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  1. bryce525

    Vortex venom sold

    Still available? If so I'll take it.
  2. bryce525

    Youth backpacks, any suggestions????

    One of my daughters has an eberlestock X1 and the other has a kuiu icon pro. Both are great packs. I think the eberlestock fits them a little better. The waist belt on the kuiu is a tad big for a small 12 year old.
  3. bryce525

    HAM Hunting

    I've used barnes 140 gr xpb bullets out of my 357 for the last couple ham tags I've had. I reload but federal and barnes both make factory ammo with the 140 xpb.
  4. bryce525

    Payson People Road Conditions?

    8-9 inches on upper tonto creek area
  5. bryce525

    Payson People Road Conditions?

    6-7 inches up by kohls ranch. 260 is clear all the way to payson. Kind of surprised its still closed. Couple of semis stuck on the shoulder.
  6. bryce525

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Just saw a press release that the 300 rd will be closed at 260.
  7. If anybody is looking for Reloder 26, Rim Country Guns in Payson has a few 8 lbers and a bunch of 1 lbers.
  8. bryce525

    fur friendly cartridge

    I shoot 26 grain Barnes Varmint Grenades out of my 204 AR15. Out of the 24" barrel I'm getting just over 4000 fps. I've never had an exit or a major blow up damaging fur. Closest shot so far was maybe 20 yards and the longest was 200. Even close range shots on fox were extremely fur friendly. I used to stack fur with a 22-250 and tried dozens of bullets with mixed success and a lot of time spent stitching pelts. I picked up the 204 and 26 gr varmint grenades and have never looked back.
  9. bryce525

    White Mountain Lakes

    Fished Big Lake over the weekend. Caught 9 fish in three days. 6 of the 9 were 16-20".
  10. bryce525

    Turkeys gobbling

    Heard some gobbles in 22 this morning.
  11. bryce525

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    I haven't seen many goats off bloody basin since the brooklyn fire.
  12. bryce525

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    Somebody in my family has had the 21 Dec whitetail tag the past two years in a row. Last year the first mule deer rutting activity I witnessed was on 12/28. The year before it was 12/24. I spent almost the entire hunt out there both years. The first whitetail rutting activity was 12/26 and 12/31.
  13. bryce525

    Manners EH5 and Proof Sendero Light .264 24" 1:8

    The barrel and stock are both sold