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  1. bryce525

    fur friendly cartridge

    I shoot 26 grain Barnes Varmint Grenades out of my 204 AR15. Out of the 24" barrel I'm getting just over 4000 fps. I've never had an exit or a major blow up damaging fur. Closest shot so far was maybe 20 yards and the longest was 200. Even close range shots on fox were extremely fur friendly. I used to stack fur with a 22-250 and tried dozens of bullets with mixed success and a lot of time spent stitching pelts. I picked up the 204 and 26 gr varmint grenades and have never looked back.
  2. bryce525

    White Mountain Lakes

    Fished Big Lake over the weekend. Caught 9 fish in three days. 6 of the 9 were 16-20".
  3. bryce525

    Turkeys gobbling

    Heard some gobbles in 22 this morning.
  4. bryce525

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    I haven't seen many goats off bloody basin since the brooklyn fire.
  5. bryce525

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    Somebody in my family has had the 21 Dec whitetail tag the past two years in a row. Last year the first mule deer rutting activity I witnessed was on 12/28. The year before it was 12/24. I spent almost the entire hunt out there both years. The first whitetail rutting activity was 12/26 and 12/31.
  6. bryce525

    Manners EH5 and Proof Sendero Light .264 24" 1:8

    The barrel and stock are both sold
  7. bryce525

    Manners EH5 and Proof Sendero Light .264 24" 1:8

    The stock will fit a Remington 700 short action or any other 700 clone.
  8. New Manners EH5 elite tac midnight molded. Stock was inlet for a lone peak razor short action, proof sendero light barrel and Remington BDL bottom metal. Has 1/2" pad and 2 sling studs up front. Includes pillars(uninstalled). The stock has a minor flaw, a small shallow hole(size of a pencil eraser) on the side above the sling studs. I filled the hole with a little bit of epoxy. Asking $600, which is what I paid for it. New Proof Research Sendero Light carbon barrel in .264. Barrel is 24" and has a 1:8 twist. Asking $730, which is what I paid for it. If anybody is interested in both, I'd sell the combo for $1300. I was originally planning on building a 6.5 gap 4s or a Sherman short but I really don't need another custom rifle and a vexus bass boat is calling my name! Located in payson.
  9. bryce525

    BTX, what power?

    I use the 65 with the 1.7 magnification extender. I love it, but it is heavier than I would like. I had planned on buying the 95 also but after packing the 65 around I think I'll stick with it and stay light!