds. I shot a 330 bull through both shoulders with it. It didn't go completely through but stuck out a couple of inches past the shoulder. Slicktricks are badass!!
  8. creed

    Slick trick for Bison?

    I think he said 25 yds with a complete pass through
  9. creed

    Slick trick for Bison?

    My boss put a 425 grain arrow@ 70lbs with a 100 grain slicktrick through the chest of a Cape Buffalo. It you put it in the right spot they will do the job.
  10. creed

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    I would but I keep in touch with family that I see only every 10 years or so. Even at that I only go there briefly and when I do I end up watching videos of the Hodgetwins.
  11. creed

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    Anything decent or patriotic stands the chance of getting pulled on FB. They have pulled a couple of posts I have put up about abortion. It seems recently they have clamped down even more. It is leaning towards becoming another liberal platform. I don't spend much time there and when I do it is to connect with family that is scattered.
  12. creed


    To say every rancher is ethical and a good steward of the land is like saying every yahoo packing a gun or bow is an ethical law abiding hunter. It’s not true. But to say every rancher is out to destroy the environment is just as wrong. I hunt a desert ranch that changed ownership a few years ago. What was once a superb desert deer hunting area is now as bad as it gets. The new owners have let the tanks fill up with sediment, windmills in need of repair. The old owners kept lions in check. The attitude of the new owner is lions are good for the environment. The influence of a good steward of the land and someone who goes through the motions couldn’t be more evident.
  13. creed


    Every wilderness area I have hunted has had cattle.
  14. creed

    Vicksburg aquifer and the Saudi alfalfa farms

    In the last few years the water quality where I live has become terrible. The heavy metal counts have become unsafe and the nitrate levels have risen as much as 5 times the EPA safe limits. With rapid growth and the aquifer being unable to recharge sufficiently the pool has drawn down allowing the contaminants to become more concentrated. Most people around here pump domestic water from the 200 foot range. We are down into the next strata around 400 feet and our water is still undrinkable.
  15. creed

    Vicksburg aquifer and the Saudi alfalfa farms

    There's not alot of info out there. I have friends that live and work in that area. The water table is dropping to where in some spots it is becoming a financial burden to pump residential water. There was talk some time back of pumping CAP water into the aquifers. I have no idea what became of that. Hyder is another area that is going to go dry. Both Hyder and the Bouse areas were nearly pumped dry years ago. It's going to happen again. Our state government could do a better job of regulating water use. In the AMA's it is restricted but in much of the state it is not.