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    Upcoming elk draw-6b,6a,or 8?

    I am in the same boat with five bonus points. I am going to do exactly what elkaholic said. There was a proposed early muzzleloader hunt in 5BS. I am guessing it went ahead and was approved. The archery hunt follows which pushes it back into the last week of September. Should be a great hunt.
  2. Ran across this a few years ago on a muzzy hunt. Pretty cool!
  3. Still has tags. I loaded it up and didn't like the way it rode on a blown out shoulder. Manufacturer description Molded foam back, shoulder straps and drop down shelf. Gear grippers for bow or rifle. Tree stand strap included. Accepts M.A.Q. quiver. (8) gear straps and (17) compartments. Hydration compatible. 1800 cubiches.
  4. SPF. Thanks to you guys for the interest.
  5. Far west valley. I am willing to meet within reason. i
  6. creed

    Uh oh...

    Legalize it, tax it, regulate it. there will be illegal drug use no matter what with a black market to sell to.
  7. Bare bow only. Accessories not included. 30.25 ATA, strings have two years on them and may possibly go one more season. 50-60 lb draw weight, modules for 30 inches, #3 cam. If somebody wanted sights and a rest I have a very old Spot Hogg 7 deadly pin sight and a rest of some kind I could throw in for another $100 but would prefer to sell bow only.
  8. Take a look at genesis. They lean towards toyhaulers but we use ours as a camp trailer most of the time
  9. creed

    Zeiss Tripod Adapter

    That's a good price for a badass adapter! I own two of them!
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    Just saw this. I could have helped.
  11. creed

    2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder $550

    thanks for the bump
  12. creed

    16A Javelina and Deer

    tough unit for deer. When's the hunt?
  13. creed

    2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder $550

    Nearly $1400 new with way less than a 1000 arrows through it. Blown out rotator cuff kept me from shooting it much. Still has original strings but they should be changed.
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    I use these guys more than the Garmin topo's and they usually cost nothing. The ,maps I have used are better than the paid ones. About halfway down this list is Colorado Topo. https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/state/co
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    Rv solar battery charger

    Another Renogy-Mono user. Works great!
  16. creed

    2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder $550

    OBO. Also have modules for 29 1/2"
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    Did you know

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    Transmission and dependability. I knew a mechanic that serviced and repaired atv's/utv's for the border patrol. He said the only Hondas he got in his shop came in for service. He told me he made a living on repairing Polaris's and that Honda's were overbuilt.
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    I have owned 2 Yamaha's, a Kawasaki, Polaris and a Honda. Currently own a Yamaha Viking. If I had it to do again I would buy the Honda 1000.
  20. I hunted 17A for many years and always saw some very big bucks. I quit hunting it about 10 years ago. It had turned into a zoo. I went up there about 3 years ago with a friend. We saw 21 bucks in one day but the biggest was a dink 4x4. Still road hunters everywhere. I have found some studs in some of the most unlikely areas though.