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  1. Hoofnit

    Wide Boots- Want Recommendations

    USA made Danners...got wide feet myself, been wearing them since the 80's 😎
  2. Hoofnit

    Remington 700 ML

    https://www.badgerridgeind.com/store/p10/700ML_KIT.html I have 4 using this, works fantastic !
  3. Hoofnit

    WTB Weatherby 240 Brass

    There's some for sale on Gunbroker...you might have to raid the kids collage fund though 😳
  4. Hoofnit

    Ford c6 to np205 adapter

    Here ya go... https://www.ebay.com/itm/234324535968?hash=item368ed4aaa0:g:ufYAAOSwFtVhsQQU or https://www.ebay.com/itm/185236452016?hash=item2b20f3f2b0:g:0H0AAOSw9lVhsh-c
  5. Hoofnit

    Muely or Coues

    According to that map above mine are all rocky mtn. mule deer...although some of them were definitely taken in the desert, all of the whitetails have been in the pines, (there are 120" deer here if you know where to look) furthest was 140 yards, most were less than 50. I've been fortunate that I was able to hunt some great areas in AZ (12, 13) before they turned into the circus they are today, doesn't matter the species, they don't get big hanging out in the open, it takes work...again JMHO🙄
  6. Said it was whenever I initially looked at it 🤷‍♀️ now says available in 2-3 days
  7. Hoofnit

    Muely or Coues

    Having several Mulies in the 170-200" range I can say the 100" Coues is a more elusive critter for sure 😁 JMHO..
  8. https://ahlmans.com/cart/remington-1100-11-87-piston-seal-kit-12-ga.html...
  9. Hoofnit

    Ak47 help

    Pretty sure they are pressed in...https://www.tothtool.com/AK-Barrel-Removal-Install-Tool-_p_61.html 🤷‍♂️
  10. "🤷‍♂️ Much of the western U.S., an area already besieged by drought, should expect more dryness, the almanac projects. Nearly all of California, currently battling the raging Caldor Fire near Lake Tahoe, is pegged for a mild and dry winter, along with most of Arizona and parts of western Washington and Oregon."
  11. Hoofnit

    Looking for K frame 2 inch 38 special barrel

    They started selling those about a year ago, the cheap barrels disappeared pretty quick. There are also some differences in model 10 barrels, they're not all interchangeable depending on age an such.
  12. Hoofnit

    Just hanging a stand

    +1^^^^Broken nose is a give away on lion kills
  13. Hoofnit

    What rifle was this made for?

    M1 Garand
  14. I use a .010-.012 patch and 110gr ffg my .53 Hawken, no issues, been killing deer for years with it...