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  1. Hoofnit

    Steel case vs brass case ammo

    I have a 5.45x39 AR nothing fancy, no chrome lining, it has 3k down the pipe, mostly all Russian or Bulgarian surplus all corrosive primed, all steel...runs like a watch, shoots about 3moa with surplus ammo. recently Hornady made brass, bullets an dies available for this cartridge, shoots sub moa with hand loads...been pulling bullets from surplus an loading good bullets on the steel cases for coyotes (don't have to chase my brass) sub moa as well, case capacity is a little less, Our military uses steel cases for most all the big stuff, 20 an 30mm etc 🤷‍♂️ your mileage may vary, but in today's ammo market...
  2. Hoofnit

    What size of rim do I need for my truck?

    Mazda's are the same as a ford ranger for a bunch of years (ford owned them) 15" ranger rim from a similar year truck would work. . . junkyard guys could probably square ya away for $20 for a rim an tire. just bought one here in flag for my daughters ranger. . .
  3. I heard a story a few years back of a cape and $10k traded to another hunter for his full hide for a life size mount. . .
  4. Hoofnit

    WTB .577/455 Martini/Henry 3 Die Set

    Reloading for the 577-450 is an expensive proposition, check Ebay for dies, probably gonna set ya back a hundo or so, couple guys on Gunbroker sell bullets the proper size, lots of the brass is berdan primed, no good options for repriming that now. Good luck, they're a blast to shoot !
  5. Get a packet of good 'ol koolaid, any flavor will do but orange seems to work best, dissolve it in a pint or so of water, put your brass in a suitable container (plastic) and cover with the koolaid you can add a little more water if need be, it will safely take the tarnish off, soak longer if need be ...rinse an dry. been using this method for cleaning range brass for 30 years or better...
  6. Hoofnit

    Brass Question

    Probably 8mm or 9mm x 57 Mauser. . .
  7. Hoofnit

    Lee Shaver Sight

    I have a Lee Shaver long range Soule sight with a Hadley eye cup for a Shiloh Sharps, I got the opportunity to move to an optical sight, only used this a couple times, purchased 05/20. Paid $363, asking $325 shipped, or trade for Leupold optics, Vari X III, VX3, 4.5x14, 3.5x10, 1.5x5 or others, all dependent on condition, can text or email pictures, this is a very nice sight !
  8. Hoofnit

    Nikon Prostaff 4 X 12

    I have a Nikon Prostaff 4x12 has bdc reticle came on a rifle I bought, looks near new. $ SOLD shipped OBO, can text or email pics
  9. Hoofnit

    Anyone here on rugerforum.com

    I need someone to contact a moderator there on my behalf to get my password reset, been trying for months with no luck, please PM me if you'd be willing to help.
  10. Hoofnit

    Tacoma questions

    Gave 20k for mine, a year ago, very similar spec an mileage, right at the top of BB. . .one of the best trucks Ive ever owned period.
  11. Hoofnit

    Glock gunsmith

    +1 Glockmeister
  12. Hoofnit

    Belgian commercial Mauser action $260 Tucson

    I'll take it, also sent pm
  13. where are you located ?
  14. Hoofnit

    Winchester model 54 30-06

    Sent a pm, I'll take it pending
  15. Hoofnit


    could i get pics to 928three804272 please Mark