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  1. coueswt

    Where do I purchase an outdoorsman stud?

    Try BlackOvis. Leofoto makes a stud also.
  2. coueswt

    Card Hits!

    Family and I got no tags so doesn’t matter to me but hard to understand why they haven’t posted the results still. They’re IT or vendors, maybe both, that work on the portal and application process really should be fired. How many years have they brought in-house, not using a service, and still can’t get it right.
  3. coueswt

    Where do I purchase an outdoorsman stud?

    There are other companies out there making studs that will work on their adapter. If you do a search you will find quite a few companies selling Outdoorsman studs.
  4. coueswt

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Should be anytime now and start seeing hits, hopefully
  5. coueswt

    2 Bushmaster XM15-E2S Carbines Sold

    I’ll take them.
  6. coueswt

    Ex NFL Player Takes an Archery Mt Lion.

    With society the way it is better not to mention that dogs were used even though they deserve a good amount of recognition for killing bit lion.
  7. coueswt

    Michigan Early Rifle Success

    Congrats. I grew up in the Thumb area and one of these years will make it back to hunt where my hunting passion began.
  8. coueswt

    January San Carlos Unit D

    Thanks Dan for the needed clarification. That makes sense and probably a much better hunter experience overall with the limiting of helpers.
  9. coueswt

    January San Carlos Unit D

    Seems so odd they have a rule that you can have a hunting buddy along with you but they can’t glass. I understand the limiting of guys helping for sure but not allow the one person you can take to glass is crazy. So when guys are guided is the guided hunter allowed to glass?
  10. coueswt

    Tripod & Head for BTX

    Will check it out today. Not a fan of carbon for tripods and perfer aluminum. Thanks
  11. coueswt

    Tripod & Head for BTX

    Thanks I was leaning to that head and you help made the decision easy. Ordered the head today. Just need to figure out the legs.
  12. coueswt

    Tripod & Head for BTX

    What are you guys using for a tripod/head when using the BTX and what do you think would be perfect setup?
  13. coueswt

    Applying on mobile for special tags?

    I just applied with my phone and no issues, got receipt. But never had to put in DOB
  14. coueswt

    Any Cameras Out There?

    Seen cameras on a few water holes and catchments in 3c recently. It would be interesting to see what the 9, Strip water sources and the salts for Buffalo look like right now. I would bet Tory, A3 and Mossback are still using them.
  15. coueswt

    AZGFD offering 12 Limited tags.

    Not true and you should read about what the states allow currently and changes coming for NR. NM is looking at not allowing NR apply for Sheep tags anymore even though the only reason they have sheep is because of NR. Here is what a NR has to pay for ELk tags across the west right now and think of the quality of hunt you get here in AZ compared to some of these other states if your able to get drawn: NV $1,200 plus license CO $701 plus license MT $934 plus license ID $652 plus license CA $1,568 plus license UT $1,000 plus license NM $773 plus license WY $1,283 sp plus license AZ $650 plus license