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  1. coueswt

    Bonus Point Report- 2024 Elk & Antelope

    A little depressing. Even with 28 Ant points I could be years from 100% draw. Next 5 years though!!
  2. coueswt

    2023 sheep report

    I haven’t been able to get the 2023 Sheep report. Anyone have it that can email it to me??
  3. coueswt

    WY Antelope Permit Numbers 2024

    I have 13 points and hoping to use them this year. AZ sure needs to increase our NR fees.
  4. coueswt

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    Congrats WhipRanger on a great buck With our AZ units having 3+ different hunts with hundreds of hunters on each, lack of predator control and drought, Coues Deer bucks don’t stand a chance. Fully mature big bucks are becoming pretty rare now a days. The bigger bucks are coming from private property where they aren’t over hunted and have a chance to reach maturity just wish we cared more about quality and hunt experience over quantity of hunts
  5. coueswt

    Border Crossing

    So who is checking in the guns and checking hides/paperwork when coming back?
  6. coueswt

    Turnaround Times?

    Been told the MI tannery most use has a pretty long delay right now. I feel like the best get it done under 15 months even if they are taking in a lot of mounts.
  7. coueswt

    Some 3A BS

    Big Bo is not like this yet but outfitter has tried to lock up. It’s all about money and outfitters don’t care about anything else.
  8. coueswt

    What's the best week to hunt Northern Mexico?

    Tough as I think it all depends on weather. Colder the better. We go down the third week and many times I wish we were there the prior week or following week. Had great hunt the last week in Dec also. Going to be fun no matter what.
  9. coueswt

    MSR Whisperlite Stove, Bottle, and fuel

    Just bought one of these and arrived today. Just my luck. Paid more then that without the bottle. Great deal on a great stove. Comes in handy when traveling as it is easier to get fuel for these
  10. coueswt

    SOLD/SWAROVSKI SLC 15x56 WB binos for sale

    Might want to see what these have sold and posted for in the past for this older version of 15s.
  11. coueswt

    Clothing Gear for Alaska?

    Just finished three days of fishing out of Homer with family. Weather ranged from perfect to wind and rain. Be prepared for anything. Heading back to AZ with a bunch of ling cod, halibut, salmon, cod and rock fish. great memories. Message me with any questions. Caught my biggest Halibut at around 100lbs.
  12. coueswt

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    I think it will be today. “Should” be pretty easy to post results now and had all day yesterday to double check and test for the release today. They would benefit from releasing semi quickly considering the continued issues with the draw. Most think our G&F rank as the lowest of game and fish departments in the west and could use a win with getting results out timely.
  13. coueswt

    Where do I purchase an outdoorsman stud?

    Try BlackOvis. Leofoto makes a stud also.
  14. coueswt

    Card Hits!

    Family and I got no tags so doesn’t matter to me but hard to understand why they haven’t posted the results still. They’re IT or vendors, maybe both, that work on the portal and application process really should be fired. How many years have they brought in-house, not using a service, and still can’t get it right.
  15. coueswt

    Where do I purchase an outdoorsman stud?

    There are other companies out there making studs that will work on their adapter. If you do a search you will find quite a few companies selling Outdoorsman studs.