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  1. coueswt

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Lead by example. Won’t be respected if your a spectator.
  2. coueswt

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    Too many antelope tags and no predator control on ranch due to new rules. Blame G&F for too many tags and Wildlife Manger for ranch that limits access which equals a lot of coyotes and no fawn survival.
  3. coueswt

    White tank regional park

    Quite a few years ago a buddy had his car vandalized by anti hunters while inside park. Because of his story I wouldn’t park and take off from there. As the West Side grows there is more and more people hiking from park. When weather cools there is a steady stream of hikers and mountain bikers going in every day
  4. coueswt

    Bipod Height for Southern Units

    I use the Medium Harris which works for me. If I’m on a steep hill then I will use my tripod to shoot off of.
  5. coueswt

    Buffalo draw strategy

    Have been building points, applying some years and building others due to other planned hunts. Been a hunt I want to do but keep hoping for future changes that will make for better experience. Have not experienced the hunt myself but others tell me the organizer up there doesn’t help the experience but has some coming competition so maybe this will improve the experience, or make worse. Sitting out spring in 2021. Those that have hunted share some pictures
  6. coueswt

    Willow Springs Smallmouth

    I just don’t understand the AZ G&F fishing strategy is for AZ. Has to be one of the worst overall fishing states in US. Smallmouth are a great sport fish and having them feeding on trout isn’t hurting anything. I don’t know of anyone thinking the bass are ruining their trout fishing. IMO
  7. coueswt

    Sitting Water

    Hunting water holes will quickly show you how unsportsmanlike hunters and guides are. There was probably more competition this year on water then ever.
  8. coueswt

    A sad dry summer

    This is sad to hear. Where is the money going for the raffle and auction tag? ADSS? Seems the wildlife manager and G&F officer for area is failing at their job for sure.
  9. coueswt

    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    Post pictures of truck that stole it also? I’m sure the storage facility had cameras. Sure hope they catch those who stole it.
  10. coueswt

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Sure wish they would call me.
  11. coueswt


    Anyone get their hands on the new NL Pure binos? Seen some YouTube videos with comparisons and sounds like the glass and field of view is amazing.
  12. coueswt

    NBA Walkout!

    I’m done with sports. Use to watch a few NFL games but done since the BS they pulled last year.
  13. coueswt

    Eat your hearts out elk tag holders

    Or Jed might have snuck onto the high fenced ranch “not knowing” he did so with his hunter and shot bull first.
  14. coueswt

    Rifle recommendations

    I always liked the Sako 75 but never bought and still mad at myself. Believe they don’t make that rifle now.
  15. coueswt

    Fire Restrictions again for Coconino and Kaibab

    Too many idiots out there