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  1. coueswt

    NF NXS 5.5-22x56

    Check Bruno’s if interested in this scope. Had a sale this weekend for same price
  2. coueswt

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    If you want to shoot the biggest ram and hunt with guys that have a true passion for sheep you have to call Tim Downs and Bob Kyhn for those units. Arizona Desert Outfitters are hard to beat also for sheep.
  3. coueswt

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    I thought this would be the year you got your Antelope tag Lance. What gets me is how some are drawing great elk tag multiple years in a row or 5 rut tags in a row, how is that even possible?
  4. Where you located. Interested in scope. Thanks

    1. Sinwagon1


      Scope just sold. About half hour too late 

  5. coueswt

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Good Price for HD’s. Been looking for a pair for wife, to slow on these again. Still see some guys trying to sell the non-HD’s for 1,500+ and getting upset when people tell them to high.
  6. coueswt

    Wilderness Packs

    I have been looking for a new pack and seen these that seem very similar to the Outdoorsman Packs. Anyone try them? www.wildernesspacks.com
  7. coueswt

    Please delete

    What's the difference between the G7 and the regular Nightforce?
  8. coueswt

    Seward Alaska Fishing Trip

    I agree! When you leave out of town and travel I try for the least amount of baggage and worries. Ship it and forget it, then enjoy the rest of the time there So you paid $300 for 45lbs? Our processing and vacuum sealing is free for all trips and cabin were staying at has a big freezer so can freeze for trip home. I was originally thinking of buying cooler in Anchorage before heading out and would use for checking fish on flight home. You still think I should send home? Sending home defiantly gets rid of stress dealing with it and weight at airport. Wife and I want to bring or send home as much as possible, fresh fish. Fishing with Ninilchik Charters out of Homer for all day Halibut and out of Ninilchik for all day Halibut and Salmon. Choose these guys because getting to meet both captains that run the boats for DIY Sitka Blacktail on Kodiak. Trip I have been wanting to do for awhile and planning to in 2018.
  9. coueswt

    Seward Alaska Fishing Trip

    Zeke-BE. Did you fed-ex your fish back or check in a cooler? Heading to Alaska this week with wife and have a couple fishing trips planned. First time.
  10. coueswt

    Chronograph help

    Thanks From what I have read I was leaning towards the MagnetoSpeed but wanted to check here first. Do you use a printer too?
  11. Looking to buy my first Chronograph and was hoping you guys could tell me what you would buy today? Going to split cost with my dad so not worried as much about cost, but would like user friendly and quality. Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
  12. https://lockerdome.com/askmen/9201454520995348 Need to make locks like this for securing trail cameras!
  13. coueswt

    Stealth Cam P14?

    I have been using g30 & g34 and think they are great cameras for the money.
  14. coueswt

    Wyoming bonus points

    WY has point creep for the popular Red Desert units. Like what bwp22 noted, you need more points to draw in max points and the % is very low in random draw. My dad and I had six this year but didn't draw 53 and thought we would based on draw % from last year. Hoping 2017 is our year. Check out Hunters Trailhead for draw odds.